Implying kaz just took the money and ran

>implying kaz just took the money and ran
Prequel will update soon, any day now.
I'm s-sure.

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At least we are nearing a one year with out update milestone!

How are we going to celebrate it? Cake? Party Hats? The usual disappointment?

Kaz is irredeemable in my eyes, now. The only way he could possibly, POSSIBLY come close to making up for a hiatus this long is by canonically having Katia and Quill fug.

this is the second prequel thread today
calm down you little shits

If he has spent the year making a 10 minute animated porn of them holding hands it would be worth the weight.

>implying that Kaz wouldn't rip everyone off because he's alt-right instead of a Patreon tranny millennial

What the hell are you talking about?

google translate

Damn, I've gotta learn Cred Forums-ish one of these days.

Haven't master baited to slutcat in several weeks now, not a good sign.


Pretty sure he just says whatever will get him the most asspats for the least effort.

>Second prequel thread today
>This thread has lasted more than 5 minuets
w-whats going on here...

Friendly reminder that all the rumors about katia having sex are FALSE.
Katia is PURE.

A pure Slut

A pure pussy

What did she mean by this?

So how about those games guys? I remember there were at least two other people here making games. I don't have a screenshot since I haven't bothered with the sprites yet.

Wouldn't mind a prequel kart game.

For the life of me, I don't know why other people still put more effort into Prequel than Kaz does.

Why do these keep getting taken down?
What rule are they breaking? I get that there is one every other day and they don't really go anywhere, but that seems like a stupid reason to delete a thread.

Trees in lizard bodies are for hug not fug

I think it had something to do with a post Kazerad made, where Katia said something about "people drawing dirty pics featuring her, Quill and a... weather vane"
then of course Plague had to go ahead and draw something accordingly.

with a "cock"rel on the top

>What rule are they breaking?


Mods hate anything furry related.
Mods hate anything general related.
These prequel threads fill both criteria leading to an unholy seething hatred from the mods

>implying half of the threads on this board don't break that rule

So technically Mickey Mouse, Bugs Bunny and other classic cartoon characters are not allowed on Cred Forums then?

>quill weave
>sober and not in the mood for anything
>drunk and horny as fuck on the bed
Who do you chose as your gf for tonight?

Neither are image macros. The rules are so broad that they can be enforced for whatever the mods/janitors want.

Maybe they should bring back the "no furries" sticky.

Oh shit, first time seeing someone use an image i made. makes me feel fuzzy inside
I guess their tolerable or whatever

Quill is a raging turbodyke, so I guss I'll have to settle for the drunk pussy.
It's a great feel

>Putting more effort into Prequel than Kaz
That isn't hard to do

How many siblings did katia have and spin-off series about them when?

her childhood was fucking shit.

Honestly this.
No Furry shouldn't really be a rule on a cartoon board when most cartoons feature furry characters. It should just be no lewds. Dis a bloo board mang.

Did he say something during his drunkstreamings? I mean, surely he must have been asked about updates. Did he confirm that he's actually waiting for the one year mark?

oh my god that's adorable.
Katia trying to communicate to her weird fanbase, only to be totally creeped out by it melts my heart every time
my (and probably moot/Hirohito's) fear is that it will turn into "the furry board", where all the autism of the furry community is allowed to thrive.

I'm actually kinda fine with the way it is now.

did you see the picture of katia's mother? unf

post it

Haven't seen this page before and reading this as well as seeing new katia images that look kin to the comic is like breathing fresh air after living in tokyo for 3 months.
post it

Aye, this is pretty qt. That neck tho.

Uncensored bonus!

give link

>the furry board

/trash/ already exists

>my best friend
b-but that's forbidden love

well a worksafe, accessible furry board
/trash/ is pretty much porn only.

>in an unstable thread where mods could clothesline this thread into oblivion with a click of a button
You're playing with fire, boy.

>furry board
Good luck with that.

they managed it with /mlp/.

We don't talk about the /mlp/ board.


>katia's mum is only 36 years old
>single and full on cougar mode
>dates young men now that she has had the kids she wanted
>responsible for turning quill weave gay in high school
>has a fetish for master and maid play
>always drinks a hot glass of milk before bed
Why hasn't katia wrote a letter home yet?

Fuck off.

>Main character will never know they had someone who cared about them

I hate this concept, every time

I hate deviant art more.
I swear I saw something like this but it was mlp related

>if they could see my reflection...

How does mrs. Managan look like?

I hope Cider or Plague shows up to draw this, because I want to know.

Ever heard of brandi love?


I read it as she's too sexy to SLAP

>mfw katis'a mum is sexier than purecat

I never did any mspaint adventures and I only found out about prequel after the hiatus started so I gots to know. How do the commands work for it. Does he post threads where anons fill out commands or is it on the site? Or is it all bullshit?

Is it okay if I name my pet kitten Katia?

She looks like an elf with some markings. Katia is the the only one in her immediate family who is not human-passing.

>implying kaz just took the money and ran

I delivered all the merch! Now I'm just trying to finish the update, which accidentally took a year.

The last thread was way cooler, there were spoilers and I wrote like an essay-length reply to someone's post immediately before the thread was deleted. I think I'm just gonna avoid any long replies here until the update is out; moderators here are much less delete-happy when there is actual content to discuss.

>moderators here are much less delete-happy when there is actual content to discuss.
well then...
how's the update coming along?

>Katia's mom isn't a senche-raht

Headcanon ruined

Somewhere on the site is a "give command" button where you can write what slutcat should do.

Nothing disastrous has happened, it's just tedious. When it's done you'll be like "wow that must've been tedious. I vaguely respect this man for putting in more work than was really necessary".

I'm sorry. I know it was a cute headcanon, but it's pretty firmly established that Katia has (up until the last week) been the most animal-like khajiit she knows.

I almost wrote "most animal-like sapient creature", but I guess that would include dragonlings.

Anyway, I'm gonna sleep. Person who explained the command button above was correct.

>cougar mode

Well done.

You don't get to sleep at 2 fucking PM.

You get to sit back and keep working on the update!

I-is this what early Homosuck was like, during the first pause?

>last thread got autosaged/deleted by mods
>"let's make another thread!"
christ, it hasn't even been a day
if shit goes wrong let this be a warning at least

Sent ;)

>tfw just want quill weave to milk you

>How do the commands work for it. Does he post threads where anons fill out commands or is it on the site? Or is it all bullshit?

The latter. is correct in that there is a "give command" button, but it's mostly for show at this point.

Quality, since the last one was a "GUYS UPDATE" bait-and-switch.
Also, they probably care for the threads' health, discussing prequel when there's no content to discuss has resulted in some weird shit (Bartender Quest and Floozy come to mind), and turning into /hsg/ is not only bad for us but for the whole board.

Also, furry, but they never crack at Endtown, nor Poppy. Not even Out Of Placers. Furry is a factor, but not the cause


>since the last one

The last two. We've had three threads in as many days.

man, sounds like I missed out.
anything interesting happen?

A Prequel thread?!
I love you (OP)

>sounds like I missed out

They've been deleted very quickly.

Please let this be real...

Taking story requests for katia

Lets play a game.
Step 1) Open MS Paint
Step 2) Draw a prequel character use a tablet if you want
Step 3) Share results

I always wanted to know what she does with a pineapple and a yoyo when she's drunk. try and work with that and see if your story makes my headcannon.

There's some fan art showing what she does. I can't show it here.

Post what you can then!

the weirder the better


I meant that I can't as in it would probably get the thread deleted.



a masterpiece

Kaz has earned my trust. I'm Adam by the way


What did she mean by this?


nice trips though

dubtrips, actually.

I'm going to masturbate to this user. Nice trips too

good dub trips

you wouldn't report a man with dubtrips, would you?



deep inside Kaz's colon.
go get it.

They went to sleep



Remember why we've still stuck around on this ride anons.