The main character of the last show you watched has been replaced with Carl

The main character of the last show you watched has been replaced with Carl.

How much is it improved?

>Loud house
>with Carl
Imagine the possibilities

>Ey Ferbman. Y'know what we should do today? Build a strip club. A HUGE one. Da motha' of all strip clubs, topless broads and babes as far as the eye can see! Yeahhheheheh!
>Oh, and you tell that long necked bitch if she starts menstruating all over it like she does every fricken' day I'm gonna snap her in two!

Infinitely so.

>Ey so do you rock chicks just uh lez out all day, or do you gots room for some meat in that taco salad


>Battlestar Galactica

"Hey-hey Saul, the boys downstairs tell me you're banging that Cylon chick, says she's got some kinda friggin' robot baby or sumpin'"

>hey yo spic kid, we gonna fight beak face or what?

Justice league Unlimited,
Oh sweet jesus why

>Star Wars Rebels

Would make his interaction with the rest of the crew a lot more interesting.

>Samurai Jack
That's hilarious

>Aqua Teen Hungerforce
I'm honestly not sure.

>Carl Universe
I would watch the shit out of this.

Why were you just watching Justice League Unlimited?

>Carl lives next door to three clones of himself
>He still manages to not get along with any of them.

>Star Trek TAS
I can't see him replacing Picard. Now Riker? I can see that.

>>Carl lives next door to three clones of himself
Fund it!

There's only one Star Trek character Carl could replace.


Yes please.

Would you get along with three clones of yourself?

>Actively tries to fuck them
>Really wants to fuck Garnet
>Can only fuck Amethyst
>Constantly makes off-handed sexual remarks towards rose whenever she's mentioned


>Carl is now a red ranger


>Implying he wouldn't try to fuck pearl
everything else,fucking kek

>Can only fuck Amethyst
Such a letdown.
What if Carl somehow ends on gemworld?

>Want and try to kill onion

>Comedy Bang Bang
Sounds like it could be good

Why does every thread get hijacked by SUfags?

Would be a huge improvement

>Very Popular show on Cred Forums
>people wonder why it could be the last show someone watched


I don't have words

Nobody complained that SU was mentioned. People complain that when SU is mentioned the SUfags start shitting up the thread and drowning out all other posts.

Which works better as a running gag?
>Phrasing, Boom

Carl vs the forces of evil

Its still aqua teen

It's fucking funny how a character can improve such a shitty show like su

Barry has plenty, considering they're both voiced by the same dude.

I think the Mike Tyson Mystery Team would be sorely lacking for a Mike Tyson, and instead have a second pidgeon.


When the fuck did Ms.Krabapple die?

>Star vs the Forces of Evil

I can't even imagine.