Will bubs ever be snikted again?

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Wolverine's a girl, user.


We'll see Wolverine again. Grown up Molly however, will be forever forgotten.

Don't worry, i'm sure once the O5 X-Men return to there time they'll stop to pick up the Clairmont crew to bring into the future.

my dick won't

>Grown up Molly however, will be forever forgotten.
As it should be

It's because adult Molly isn't sexy enough?

Because battle of the atom was trash.


>talking shit while there's runners on 2nd and 3rd

Damn, Hobie is sexy there.

As long as there are bubs to snikt, bubs will be getting snikted.

What is issue is this though?

>"I also sent you flying through a church door and crashing to the other side of the street with one punch."

He looks like a total fuck boi there, yeah. I refuse to believe the artist wasn't just tracing the pose from an image of a woman, because god damn.

Only if he fucks Molly in the mouth.


Deadpool: Too Soon #6

Wade needs to talk to Spider-Ham, and finds him playing multiversal baseball with a bunch of Spiders and Wolverines.


He looks like that a lot, at least in Spider-Verse. It's kind of weird.

Why Deadpool too soon exists?

That shit gappens to wolverine every other day