Main Character's dad is either lazy, angry or stupid

>Main Character's dad is either lazy, angry or stupid.
When will this meme die?

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Bait? Hank is none of the above.

Except for Hank of course

And whats your point?

90% of the total male population is one of those 3

Both Bob and Hank are not lazy angry or stupid its the people around them

Neither is Bob.

Bob is rarely stupid and definitely not lazy, he only gets angry when provoked.

But bob works hard for his kids... And he isn't stupid....good try cancer.

dem numbers

Hank and Bob meet none of those criteria


In some of those the main character is the dad

Homer - All 3

Peter - I wouldnt say he's angry in general

Hank - None

Randy - He's not lazy relative to his universe

Stan - Not lazy either, he's also not relatively stupid

Bob- None

>Hank Hill
>Bob Belcher
What half-assed bait is this?

In all of those except South Park, the dad is the main character.

>this post

My god, it's beautiful.


Definitely Lazy and Stupid.

The stupid-fat-husband-with-a-hot-smart-wife trope it's based off of the day-time TV family sitcom model. It evolved this way because adult women watch a disproportionate amount of daytime TV, and they like to see family structures where the wife is impressive and the husband is a dope who's lucky to have her.

also this. . Hank is good, Peggy's a shit. Actually, Homer, Peter, and Randy are the only characters who really fit the trope described above.

bob and hank are average intelligence andhard workers, randy is not lazy, just unpredictable. it would make more sense to post jerry.

>it's a dad is redpilled episode

You're right - but I think it's also down to a general imbalance in characterisation that writers seem to have towards women.

Men get to have wacky adventures and act impulsively whereas women are typically depicted as naggy 'no-fun-allowed' shrews

Meh, Jerry is definetely not prone to anger

Im not sure if lazy is the best way to describe him either. Unmotivated and spineless for sure.

nice collection of (you)s there, would be a shame if some one were to add to it

>the season premiere made an offhand comment about how the new girl gave him a stock tip and he's rich now
>actually made him stay rich so we get so much rich idiot tropes in later episodes

This was the best decision the show has ever made

Came here to post this.

Dub-Quads of truth.

Quads of truth

they're all variations, but I think it'd be wrong to say they're shit cardboard cutouts.

The Western Family Man trope is a pretty flexible role for writers, where they can be a lazy snob, an inconsiderate asshole, or a hardworking everyman as the plot demands it.

Timmy's dad isn't lazy or angry. And he's more like an idiot savant than stupid. He's built giant fightin' robots and managed to take over the world.

Oddly enough, Timmy's dad is a competent guy. He took over the planet before.

He's also from some episodes a model employee. He stays over time on most days, being an overachiever.

Welcome to the world where the deconstruction of the archetype wins and then becomes the new archetype, Highlander style.

Trip dubs of truth.

That was almost fifteen years ago.

>you can't coast on old achievements, like taking over the whole world one time

> Homer, Peter, all 3
> Hank, none of them
> Randy

I would argue he's not particularly lazy or angry OR stupid. I mean he's a geologist after all. He's goofy though

> Stan
Not lazy or stupid, goofy though
Not sure if I'd call him 'angry', that's not like a defining point of his personality, but he is intimidating
> Bob
Neither lazy, nor angry, nor stupid. He's the straight man of his family

Man that hook seems like a pretty vicious weapon for a Disney character

Homer, Peter, Hank, Stan and Bob are all the main characters, though.

Stan is weird because the entire American Dad universe revolves around varying levels of competency and incompetency in single characters. Stan is frequently a badass CIA agent, who is also kind of a moron who tends to go native every time he encounters something new. The CIA itself is frequently hypereffective, only to also be run like a kindergarden with the agents having maturity to match.

It's more about what's funny in the moment than anything else. There's also the humor that comes from contrasting the two ends of the spectrum.

But Hank did have legit anger problems, even if they weren't as bad as the anger management people thought

Maybe when it stops being true?

I oughta tie the long hair on your head to the short hair on your ass and kick ya down the street!

wasn't that guy in someone's vagina?

...Really? Do you actually watch Disney movies? They have guns and shit.

frozen: swords
bh6: superpowers
zootopia: dart/zap guns

Captain Hook shoots a pirate clean off the bird's nest.

>make a laundry list of broadly defined unrelated character traits
>"Jesus, why does this apply to so many fucking characters!?"

I really hate how they all have short brown or black hair or are balding

whatever, it's gonna sell like hotcakes.

>bh6: superpowers

Literally missiles.

All but one of those characters are themselves the main character. Retard. I kind of wish Randy was themain character, even just for one season.

Yeah but a giant hook seems significantly more vicious than a gun

I mean a sword or a gun could be used in a sort of acceptable violent manner in a Disney cartoon, even if it's unrealistic, it could just draw some blood or something. A giant hook like that I have a hard time seeing how it can be used without tearing out huge chunks of flesh at the very least

Hank had some anger issues, primarily brought on by the idiocy he had to put up with, but they were "real" anger issues. Homer and Peter live in much more cartoony worlds, where their anger is more exaggerated but also less consequential. Could you imagine if Hank had ever strangled Bobby like Homer does Bart? There was an entire episode, might've even been the first, of a child services person trying to get Hank for doing not even something a fraction as bad.

Sounds like you need to get a better cartoon dad.

Not normally a grammar nazi but goddamn is that bad. Enroll in some adult ed., dude.

Where is the Bad Dragon watermark?

he used it to pull sun and islands. it was more of a tool than weapon.

but in the movie he's gonna wave it like generic club.

Sounds like you need to get a better cartoon.

Like zombie Simpsons or [Seth McFarlane's latest primetime animated abortion]? No thanks, I'm good.


I wanna sitcom dad.
Instead, I got a dad who cares about me a lot, isn't lazy, never angry and isn't stupid. Also, he never left me.
This sucks, I can't relate to anyone.

Sounds like you need to get laid.

>When will this meme die?
Never. Nobody wants caring competent parents.

and that's why that show got cancelled. because the parents were actual parents.

No, Greg is definitely a great dad

These dads too.

My dream has always been to be a sitcom father. Cartoony, overexaggerated, the one who always makes everyone laugh. With the arrangements made with my to-be fiancee, it may just happen.

i wouldn't call Mr. Turner a great dad.
okay, maybe. good is kinda stretching it, but not "great"

What's going on in this thread?

So you want a fluffy version of the Stepford Wives.

Greg's naturally inclined to be a bit of a freeloader and a layabout though, he can play against type as much as he needs to to not be a leech or a shitty dad and does pretty well for the most part but it's still there

I don't think I've seen a cartoon dad ever portrayed as the sexy one. It's usually the mom. Does that even exists?

I dont have any actual oictures of Marco's dad from SvE because he's not my thing but somebody jerks off/clam pounds to him

>great dad
>doesn't have his kid go to school
>let's a bunch of space lesbians do the heavy lifting for raising his kid
>his kid is a giant pussy
>Steven basically doesn't have a strong make figure in his life
He may not be a bad dad, but he's by no means a great one.

>spends more time with his van than with his son
>great dad


Both of Timmy's parents are pretty stupid though so it's neat. Or they were, I stopped watching a while ago.

You do realize that Greg would spend all his time with Steven if he could, but Steven learning to be a Crystal Gem is more important - right? That's a sacrifice Greg is making, he wouldn't rather spend more time with his van than his son.

>hank hill and bob
>any of those three
Especially Hank. He makes mistakes, but most of the time, he's in the right. Like said, the people he's surrounded by are genuinely lazy, angry, or stupid, sometimes all three, Bill being the best example.
He pushes his son to be better, but he doesn't disown him for withdrawing from something he thought he would enjoy, like baseball. He's disappointed, but he's not angry.
I'm not even sure if many dads like him exist.
Timmy's dad is objectively dumb. Still, the man tries.
I haven't seen many of the new episodes, but I do remember there being a few moments and like one episode of him being a more-than- decent father, or at the very least trying.
Steven has no good role models in his life, honestly, other than maybe Garnet. His mother's dead, his father spends more time with a vehicle instead of him, and he's been raised by emotionally broken space rocks for most of his life.

A great dad would balance the two, Greg really doesn't. He just kind of chills with his van.

>but Steven learning to be a Crystal Gem is more important - right?
yes, he needs to prepare himself in case some aliens want to play baseball with him

Holy shit, how much did your parents coddle you?

If you had been hit as child maybe you wouldn't have turned out such a pussy

It depends entirely on the season. He went from neglectful, to overprotective, to irresponsible, to last season where he was just completely stupid in the most generic way possible, and now he just wants to be a good Dad. And the money makes him something. I can't quite find the word for it. Like a tamer version of irresponsible

Timmy's Mom has actually become like, really awesome. Whenever his parents are a unit she's dumb with dad, but in her own she's super competent. And used to be a CIA Agent

He chose to get a job instead of continuing to bum off people with his (at the time) good looks. His only mistake was literally taking the first job he saw and sticking with it.

He's a millionaire now though. Name one instance outside of a flashback where he is actively free-loading. He's a business owner, and doesn't leech off his son. He's just a hippy.

Meant for

>Timmy's dad is objectively dumb. Still, the man tries
Now I haven't seen that show in a very long time, but that's not how I remember him at all

Granted a lot of it can be pinned on ignorance, but even then I can quite clearly recall him holding his own best interests in higher regard than his son, in general

What is happening in this fucking thread

>No fred flintstone
>no Ralph Kramden
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Strange user, I was recently thinking that this meme seems to be dying. The Homer Simpson trope is definitely going out of style - can you think of a cartoon that started within the past three years with a fat, retarded dad? The only one that comes to mind for me is the ape-like stepdad in Clarence, but even then he seems like a caring guy.


>the homer simpson trope
Ralph. Fucking. Kramden.

It is the Ralph Kramden trope.

Honeymooners came first. Flintstones copied honeymooners. Everything else copied Flintstones.

I was talking in animation terms, and Fred Flintstone isn't a retard like modern dads. Homer Simpson started the trend, stop trying to be edgy

That's not even close to edgy. You could say it's pedantic or anal, but not edgy.

>I was talking in animation terms
And Ralph Kramden is the source of the "fat stupid husband with attractive wife" trope that permeates animated sitcoms
>Fred Flintstone isn't a retard like modern dads
Maybe not quite as retarded as you, but I assure you Kramden and Flintstone are the archetypal sitcom husbands.

>stop trying to be edgy
Anyone who says you're wrong isn't edgy you vapid little cunt

Why does Cred Forums always jump to Hank's defense?

Hank was angry because everyone else was a fucking idiot.

Because Hank isn't bad, his obsession with propane is weird, but he is usually willing to compromise to fix things when he realizes he's wrong.

Well yeah, but he's a character from a comedy TV show. I'm starting to think you guys have daddy issues.

Not really, he just doesn't fit the Honeymooners mold.

Hank was something of an inversion (arguably a deconstruction) of the right-wing stereotype with a bit of the sitcom-dad archetype thrown in. He has these very black-and-white views that are constantly challenged in the show, but more often than not he makes an honest assessment of whatever viewpoint is challenging his and often changes his own views. In those situations where he doesn't change his views, he typically tolerates the opponents' until they begin to harm the people around him.

Unlike most sitcom parents Hank can be seen as a genuinely good person and role model

Perhaps awkward, but not grammatically incorrect. And merely replacing "both" with "neither" would be grammatically incorrect for a number of reasons.

When dads stop being lazy, angry, or stupid.

It wasn't even awkward. I would have put a comma after stupid, but that aside there was absolutely nothing to moan about

But he's not stupid, he's CERTAINLY not lazy, and he's quite even-tempered for everything that the writers throw at him.

Just because you don't like him doesn't mean you can apply all negative descriptors to him without any concern for what they mean. There are plenty of valid criticism you could attach to him (repressed, stubborn, closed-minded, to name a few) without dragging in ones that clearly don't apply.

This is cultural appropriation just like that racist costume

Bob is neither of those.

He does balance the two. He hangs out with Steven like all the time.

i really wish Finn and Jake's dad was in Adventure Time more because he was a legitimate badass and awesome dad who his kids still remember fondly, while their mom was a worrywart to the extreme who would never let them do anything. been a while since a cartoon has a dad that was actually badass and awesome.

too bad he's dead, rip.

Shut the hell up.

Bob and Hank are both perfect father figures!

Almost all of the adult characters are stupid in south park.


>main characters

All of them are the main characters with the exception of Randy.

What even happened to their mother

Randy is just as stupid as any adult character in south park.

Jerry would be fine if he did not have to be constantly compared to Rick by his wife and children
You just can't win against an alpha mad scientist

Name one person Jerry would win against.

bob is none of those things.

Bob is none of those things though.

hank is often angry - especially in earlier seasons

At least 6/6 of the cartoons posted by OP were a millions times better at some point than steven universe.

back to Tumblr with you

Name ONE cartoon character that isn't lazy, angry, or stupid (unintelligent or overly gullible).

Daria's mom.

we need a version of this chart, but for dads. ra

nice b8 m8 but i'm not ir8

Jerry comes across to me as a man out of his place and time. He's a 50's nuclear family dad, stuck in a world that he doesn't understand.

she dead somehow like the pa but that's all we know. one day the show will probably give the details on that stuff.

I don't think I'd trust dr Huxtable with my life

>Dr Huxtable
>Trust with your life
Oh dear.

got ya covered

I can tell that chart is bullshit because it refers to Eggman as Robotnik and puts him in the wrong spot. The man is a genius.


Are you suggesting the 50s made things easy for stupid men?

still qualifies, as he does not fall into the stereotype OP is bitching about

>He wouldn't trust JD from Scrubs with his life

He's the finest young doctor to ever work in Sacred Heart, asshole.

The man might be a genius but does he have an actual doctorate in medicine is the question.

I'm pretty sure he's mostly into engineering.

But Hank only gets angry at stupid shit.

>Steven basically doesn't have a strong make figure in his life
Ignoring for a second that that's bullshit, who honestly needs them when you've got Garnet.

If Garnet was my dad things would be better.

Not even baiting, most of them are shit now, but those shows at their peak were better than inclusive sailor moon rip off: the show.


Garnet is a stereotypical angry dad tho

I'm the kind of guy who would admit to enjoying some earlier seasons of Family Guy and I'm still calling bullshit.

u wot
She's chill though, possibly the chillest.

>doesn't have his kid go to school
Because you know what the cat fingers incident was missing? Dozens of panicking children.

Because he's the greatest character in animation history

life burns you out.

Having kids burns you out.

Being married burns you out.
Once you've lived that long, and been through enough of that shit, either you succumb to laziness, or you're too stupid to know that slacking off is a way out.

Is tom what happens when a good father is out of their element?

She constantly smashes shit and asks questions later

>I thought violence would be the answer

Least informed post ITT

Steven Universe goes to show that a kid raised by more than one woman turns into a fat pussy


He's either average or slightly below average.

He's anger is an incredibly wimpy one, since he knows no one takes him seriously as an authority figure. You can thank Rick that one, with constantly putting him down and Jerry not being able to climb back up from Ricks constant insults

just because you had a shitty childhood does not mean everyone else has to be miserable

>only other smart character on the show hates him because he's a black supremacist

t. Jailbreak fags

Try watching season 1 guys

That's not out of anger, that's just because smashing shit gets it done.

>physical force equals anger
Oh no, it's retarded

Garnet has definitely been more angry after season 1 than before it.

Bob's all three but is still likeable and you kinda want him to go berzerk already so people can stop fucking with him

Tom is slightly spineless

>Is a 50's nuclear family man who lives in a world where the only people he ever interacts with is an angry black man, cynical little black kid, cynical little black kids punk brother, a fat black racist, a bunk of niggas, and a wife who only married him because she simply wanted a black dick up her white snatch

You know what might benefit Steven? A basic understanding of math, history, and language.

>Who honestly needs them when you've got Garnet
Steven. He's not exactly what I would describe in any way shape or form as a man.

with a shotgun

It's kind foa coin flip. Especially when you compare Garnet from season 1 to now.

In season 1 the other gems talk about Garnet like they're afraid of her. As if she'll knock them the fuck out for stepping out of line ever.

Later she's shown to be a lot more chill and loving, but she's still the first to come out swinging or escalate things to violence, like when she grabs up Peridot when she's talking all that shit on the Moon.

Steven has a basic understanding of language, he reads all the time.

>Steven. He's not exactly what I would describe in any way shape or form as a man.
Well yeah he's barely a teen.

He's about half a decade off from actual manhood and even then most 18 year olds aren't what I would call, "adults".

>He's not exactly what I would describe in any way shape or form as a man.

Well good because he's not a man, He's a 13 year old kid.

Tom's not really spineless, just naive. He did try to punch some rapper to get his wife back.

he is not stupid
just painfully average with a bit of an ego

>Tom's not really spineless

Nah he is. It's honestly a part of his character and why the show had at least three "Nut Up and Do Something Tom" type episodes

None of those things directly imply anger

Tom's a lawyer, he only appears spineless because he has a little to much faith in people. In reality he'd probably send men to jail to get raped and still have that smug smile.

a challenger appears

>In reality he'd probably send men to jail to get raped and still have that smug smile.
He became a defendant specifically because he felt awful about the idea of sending men to get raped even if they were murderers or whatever.

>"It's a pimp named slick back"

And then he got his ass kicked

It takes a lot of effort for both who is ever helping Tom and Tom himself to nut up

Again, this stems from him being naive, not knowing what to do and receiving advice from a terrible source, leading to an otherwise ordinary man doing ridiculous things.

Tom does crazy shit if he's told it will accomplish something, which let's face it is pretty relevant to black people.

Not the father of the main character.

>None of those things directly imply anger
>Grapped Peridot up
>Told her in a stern, arguably angry tone that she doesn't know what she's talking about
>Brandishes her gem weapon while Peridot is defenceless
>When Steven stops her she directs her force to the console instead of Peridot

What are you smoking? Garnet gets all of her passion and anger from Ruby.

he is becoming less and less fat as the series progresses tho
those adventures are doing miracles for his physique

Wait, why would you trust Dr. Honeydew over Dr. Mario? And I would certainly trust JD over Dr. Quinn, he has he benefit of modern medical practices.

>saved his entire race with his dick

his wrist is thicker than any other characters ass

So did I as a kid, doesn't mean I didn't benefit from English classes.

He should be at least begin reflecting the values he'll hold as a man in the future. So far those values are being a pussy.

Yeah but Sapphire keeps her in check so the anger only comes up when it's needed, she wouldn't just become a rage monster at the drop of a hat.

>ultra intelligent
>was somehow able to reclassify himself from a pet to a human in terms of constitutional rights
>Harvard graduate
>business titan
>two times Olympics gold winner
>calmly able to escape split second situations that would almost guarantee death for any other non magical humanoid
>massively influential in how society is run
>with the help of his boy, was able to go from near imprisonment to saving the universe and regaining cutesy of his boy in minutes
>hosts his own late night talk show
>only one to have the knowledge in creating time machines on earth

I know he is from a Netflix show, but man is he the complete inverse of this meme.

There are all kinds of doctors so that's another reason why this is stupid.

You don't have to be angry to be intimidating

Anger implies you have no control over it, it's an emotion. Garnet is so well balanced she does not appear to be under influence of emotions at all, unlike ruby and sapphire individually

to be honest though, you'd be pretty angry too, if you were in his shoes.

>He should be at least begin reflecting the values he'll hold as a man in the future. So far those values are being a pussy.
He's too busy reflecting on the values of being a warlord.

>it's a "Thread gets derailed by Lel Steven Universe is bad XDD Lel no it isn't shitposters"

oh boy i love repeats

>He should be at least begin reflecting the values he'll hold as a man in the future.

He's learning how to be an actually decent human being who values life.

>I don't like show
>you must like [other bad shows]
Fuck outta here.

You mean the values of being brave, clever, finding alternate solutions to problems, and not immediately leaping to violence? Those are all pretty good values.

not to mention, he is at least 5 years behind because of his slowed-down aging

Not really, the airbenders were brought back by the ying yang of the world or some lame shit

And he wasn't pure anyway, his children less so

>Yeah but Sapphire keeps her in check so the anger only comes up when it's needed

She doesn't rage out but she does become angry.

>You don't have to be angry to be intimidating
But she was angry.

shut up

>from a Netflix show

Even if you label them as all lazy angry and stupid, you could atleast say that they are all different kinds of those traits

>Homer is lazy and stupid, but loves his family
>Peter is lazy and extremely stupid, and he knows it
>Randy is just stupid, but he doesn't know it

>Lazy and stupid, but is strangely the most reasonable dad of all of them

as strong arms should be

merely pretending

dontcha know, life is worthless
mindless slaughter, rape and torture are the only things that ever matter

nah, murder is the only value that matters

>Timmy's dad is objectively dumb. Still, the man tries.
>I haven't seen many of the new episodes, but I do remember there being a few moments and like one episode of him being a more-than- decent father, or at the very least trying.
It's an ongoing plot point that both of Timmy's parents are fucking awful. He loves them and they usually love him, but they're still objectively terrible.

>Steven has no good role models in his life, honestly, other than maybe Garnet. His mother's dead, his father spends more time with a vehicle instead of him, and he's been raised by emotionally broken space rocks for most of his life.
Steven spent most of his life with Greg, he's only been living with the Gems for the past few years.

Bob and Hank are none of these.

its not a meme stupid

White cis male, amarite?

He's definitely below average, user.
They made an entire episode out of how he thought Pluto was a planet despite being constantly told he was wrong.

>She doesn't rage out but she does become angry.
Yeah but everyone gets angry.

OP was talking about the kind of angry where it's a problem.

Jerry would be fine if he wasn't so whiny all the time.

When most Dads around the world stop being lazy, angry and stupid.
Also, Randy is a tame, passionate geographer.
Hank's pretty stupid btw, he tends to have better ideas more often but because of the wrong reasons half the time and the others he's just a little less stupid than people around him

Does Jerry even qualify in the first place?
Rick is basically the main character honestly, and he's not Rick's dad

If you go by character influence Rick is basically Morty's father figure too, anyway

Timmy's dad is incapable of being both smart and reasonable at the same time.

literally only 1, 2, and 5 are correct, and Simpsons, FG & AD are the triad of shitty normalfag adult cartoons so who gives a shit about them. Bad thread.

Bring it on, you son of a [carpenter]!


I wish his show was more like the movie

Bob Beltcher isn't actually stupid. He's about as emotional as an average person.

And Hank Hill is one of the on average good people. He's smart, but not perfect. He's from an older generation raised by a weak-willed mother and a verbally abusive father with a slightly-henpecking wife.

enroll in your dad's foreskin and breathe in some cyanide gas, faggot


Hank is rightfully angry, he has to put up with a lot of shit.
That's different from anger being a characteristic.

Underrated post.

Stan is honestly pretty sexy, all things considered. Peggy, Linda, and Martha are also about as plain as their husbands. I don't really know how Marge is perceived in the Simpsons.

I got nothin.

>Has defeated multiple alien soldiers with his bare fists

>Steven universe
>In any way similar to sailor moon
Come on man, you coulda said like, jojo or something

>no mention of best dad yet

Buncha faggots


OP must be an orphan.

He's neither stupid, overly angry, or lazy. He's just pathetic, especially near the series' end.


>that image

It's painful wanting to save everything you see/

Looks like something straight from Monster Hunter imo

How did he spin that around his neck without slitting his throat? There is that point on the inside.

He's a shape shifter.


which is it

My dad is lazy and angry, and I don't have any kids, so this has never bothered me

What's wrong with Dr. Oz?

oh... I havent watched it... Ill take your word on it.

He endorsed a pyramid scheme

Bob isnt angry he just deals with insane people all day. He is remarkably well mannered for the shit he goes through.
Hank isn't the smartest guy but he isnt dumb and he isnt lazy or irrationally angry.
Randy is a geologist and while lazy he is an accurate portrayal of most middle age men in America.
And dont you dare talk about my husbando Stan like that again

Hank and Bob are fine.

J.D. should be top right corner lul.


Greg is the only good character in that show

I have never in my life, seen a character as pathetic as this man.

He also cries every five minutes

He isn't really any of those things, he's just a cunt

Does this mean every parent that has ever sent their kid to boarding school is a horrible parent?

According to some studies, yes.

Father of the year, all years.

blame Fred Flintstone

Randy > Hank > Bob > Stan > Peter > a potato >Homer

>Falling for this bait

So does Superman.

being the best dad in the worst nicktoon isn't saying much

Are you jealous of the D man?


He's more of an unpredictable wildcard depending on what the episode wants to do with him.


>who honestly needs them
You are truly this show's target audience.

Hank and Bob are just boring.

He's one of the only entertaining stick-in-the-mud characters in the medium, aside from Squidward.

How has this not been posted yet?

no one mentions that show anymore since CN decided to rape it in front of everyone earlier this year

It won't. You literally have to go back and stop the Honeymooners from becoming a thing.

If thinking Pluto is a planet makes one dumb, then every person prior to 2006 was a moron.

Let me sell you a car user. I'll even cut a deal for you and sell it AT STICKER PRICE

Jerry did nothing wrong. He's just terrified of his wife and father in law

Because Hank just wants Bobby to grow up right.

He works to feed and clothe his kid, sacrificing his own comfort for Steven's. Hell, HE BUILT HIS SON A HOUSE. freeloader/layabout my ass.

She's angry. A lot.

Kind of one of my favorite childhood cartoon tropes; the dumb parents turns out to be extremely competent in certain occasions.

>that hand position
How is he holding that box?

He's conservative, that means he's automatically good and dem liberals are literal Hitlers.

>Sliding scale of having a doctorate or not

I don't know if someone already told you OP but, Bob is neither of those

half the time it seems like he's the protagonist and his kids are the villains

>renowned surgeon
>low end of 'professional medical studies'


Clamping it with his forearms

When society stops shitting on the sanctity of marriage, encouraging single parent households where the government plays the sugar daddy, and discouraging the traditional responsibilities of what it takes to be a man.

He thought Pluto was a planet

Bob is most definitely Angry.

That first happened when he was a gullible teenager and the only reason it kept happening was because Hank trusted the salesman, thinking he was a friend looking out for him.


You don't need to get married to love someone. Only thing it's good for is a tax break

>When will this meme die?
when white american dads stop raising shitty sons that go on to be cartoonists

He's the chillest man on that chart. The man might raise his voice once a season, if at all.

That's what we in the business like to call an idiot since car salesmen have always been known for their trustworthiness.

Fool me once ect ect ect.

Fun fact. In the UK, surgeons lose the title of Doctor and revert to Mr or Ms, etc on qualifying as a surgeon. They also are known for getting just as pissed off at being called Doctor and most doctors do at being called Mr.
>I didn't spend 5 years in medical school to be called "Doctor" Smith

I'm saying you can't judge a man's intelligence based on what they did as a teenager. After the initial con, Hank trusted the guy and that carried over into adulthood.
If anything, he was being naive.


I mean...what other flaws would you give them?

We live in a child-free society, child-free men don't like men with children and wives and need this cartoon propaganda of men considered as stupids if they have children and wives

I don't particularly know what expectations you had for a 13 year old, but he's matured as the series has progressed. I mean, he seems to have developed (socially, at least) perfectly fine. What's the problem?

Dad of the year, all years. He did nothing wrong and if you think otherwise you're scientifically wrong.

Ok, liberal faggot here, that's not true. Hank's a well fleshed out, "boring" yet incredibly interesting character that shows the viewpoints of a stable head of a Conservative household. He's not always in the right, but you can almost always see where he's coming from and sympathize with him to a large amount (not to mention there are a good amount of times where he's the voice of reason and his ideas are sound).

I wish there were more characters written like his. Not necessarily the archetype, but the way he's portrayed.

that's what you get for constantly demanding it's return

hank hill is perfect, fuck you

What kind of jobs do Peter and Randy even hold anymore?

Randy's still a Geologist. He got his job back after being fired in About last night and quitting in Creme Fraiche and his Lorde stint is a sidejob.

most people still do

the problem is that he does not kill people

smart dads are boring


and stupid, angry, lazy dads are painfully cliche and unfunny

what we need are awesome dads tbqh

Haha wrong one I meant

does he count?

>doesn't have The Doctor from Star Trek: Voyager, a character so awesome he almost saves the worst Star Trek series

Shit chart DESU

Sorry man. Not sure if you heard, but Hillary won the debate.

This trope ain't going' nowhere!

Gotta let the kids be taught who does not deserve respect in society somehow-- And cartoon are the best way to manipulate the young.

Why is Stan your husbando?

>Hank is one of the best dads ever and is smart, hard-working and generally chill

>Bob is talented, the smartest person in his family and and works really hard too

>Randy is an idiot but he's also just a supporting character and is lucky if he gets one focus episode every other year

So really, OP is just bitching about Homer Simpson, and two characters shamelessly copied from him. That's not a meme, that's Seth McFarlane being a hack.

But Hank doesn't learn anything from all this. At the end of the episode, he even has Bobby get a "guy" of his own to sell him electronics and that guy is just as untrustworthy as the car salesman.

Well, if you guys didn't want Hillary to win, why did you choose the living embodiment of the fat, stupid, angry dad trope to be her opponent?

Because mothers are paragons of virtue amirite?

I dunno if Stan is lazy

Wasnt he smart enough to graduate from college?

>It's a "grown men get triggered by cartoons" episode

>Teaches you life lessons so you don't fuck yourself up
>Gives you condoms for when you're with your gf
>Bullies never hurt you
>Master of comedy
>Lets you have fun

Come on, now. The point is salient as shit.

Wait what there is a girl timmy now

Stan seems more like the sufferer of some undiagnosed mental illness than lazy. The guy can really push himself sometimes. Just for idiotic reasons.

>Dr. Phil having training

but randys a scientist how could he be stupid unless he's an idiot savant

What? I didnt know the show was still on

>but randys a scientist how could he be stupid unless he's an idiot savant
I like how you know enough about the show to know Randy's a scientist but seem completely unfamiliar with him

I'm pretty sure it came from The Honeymooners, which was primetime. In fact, almost all the shows of this type are primetime, including the first cartoon example The Flintstones.

Only because people said it was for Eighty Six fucking years.

what are you talking about strange is on the professional doctor trust with your life side and he's the highest on it

hes in the professional doctor side but just not the trust with your life side which makes sense

because its characters with dr. in their name but couldn't really be called a dr see how hannibal lecter has dr. in his name but is at the run very far away from side its because hes dangerous

>trusting dr who with your life

>Father is a well meaning buffoon

The best

Its just the "laid back goofy dad"-stereotype escalated

Is that thing about the communist german revolution of 1918 true?

He's also a demigod, so there's that. It's like complaining that Hercules didn't get hurt.

>I'm the kind of guy who would admit to enjoying some earlier seasons of Family Guy
You mean like basically everyone? Early Family Guy was much beloved. It's just been eclipsed by all the garbage that came after.

That depends, how gullible are you?

Because depending on the answer, whoo boy, Cred Forums has a lot to tell you about the Jewish race.

I havent watched the fairly odd parents in a long time, i stopped right before that poof baby. What season should i start to catch up? I feel like catching up with the show.

>That's when I discovered the joys of sodomy.

it totally counts

Don't get me wrong, Greg's one of my favourite characters and I think it's cool that he's not a complete paragon and you can actually buy him as a fuck-up who ends up living in his van, it gives the sacrifices he's made more impact. I think a lot of fans latch onto his fundamental decentness (which is pretty understandable given the average TV dad) to the point where they mostly ignore who he is otherwise and in doing so miss the fact that he's just as messed up as the Gems. To the question in post: you can see it in House Guest and in Winter Forecast where he's just a little too excited to be sleeping inside on a couch for a change and just in his lifestyle generally

Dexter's dad was pretty chill

to this day I still do not understand how they got away with this

>non sequitur
Aww did someone hurt your little man-feelings? Maybe his mom spanked user as a child?
Tell me what troubles you, I really care about whatever happened in your life, honestly.


No user men are just funnier than women so a woman as a wife has no place other than being a no nonsense no fun allowed bitch(like all women). Also mentally disabled women are not attractive at all.

How is Randy any of those? He's a bro tier dad.

>90% of men are stupid
Then 100% of women are retards.

whatever lets you sleep at night

My mother is human slime that used me and my younger siblings's existence to extort money from my father and made up lies about how he didnt want to see us and hated us.

No one said anything about women being any better. 90% of all PEOPLE are retards, chances are if you are one of those who shitpost about the opposite gender constantly, you're not part of the margin that sets your gender apart from the other.

Your poor dad, nobody red pilled him in time to stop him from having a family with a bitch. How was he supposed to know about sexual selection?

How is he popping that red balloon by pressing the space next to it

Bob isn't lazy though.

Stan is a great dad and genuinely loves Steve and Haley. i mean he was ready to accept Haley even if she wasn't his biological daughter.


More like
>thread gets derailed by Steven Universe

That's it.
Whether or not people are arguing about it, they get derailed by the fanbase first and foremost.

Moe seems to be the only one with the hots for Marge. She gets sexualized quite a bit though.

The weekenders cast all had compentent parents.
Actually that brings up a good questions has there ever been a single parent character that was a complete fuck up?

Actually watch the first Poof Baby season. You can just watch 6, 8 and 10 and get most of the good stuff.

If you still see this reply, since I'm 8 hours late


Are you implying that isn't how the cia works

i mean the fact still stands the show is based in an extreme reality but to be a scientist you would have to have your shit together

bait thread

Why is hank and bob on this list?

Hey, remember when I said I cared about your life, turns out I didn't.
It seems you are trying to give out the massage that because your mother was cruel all mothers are terrible and, as consequence, all fathers are smart and capable; but that's just a long string of fallacies. Read If we analyze your story from a cynical point of view, you father was indeed and idiot for letting himself be treated like that and your mother was very smart for being able to execute her plans like so

stop asking that question


>being /R9k/ supreme fedoramaster
>calling others on the fedora meme for pointing out your flaws
So sorry you can't handle simple logic.