Milo Manara's art is extremely problematic, for my dick

Milo Manara's art is extremely problematic, for my dick.

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What, are you worried you'll pop a vein?

Take it to /aco/

>fish faces

I love Manara.

Then stop reading erotica, ya dingus.

Go get some Smurfs or something.



How dare he draw this
How DARE he

>L'ultimo tragico giorno di Gori Bau e Callipigia Sister
Now THAT is problematic.

Since I prefer sci-fi to modern settings in comics, I'd rather have some Serpieri.
An Indian Summer is excellent though.

It has to be, with based Hugo Pratt writing it.

Can I read this online somewhere?

What the hell is even supposed to be happening here.

That one girl is humping the wall and the other is like, drunk and can't stand up, she's just flipping the finger.

Did they get pushed off a truck at some point?

>Milo Manara's

True. But Pratt was a pretty good artist himself and had probaly no shortage of people wanting to draw one of his stories, so this collaboration is all in Manara's favor.

Drunna has a big booty.

Anyone remembers this cartoon?

they are prostitutes my young friend

>Vanilla hetshit


Italian comics in a nutshell.

You guys complain, but that was a huge fuck up on Marvel's part.

"Hey ladies, come read our new and improved strong female character! We're working day and night to make out new comics line female friendly."

>immediately commissions cover by porn guy who manages to show the inside of her colon from the front through magic

Women do not like this so comics guys get mad at women for not liking it. Comics guys and Marvel are fucking retarded.

He sucks.

I think their other collaboration El Gaucho is even better

Then why are there so many close together like that, do they want to get arrested.

Then why are they hanging out with ghosts. Ghosts don't pay for strange. Ghosts don't pay for shit, they're bums.

There's too many questions.

>implying smurfs aren't erotic

>commissions art by erotic artist for a variant about female characters

>people freak out and the media reports on this comic

They knew exactly what they were doing.

manara is really good at drawing titties and castles

you're not allowed to have titties in a marvel comic so where the fuck were the castles

>he doesn't know intentionally causing drama is good for sales

The way I see it, if you don't like the way a comic/movie/game/whatever depicts women you have two choices:
1. Create a superior competing work in the same medium/genre to show people how it SHOULD be done.
2. Bitch about it like a woman.

You suck.

He did a bunch of covers and a whole issue before that, but Spider-Ass was just too much I guess.

I can't get into Manara's chimp looking retarded eyes and big lipped faces.

He's OK for a girly pinup and softcore but he sucks at doing superheroes big time.

Stop praising that hack.

Only if you're gay.

He wasn't always a hack, though he is pretty lazy now.

>Women do not like this
Manara has a lot of female followers because women also like softcore sexy stuff, Tarot also has a lot of horny women in their late 20's and 30's as fans.

SJWs with agendas don't like it

>The fact that Marvel didn't cancel the cover and sold it really says a lot, they did it on purpose

People complain about everything, like when DC revealed that Alex Ross Steel cover for JSA in their solicits, it triggered a lot of insecure guys who complained because they didn’t want to have a comic with a guy whose bulge was visible.

So DC had to airbrush his crotch area to satisfy them when the comic came out.

>current year
>not being a lesbian demigirl

How is he lazy? Are you basing this off these covers he did years ago(which are good and not lazy) or his recent work like Caravaggio?


Oh Hell yes.

I love Manara but he's got a real problem with same face.

You realize he has ton of sfw comics right?

s-shut up

You sound like such a fucking faggot.

>No mentions of Valentina
what a pleb board

what comic is this?

spaghetti manara is my favourite

The ghosts are their look outs in exchange for running interference on the Ghostbusters.