What was ever of Hope Summers...

What was ever of Hope Summers? They hailed her as the literal second coming of mutant christ and then she slipped into absolute obscurity. She's not even name dropped or anything and I haven't seen any of the "five lights" be particularly important or relevant anywhere either.

It's easy, if they used her right now, they'd have to adress the fact that their current event is the exact same thing as the previous, half a decade long arc they just wrapped up like 2 years ago.

Either way, she was doomed to obscurity the moment the conclusion of the messiah storyline was turned into a shitty cash-in "Avengers vs"-event.

I just kinda assumed she died in Secret Wars 3.

She was only a placeholder for Jean. once teen Jean showed up she lost all relevance


Goodnight, sweet princess.

>Either way, she was doomed to obscurity the moment the conclusion of the messiah storyline was turned into a shitty cash-in "Avengers vs"-event.
Yep. It's shit too. Could've been a lot more personal if they just let it be the follow up to the status-quo in Regenesis.

Bringing the X-men into the spotlight was one of the worst things that could've possibly happened.

I would've loved to have seen her running an X-Force squad. Maybe Magneto has her secreted away somewhere.

I feel like she's vanished entirely though. It's weird. Was she even in SW III?

>Maybe Magneto has her secreted away somewhere.
I keep expecting her to turn up in Uncanny, but she never does, not even in passing.

She'd be a shoe-in for his roster too.

If we're lucky, she's just decided to go time-hopping.

I thought it was gona be revealed she's that drawing on cable in uncanny avengers

I half expect this as well.
Still, would piss me off cause it ignored the last issues of Spurrier's X-Force which were GOAT.

But mostly that's just me being salty I'll never see full strength Cable as a regular thing.

Reminder a man killed 90% of the earths population because of what she she would do as an adult.

Then Marvel just went... "I dunno lol" when it came time to write what it is she actually does.

>My mutant power is the power to have all powers.

Too bad she can't take the AvX event with her to hell.

Actually, she's probably one of the very few characters that survived the resolution of their intended storyline.
After AvX (that was derailed as fuck since the original "third chapter in a trilogy" concept), she was quite well-written in Cable and the X-force, which was surprisingly enjoyable despite being written by Hopeless -and then some of that characterization still managed to linger on while being spinned in a very different direction under Spurrier's pen in X-force v4.
Of course she hasn't been seen since that ended, but I think those two series managed to mellow some x-fags who didn't like her because she was just a walking plot button up to AvX (with the exception of GenHope but nobody read that)

>but nobody read that
...I did.

And yeah, Cable & X-Force was really good on the Cable/Hope front. Hell it was good all around (I happen to like Larroca though so ymmv).
Spurrier's contributions were really neat. This issue in particular hit me really good in the feels.

...I read gen hope... I read everything with Hope I started comics with messiah war and read every single thing she appeared in, Cable's dad series was great. I watched her grow up

now she's just gone unceremoniously and nobody, not even her dad cares/remembers she even existed in teh first place.

I need some way to contact the guy writing uncanny avengers and just ask him, like what the fuck? does cable just not care about hope anymore does she not exist anymore. was she retconned? She'd be a great adition to the unity squad

there's a cloud killing mutants and she's presumably out there somewhere and cable doesn't even care?

>I need some way to contact the guy writing uncanny avengers and just ask him, like what the fuck?
Twitter, probably.

I feel ya man. I grew up reading Hope-era X-Men. I've read it all. It's sorta like a friend just vanished without another whisper. Which, has actually happened to me. It sux.


Worst thing Hopeless did in Cable and X-Force was that he didn't know how Hope's powers worked and then just made it up.
Then Spurrier read that and took it even further. Now she's a full-on AOE Rogue instead of a powers version of original Prodigy.


>Now she's a full-on AOE Rogue
It was fucking awesome while it lasted.

They hired some absolutely no-name korean who didn't even speak english to draw this book.

They ditched their plans for the X-Men in favor of another heroes vs. heroes event where the X-Men were the villains, and the IP has been mostly garbage ever since.

i think she's in a coma?

Pic rel is her appearance.

And then they did nothing with it.

Wasting potential is pretty much the purpose of the X-office.

>their plans
If by that you mean, they completely reassigned/chased away/failed to retain the entire writing staff of X-Men of the time and then just handed shit to Aaron and Bendis to make shit up, then yes, "they" changed their plans.

Does anyone actually have any more details of this?
I mean, one moment they had Kyle, Yost, Carey etc driving event after event and the next thing that happens, everyone's gone and Aaron has sole control over the next big event.

At least Marvel had the decency to luck out with Gillen on Uncanny, but that's like the one last saving grace of the franchise before the main books became unreadable.
Did they get a new editor at the time who just hated good comics? Did Aaron suck someone's dick and made the rest of the writers watch?
The fuck happened?

Idie is in All-New X-Men. She's literally the only one of the 5 lights consistently used

She's the messiah of a race that doesn't deserve one. They traded in standing on their own for sucking Inhuman dick. They probably killed her off because someone in authority asked them nicely.

Storm and Beast don't speak for mutantkind.
Rogue and Cable certainly don't answer to Storm.
Magneto and his cadre are doing what they've always done.
Why would you bring this shitposting into a comfy x-thread.

Storm and Beast do speak for mutant kind because mutant kind agrees to follow them. Just cause you have a few aberrant mutants trying to fight the good fight doesn't absolve the other 95 percent for being pussies.


Basically, whoever came up with the idea of bringing back the original x-men and baby jean, completely neglected the part where we already had a use-able jean-type redhead.
SO now, everything that hope would have done, baby jean does instead.

And hope fades to obscurity. Because bad planning.

That was around the time they decided to kill the x-franchise, so it figures.

>that pic
Gage's X-Men Legacy run was really lame, but I do greatly appreciate him giving us the ONLY SCENE of the kids arguing their position on the schism.

Shame we never got a similar scene after AvX, when they were fucking forced to attend Wolverine's school.