Have I told you about the immune system?

Have I told you about the immune system?

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Not now

Pretty couple.


No, but tell me the story with old people with a baby inside again.

>it's a Karl absolutely destroys Steve episode

they're such dicks to him in situations like that
It's like, he doesn't always play along with your hypothetical situations like "what superpower would you want", but he's TRYING. and this is how he tries. When you ask the question of how old age should be handled, he says "wouldn't it be nice if you could age backwards, so the youth was at the end, and then you were a baby and got taken care of to finish your life with" and then "okay what if every person was just reborn when they died" like those jellyfish. and they TEAR INTO HIM for it being impossible.

I love this god damn show. There should be more animated podcasts.

I think they get so used to treating Karl like a complete idiot, that when a situation arises where Karl actually makes sense, they're just already looking at what he says through the lens of stupidity. Like just out of habit, they assume what he's saying is idiotic. Then because they're trying to make a funny show/conversation for an audience they'll just go deeper into tearing Karl down, without ever stopping to reconsider their position.

yeah there's definitely a crying-wolf thing going on there
did they ever discuss that story? i feel like that kind of shit is when they had their best conversations
because ricky and steve would say something along the lines of "why would you let a kid look out for wolves in the first place, why wouldn't you take him off the job after the FIRST lie, why wouldn't you continue to at least go check no matter how many times he lies, how would they feel afterwards" and karl would just be like "did they really ehh.. have wolves about, amongst the sheep? i 'eard about ehh.. there's this kind of wolf that um.. it picks up the discarded wool, yeah? that gets caught on .. brambles n' such, and rolls in it until it looks kinda like.. a sheep"
and ricky would be like DON'T TALK SHIT and steve would be like "you're thinking of the aphorism 'a wolf in sheep's clothing' Karl, it's not meant to be literal" "well what is.. what else is a sheep's clothing?"

To bad they all hate each other now

Only Steve and Karl seem to have had a falling out.


Rick and Steve don't talk anymore

As much as it pains me to admit, the show couldn't really function without Ricky and Steve's instigation. There could be some entertainment in seeing Karl share his thoughts on the various things he absorbs but the thing separating the brillinace of the show from what would essentially be Karl's blog is the frequent calls for Karl to elaborate.
The brilliance here is that he does; Karl actually tries to think through and elaborate his often outlandish and naive inclinations to a point where the assume a queer sort of internal logic that people are unaccustomed to finding in otherwise seemingly unthought-out ideas.
Episodes focusing on Karl's improvisation are by and large the best, I still snicker whenever I hear "Clive Warren"

i mean, idiot abroad worked okay, the cameraman pushed him a bit
moaning of life is good too but it's not nearly as laugh out loud funny, it's just neat to watch.

I think Karl killed the show.Rick made a tweed onced that there will be no new eps because Karl doesn't want to.

Fair enough. Who wants to be made an idiot out of for the rest of his life ?

That why he made the other shows with basicly the same selling point?

He was lied to about Idiot Abroad and the Moaning of Life had nothing to do with Ricky and Steve

There are more than one season of Idiot Abroad.
Why did he agree?

>make a comfortable living working less than 5 hours a week, if at all, being a dumbass on tv

Scoff all you want but you can't say you wouldn't fucking jump at the opportunity.


If Karl can find a woman who can put up with his bullshit and just joins in his normal routine, what's your excuse?

The always said he was lazy and took a lot of vacations and days off but why would you not want more free time if you could.

He's incredibly wealthy, famous, and entertaining.

Got him a second house.

Me, a Chinese fella and an old block who looked like Mr Burns from The Simpsons

Don't know what was wrong with but breaking wind was the symptoms

No one visited him or called him, he seemed quite lost to me, as well as wind problems he had a colostomy

when I left I said "see ya" to the old man, turns out the other fella wasn't Chinese. He was from Japan.

He wasn't when they started dating

If moths had eyes, would they be 'appier

'Ow do they know they're not dead

Cavemen 'unting for food
But not before they style, their 'air on their 'ead

What would last longer in dinosaur times?

A blind man didn't stand a chance

Not with all them rocks about

I`d rather be a blind moth

He wasn't entertaining before he became famous? How the fuck did he become famous then?

> old block

Not surprising. Steve always came across as a snide, passive aggressive cunt.

well that's just one of them, one of them things ini't it. When you got your mind on sumtin else when you're writing. Not sure what me think of blocks at the time though. Don't even remember playing with them much as a kid. Had to have been before I could kick me height

he was literally the Roz to Ricky and Steve's Frasier, and they decided he had a hilarious personality and HAD to include him on the show

6/10 of Karl. 7 if the calculator was your only friend.

Idiot Abroad would have been a million times better if 1. Ricky/Steve went with him, or 2. their reaction to seeing the episodes were filmed and highlights were shown

Steve throwing tantrums while still trying to hold onto his persona of being so cultured and above it all would have been pretty great.

Man, I can't hate Steve, but I gotta agree a little bit. He can dish it out but can't take it.

The cat kept getting sick on itself so me mum shaved it so it was easier to clean.

Have they ever mentioned how Ricky and Karl met?

I cannot for the life of me imagine they were in the same circle before they met unless it was strictly work related at first.

Karl was a radio producer, he was assigned to Ricky and Steve's show, Ricky and Steve get to realize through working with him that everything coming out of his mouth is gold, they put him on the show

Why do people who do great podcasts together always end up hating each other?

It's just, disheartening.

I don't think this has ever happened

fuck I read it in his voice and it fits perfectly.

It happened in one of the earlier XFM shows.
Ricky and Steve ask Karl how he met Suzanne, to which he replies "at work".
They then start making fun of this, until Steve says that Karl "saw her rummaging through garbage bins outside".
Karl then proceeds to burn him deeply.

He gets a handful of great zings on Steve but I don't think any of them were in the animations.

Steve usually whines like a cunt afterward.


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