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edna died?

Simpsons=/=good taste

Her voice actress died like two years back or something.

Being Flanders is suffering.

This is why I turned gay

You know part of mean wants to say this is in poor taste, but then Im reminded current Simpsons is crap so I cant bring myself to care

fuck i remember now

I can't wait to see Bleeding Gums Murphy make a reappearence.

Was that actually in the show? Did Edna say anything?

This really pisses me off because of how much in bad taste this is

Wow seriously, I guess they didn't respect Edna's VA as much as they did Bill Hartman because with him they retired Troy McCulure and Lionel Huntz.

Of course knowing this shit new writers they might even bring Lionel and Troy back for a shitty gag.

That seems extremely crass.

Even Family Guy hasn't sunken that low.


Please be joking

Of course he's joking

Quagmire raped Marge and killed all of the Simpsons

Oh how I wish that were true.

Because it's actually funny.

seriously, people, am I the only one who laughed at this?

A male baby was pregnant with and gave birth to human/dog hybrid mutants

Yes, you are.

Troy and Lionel still appered in the background without speaking roles, after his death.

I don't get why people are upset by this. this is actually a funny joke.

People complain about zombie simpsons, but when it actually goes back to its old rule to be impertinent, people complain that it's tasteless and disrespectful.

>I guess they didn't respect Edna's VA as much as they did Bill Hartman because with him they retired Troy McCulure and Lionel Huntz.
Yeah, then they had Andy Dick on as a guest star voicing himself in season 17.

I thought it was funny too. I have no idea why people are this angry outside "Eh I haven't watched in 10 years and need new material to decide to hate"

Quagmire did us a favor.


Family Guy always was rock bottom

K den

who will flanders hook up with now

That's some bad taste right there.


He already did. There was a B-plot a season or two ago about how the music industry was using a hologram of Bleeding Gums Murphy to perform and advertise products.

Obvious photoshop is obvious samefag

Which episode?

Fuck off, I'm not falling for this
>It's fucking real
Didn't they use that as a plot in one of the Halloween episodes?

Fuck just seeing his name pisses me off

the one that aired last night

>thin lineart
>shitty overly-saturated colour scheme
>harsh shading

This show looks so ugly now, holy shit.


I chuckled

So if Edna is gone, who's teaching Bart's class nowadays?

>Not making them give you a double ghost blowjob

Maybe I'll pay someone to commission that next month. I can't wait until October, you guys.

I never thought I would ever say this but at this point South Park genuinely looks better than The Simpsons

One-off character voiced by random, semi-relevant celebrity

Oh hell, that's right.

Eh it does border a little bit on poor taste only because they only killed Edna off because her voice actress actually died in reality. Imagine something with Iroh from the Last Airbender that pokes at Mako really being dead. But I think a few shows where an actor has died have done similar things.

Lunchlady Doris's VA died and they retired her, but then they brought her back as Lunchlady Dora with a new VA.

They don't care.


But that's a different character

>sorry it's not in packages

newest episode? s28ep01?


>Funny joke
>On modern Simpsons
I don't think so

>Zombiemsons does some shameless thing for attention.
>You assholes keep taking the bait

>Bill Hartman
At least get the guy's name right if you're going to talk about respect.