Anyone wanna watch some Space Ghost: Coast to Coast?

RIP C. Martin Croker

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Get in here!

help bump this thread

It still hurts.

i know bud...

Anyone need a myspleen invite?

Cheers user.

>get to meet with this man a few months ago
>Really cool, very excited to talk with people
>Check Cred Forums
>Just now learned he died.
It hurts


I'll take it

Post an email to send it to.

you still got one?

How long does it usually take to get one?

Did you not receive it?
I have 9 more left, well 8 after I send you one

>download the whole series with that mega link
>"In Memory of Elizabeth Reed" doesn't work for some reason

Am i the only one with this problem?

Now he truly is a Space Ghost



resent both

Streams over. hope everyone enjoyed

Please pal


Can I just say as sad as it is that Croker croaked, I'm glad he brought Space Ghost and co. back into our lives. There have been so many threads lately and it feels good.

RIP you hilarious molten mantis guy.

Somebody needs to upload more classic broadcasts

It'd be nice to see more pre-AS SGC2C broadcasts, and perhaps moreso the original hour-long version of Cartoon Planet with cartoons actually airing inbetween skits before it was just repackaged into half-hour episodes of just skits alone.

Anyone else want a MySpleen invite?
if you have a good upload ratio, I'll send one. I have about 10

YES, please give me one

[email protected]

Oh, how I've missed this show...


thank you

I'm both happy and sad to see this since I missed it last Saturday. Thanks, user.

I'd appreciate it if you're still around, kind SG user.

That was kind of beautiful. I hope they asked Andy Merill to write that little message.

The fuck is myspleen?

I'll send one once myspleen reloads


Private tracker with a focus on older cartoons and media.
Think Nick and CN pre-2000 and MTV when it had music.

If you're still feeling generous I'd greatly appreciate an invite.