These last few episodes have been pretty fun

These last few episodes have been pretty fun.

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Not with that art.

Why is BB the Hulk


>Robin's supervillain name was Dick Gravestone
Shit, that's good.


A cute.

Do they ever show Raven's face in her demonic form?

>They're actually villains now instead of just acting that way.

Took them long enough.


You're getting it from Piratebay, right?
Ever since KAT went down i've been slacking.
that fucking oregon trail episode was Cred Forums as fuck holy shit

That's damn good.

Use pirateunblocker

They should make this Robin's "Matches Malowne" alter ego

I've thought the latest ten or so haven't been as good.



...I'll be in my bunk.

>Waffles - the show

You need a beefy brute to balance out the group.


Did Raven's second set of eyes turn into thick eyebrows just so make her look more evil?



I think beast boy's gay

at the very least, he's way too into muscles, being naked around/with cyborg, and flirts way too hard with women


Agreed. But I found this one to be quite decent. However I love villain centric episodes, so I may be biased.

I found "Who's laughing now" 's allusion to college pretty good.

Dick Gravestone is my husbando.
Evil Raven is my waifu.

Damn, this show can go from terrible (waffles) to great (villain episode and others)

I'm sold.

Anyone happen to have a folder?

CN keeps recycling the same 10 episodes in my country ;_;

Episode link:

Who is this cute character?

go watch your waffles-tier jokes.

Ruby Gloom.

Decent show. Doom Kitty is best girl.

TTG looks pretty good for a flash cartoon.

That's a cat. Just a cat.

Go Crazy

>inb4 obligatory "Cred Forums - comics and cartoons"


I love you, user.



Raven's and Starfires design looks great, 10/10.
Beastboy and Cyborgs are lazy as fuck.

I have mixed feeling of Robin's Walter White look.

TTGO is not fun. It is a war crime.
No show has ever managed to be as spectacularly shitty as it, I mean name one show out there that can ruin your night in six seconds, just one. Even Tim and Eric took longer to set up their garbage skits.
TTGO is like some special achievement in shittiness, a new record long sought after by governments and scientists just to see how deep they could dig this wound in the soul of all that is good and funny.

>name one
Cramp Twins
The Nutschack
I could probably come up with more if I thought you were serious instead of weakbaiting.


>The Nutshack
pick one and only one

>admitting you're trolling 2 posts in
Wew that was fast.

Is it blackface?

Fuck my ass I didn't mean to reply to that

I like that he basically looks like his VA

nah he's just aware of his fetish and is in a line of work where he gets exposed to it often, so he's happy(helps that Raven is often the focus of it)

actually come to think of it, would love to see a fusion of Demon Raven, Lady/Mega Legasus, and Oil Drums Raven, she'd be a near perfect waifu

So basically a muscular demonic Raven wearing a skimpy outfit?

pretty much, you have to admit it'd be hot

i want to fUCK TTG ROBIN

eh Beast Boy is much cuter, plus we all know he's hung like a literal horse

Not as hot as a muscular demonic Raven wearing nothing though.

There's no need to disagree. Both are still cute.

>Not as hot as a muscular demonic Raven wearing nothing though.
nudity is nice, but nudity all the time gets boring

and yeah Robin's not bad appearance wise, but his personality makes him someone that'd be obnoxious to be in a relationship with

Starfire's outfit is from a previous episode just so you know.

I meant as a one time drawing. Not sure what you had in mind.

Yeah, this one was good too. I totally forgot about it. Oregon trail was also quite entertaining, come to think of it.

Give Raven a proper demon dicking


Titans, its time to cook

time to fap