Literally who can stop him?

He solo'd the Avengers and won. That team consisted of heavy hitters such as Spectrum, Black Panther, Captain Marvel, Blue Marvel, Doctor Strange, Thor, and Spider Man.


>who can stop him?

Marvel editorial already did a pretty good job of that.

>X-Man at full power
>mai waifu
>Batman with prep

Scarlet Witch because she's the one who can talk and connect with him.

Also i guess She Hulk

Isn't he just a dumb martian manhunter rip off?
so I assume he's as powerful as that guy

>Captain Marvel
>Blue Marvel
>Doctor Strange
These are all pretty bullshit. But he's in his own book and he's been saving up win points from all his jobbing, so power boost.

>Scarlet Witch because she's the one who can talk and connect with him.

You haven't read the last issue of Vision have you?

Silly user. Cred Forums doesn't read comics


Is the Sentry stronger than Blue Marvel?

>reading The Vision for power level bullshit
You're everything that's wrong with comics.

1. there's an issue left 2. what about virginia being based on wanda's brainwaves

When Great Grampa goes senile and says something inappropriate and hurtful

By last I mean the most recent. And the whole part where Wanda tried to talk him down and he was going to see Mancha anyway. Dumb dumb.

The one time Blue Marvel and Sentry fought, Blue Marvel won. But that was before Bendis turned Sentry into some god-tier reality warper that could even take on Molecule Man.

So Blue Marvel can beat Sentry when Sentry is just "fabio superman" but not when he's "RR: Lost Beyonder."

I personally wouldn't put what she did into the category of stopping him. More like assisting him. Or beating him to it.

He is no match for the Undefeatable Jewish Waifu

But there is God of AI.

Honestly, Pymtron showing up for the finale would be too much hype.


Hank Pym's garage door opener of doom

Bendis had Kitty beat Galactus so this is nothing

I wasnt aware they fought before. What book?



Wasn't that extra bullshit because it was Galactus+Gah Lak Tus?

Blue Marvel's mini.
Ultimate Kitty vs 616 Galactus merged with Gah Lak Tus swarm. Became giant, used super-density and punched fuck out of Galactus.
At least I think he merged, I skipped most of pages and ignored speech bubbles.

Oh yeah when she pushed him into a black hole during Cataclysm. I wouldn't call that "beating" him. She worked together with the rest of the Ultimate universe to defeat him.

Bottom line: It makes sense in context.

There was already this bait in another thread, user.


There is no one Kitty can't defeat.

Unless you make something she can't phase through.



What can Sentry do against density manipulation?

Also, he has the 80's Dad, "You fucked with my kid I'm out for vengeance borne on wings of righteous fury" power-up bonus.


Low sales.

And Franklin Richards, a.k.a. the editors.

I think it's well and truly over between them. Does SW book take place after Vision?

Agatha gone dun fucked up.

This makes me sad

it isn't bait if it's true, then it's just facts

Kitty can still hit him while he's phased and when he's super dense she can phase through him and fuck up his internal electronics

I can see him taking on Carol and maybe Jane if he outsmarts her
Doctor Strange has been jobbing for years and Aaron's pretty much destroyed any semblance of power he ever had

Beating Blue Marvel and Spectrum is bullshit though

Can't Vision do density shit to prevent her from passing through him?

She phased a giant space bullet through planets. Her phasing powers are insane

Massah Chef

Has Vis met or herd of the being that created and represent the multiverse? Aren't they aware of TOAA, I'll never understand what passes as god for Reed and company. From the TOAA creating the multiverse to the Celestials manipulating the evolutionary direction of manking damn near everything is by intelligent design. Also magic and the afterlife prove the existence of souls.

Karnak and Vision tried to out job each each other and Vision won, but proving he is no slouch Karnak manage to get his ass kicked two panels later.

How is Vision going to get out of this one? He crossed the line. Pretty much proved he is the son of Ultron.

>He solo'd the Avengers and won.

Well, he was kind of designed to.

It was a little silly yeah.
I dont know how it bothered some people enough to drop the book though its 1 poorly written fight scene is all.

Virginia really need to get introduced to Dad's coworkers.

I mean, fuck, pray for Vin to join the Einherjar, they're cool guys, and you could hang out when Vision takes a daytrip to Asgard.

Illyana "Ten Ton Terror of Tel-Aviv" Rasputin rises to the challenge

>Ultron does it again
How can fleshies even compete?

>drop the book

it has 1 issue left i don't think anyone is dropping it.

she needs to be stopped

Yeah, because Jane is shit with the hammer.

>strips completely naked
>cover myself in bacon grease
>spins wiener in 360 helicopter mode
>start wacking off while looking Vision straight in the eye
>"Let's do this little man."


I pictured this happening directly after
With this naked greased up human, no nation on Earth will ever question my authority

Blue Marvel is literally a wish fulfillment character. He also has no integrity or wants to stand up for whats right because he retired because white people couldn't handle black superman for some reason despite the fact that he was fighting Nazis and shit

Could've been a fun concept for a superman character but they just had to marinate it in white guilt...

Vision gets ripped apart all the damn time.

SHIELD agents took him apart once, Morgan LeFay killed him, She Hulk tore him in half, Wonderman tore his arm off.

At his densest he is still not approaching Thor, Hulk, or Namor in strength or durability. He has to keep intangible and use laser shenanigans. But that cannot really hurt those guys either.

Vision is normally the first one ripped apart at the beginning of any event or when some new villain shows up.

Back in the early 90's Adamantium always worked on Vision and he would not phase through Cap's shield. Don't know if that is still true.

He also could not phase through Ultron's shield.

>all of vision's abilities
>and his son just died
Is it time to replace Jackie Chan?

She tried that. He told her ass that she never understood him.

They had Kennedy do it. Like the world wasn't ready for it or some shit.

It was the fucking Cold War. Could have done the whole propaganda thing with him feeling used or him getting annoyed by the constant near nuclear launches. Have him quit after finding out that another Cap is running around after the Black Captain Americas and being pissed at the thought of another human being destroyed by the imperfect mix.

But couldn't Vision just phase through her as she phases through him?

I really hope the series ends on a splash of Vin playing catch with Sparky in robot heaven

Okay, I've been out of it. What the hell has been happening with Vision?

Like every single time
Reset memory

he wiped his emotions clean, then made himself a wife and two kids, fellow synthezoids like himself, because the 'logical' way to better integrate into american society as to have a nuclear family to show off.

a few weeks later, a dog and six people are dead, two more are deeply traumatized, his wife is probably going to jail for murder, and there's a good chance his daughter is going to deny him custody of her since she's terrified he will have her dismantled and replaced for not being a good enough daughter


Don't forget the blacks also is angry at him for not stopping black slavery

The truely sad thing about the story is the racial stuff was auctualy handled semi decently.
But everything else just crashed down around it the worst part is its clear that in an early draft blue marvel was a lot more bitter but when they changed it they forgot to change the avengers dialouge to match. It was like they were having entirerly difrent conversations.

it's been a wild ride

..what the hell are you talking about?

Well they fought in the only Setnry's iteration that wasn't a beastly powerhouse, just Hyperion's tier flying brick. Jenkins' Sentry was meant to be stronger then Benis', whose Sentry is retarded. Death Seed Sentry is hyped to be stronger than both, but fuck Marvel for not letting Remender do anything more about him.

Long story short - Sentry was never faux-Superman like Hyperion - or for that instance Blue Marvel - he was meant to be a cosmic-level powerhouse always hindered by his own shortcomings, that is until some fucking idiot thought it's going to be a great idea to incorporate him into the regular continuity, when they had to nerf him severely - or of course go full retard with Void = eldritch abomination etc.

And best Marvel comic nowadays

Bob's a high-level molecule manipulator to the point of pic related

Or perhaps he's a reality warper that thought it would be cool to become a molecule manipulator who knows.

>implying Hulk can't take this shit and still wreck her

Blue Marvel didn't beat the Sentry. He flash KOed him for a brief moment, Sentry came back and KOed Blue Marvel for good.

And that happened in Blue Marvels own book during his very first appearance. In those the main characters usually always come out on top, but Blue Marvel still lost to the Sentry, which should be quite telling.

The reason it lasted so long in the first place was to hype Blue Marvel up.

Blue Marvel is good. High Herald status even, more than likely to compete with Hyperion, Hulk and Thor. But he ain't beating the Sentry. Neither is any of the other guys.

I wonder if Blue Marvel could beat him if he had some Iso-8 and back up from Monica and Carol

Iso-8? Isn't that the macguffin from the Facebook games?

Yes but Blue Marvel discovered it after Secret Wars