How did you feel about the twist that The Waynes were gangsters

How did you feel about the twist that The Waynes were gangsters

pretty cool. Its probably gonna not be the case in the end though

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The usual Telltale WHAT A TWEEST hackish stuff. They should just stick to Clementine's story.

Pretty awesome. Gave me my own feelings of doubt about my Batman's crusade but I decided it ultimately doesn't matter. My crusade is all that matters, that that can't happen to some other child in Gotham. Not on my watch.

Carmine Falcone did nothing wrong.

>tfw Telltale verse this is true

It's fine for a point and click adventure game but I wouldn't like it in the comics. The Waynes should always be killed by a random thug imo.

Not gonna lie, I love telltale's take on falcone. He's an ass, but you could see he cared beneath it.

Well, i hope it will be true until the end, cause it's only new thing in this story right now.

But i honestly think they will take it back somehow.

It's cool because the game is set up so that Bruce Wayne matters just as much, if not more than Batman but he has the perfect excuse to say fuck Bruce Wayne at this point.

What if it's both? Joe Chill was some random thug who killed them for their wallets, but on a completely unrelated note, their business ventures were less than savory and many people were glad they were killed despite Joe Chill's motive being nothing but greed.

I tried to play it on my PC but it was shit. Lagged and looked terrible. Sure, I don't have a very good PC but I could play the Arkham games without issues.

That would work too.

I don't care for it, but it's an AU of course so whatever.

Bro are you me? My laptop just isn't made for video games but I'm stubborn and try to play them anyways. At least I have it I guess? I put it on the lowest settings and it still sucked lol.

I never liked the idea of Joe Chill being a hired gun to kill the Waynes.
The entire point of the Wayne murders is that it was just a completely random act of violence, that Gotham is such a crime infested shithole that you could get gunned down for basically no reason.

And thats why this is so awesome cause it subverts that and makes us sick to our stomachs about it. Theyve made us question what it means to be Batman.

As far as Bruce Wayne is concerned, sure.

Batman would still bust him, though, because he's still a powerful, harmful criminal.

I don't care. After you have Ma and Pa Kent tell Superman to murder children and horses anything goes.

I prefer it in most cases, but adaptations should be free to do what they want. It works in Gotham for instance because it gives young Bruce something to do and would explain why he's disillusioned with running Wayne enterprises day to day.

The same goes for mob boss Waynes. The game requires him to spend more time as Bruce to clean up his parents's mess.

I think it's interesting, but my only qualms about it is that if the Waynes were such big gangsters - and I mean big enough that Carmine Falcone treats reminisces like they were particularly close - then it should have been an open secret in Gotham instead of a complete shock to everyone.

Thomas Wayne sending his enemies to Arkham? And not a single person ever found out about it? It would have been more interesting if most of Gotham knew, but Bruce didn't because his circle kept it away from him.

Its not that uncommon. Its like the child sex rings in Hollywood. Everyone suspects it but no one can prove it. Also don't forget Bruce just got back to Gotham.

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Don't worry, the last episode will tell us that it was just Clayface posing as Thomas Wayne.

I really hope they don't pussy out at the end and say the Waynes were just framed. It's a separate universe so why not have a little freedom every now and then?

>The Bruce Wayne is responsible for all of the bad things in Gotham meme is literally true for once.

I don't think they'll do that, but something doesn't seem right. I can get the Waynes being sketchy or even gangsters, but were they really as evil as that video with Oz's mom would suggest? I just can't picture it. I think some info will come out.