Do networks make there characters cute and fappable on purpose to get the neet ratings?

Do networks make there characters cute and fappable on purpose to get the neet ratings?

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Pretty much everyone prefers attractive looking people regardless of context

Fapable is a by-product of cute character design.

Characters have been drawn to be fappable since the dawn of time. The only difference is they're made to be what's considered beautiful and trendy now.

No they make them cute and fappable for their own purposes that just so happen to appeal to some of us as well.

Maybe, one of the early versions of the princess she was more curvy and showed more skin so she had a more adult appeal to her.

>Characters have been drawn to be fappable since the dawn of time

Even since the 90s?

in b4 'it's not a rip off!' meme

SPECIALLY in the 90's


Is there any Ojou laugh that's better?

The similarities stop at the character designs.

>hi i was born in 2001 so ive never seen slayers

Fuck off.

invalidated immediately

>Even since the 90s?

Bitch, it happened even in the 80s.

The irony in this post is overwhelming.

Try the 40s.

try 35,000 years ago

Slayers gonna slay

>Do networks make there characters cute and fappable on purpose to get the neet ratings?
no, I imagine they actually breath down character designer's necks because rule 34 can sometimes harm a product. remember Erin Ensurance?

If they did, how come those are such butt ugly characters?

It's Johnny Test tier character design.

1 & 2 are ew, 3 is best but 4 is okay. Weird how this is the only character that had it's best incarnation in the newer designs, everything else I've seen made it look like the final designs were the worst.

That's up to the viewer to decide.


The show would work better if Prohyas was still a sorcerer.

But wouldnt that only enhance the product? I never understood why they got rid of her.

I clicked on this because I thought something exciting was going to happen with that sword
I was sorely disappointed

Last one is easily the best, but the way the leotard ends before the belt on third is god-tier.

get taste soon.

>Those shoes they're wearing in the final designs

How grossly disformed do you think their feet look.

She's got a cuter face and is thicker in the fourth one. Other than that they're virtually the same, so it easily wins.

>Mighty Shitswords being appealing in any way

You should've been aborted.

And no, Sardy doesn't beat Naga.

Sounds to me like you haven't looked at it in the right angle yet.

I remember seeing this shit on Deviantart more than a decade ago, it's so strange to me to see that it's a real cartoon now. Good for that guy.

In this particular case, I guarantee it.

I mean it. Look up what the creator of this looks like. Also the male is just a fantasy self-insert of him

I think you'll be pleasantly surprised.

No it's whoever's directing/designing/writing the show that does that. Steven Universe has all ugly ass bitches with socio-emotional issues yet it somehow gained the greenlight, for example. Then you got the shows that actually go for the cute, fappable chicks like Mighty Magiswords which is still shit independent of what I think of their girl characters.

They needs to fucking fix those fucking feet, everything else has been fairly acceptable so far.

Imagination truly is a powerful thing. Just putting black bars over the swim clothes, and it instantly looks like they're naked. I used to do the same thing back in highschool with pictures of girls from my class that I had saved off of their myspace pages without their knowledge. I'd put black bars over their bikinis in pictures they took at the beach, and it looked like they were naked. Many great memories of fapping to those, good times.

why didnt they stick with the second to last designs?

>first two


It wasn't porn. She just genuinely didn't connect with anyone. Sure she was hot, but she wasn't really interesting.

>implying this shit art style is fappable


Artists make them look cute and fappable so cartoon network will pick the show up.

I'm pretty ok with the fappable SU fanart. It can get pretty decent

They didn't ditch her because of the porn. That's a very persistent misconception and it makes sense on a superficial level.

>First one

>Second one

>Third one

>Fourth one
>Gangster rape face

I like to call them Suction Cup Feet style. Kinda like Adventure Time's Noodle Arm style.

Because they had to update the show's designs to match the hip animation style in the current millennium