Marvel's Luke Cage is the most vital, important TV show of 2016. Or at the very least, the most timely

>Marvel's Luke Cage is the most vital, important TV show of 2016. Or at the very least, the most timely.

>The show, which hits Netflix on September 30, puts front and center in its 13 episodes a bulletproof black man dressed in a hoodie, battling police and governmental corruption, at a time when Black Lives Matter protests regularly dominate the news cycle and policemen shooting unarmed African-Americans seems like a near-daily occurrence.

>What's important about this is that the show is steadfastly, 100% about race...

>The issue with preaching to the choir is that, by definition, the choir agrees with you. Far more powerful is a Trojan Horse like Luke Cage, which sneaks its racial politics in under the guise of an enormously entertaining superhero origin story. Yes, Marvel has had superheroes of color on screen, including Iron Man's best bud War Machine, played most frequently by Don Cheadle, and Captain America's best bud Falcon, played by Anthony Mackie. But there's never been a superhero lead like Luke Cage.

Thoughts, Cred Forums?

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Stopped reading at Black Lives Matter. Anything that is supportive of a racist group like that is awful by default

This thread is going to start an internet fight and then get deleted

List of good reasons for me not to want to watch it.

That seems pretty hypocritical coming from Cred Forums.
Why does BLM get hate anyways?

>Racist group

>Battling police and governmental corruption.

Isnt he fighting a Crime Lord, who's also black?

When has Luke Cage not been about the underlying struggle of a black man? His origin is going to jail for a crime he didn't commit. I love how everytime a movie/show gets made about a character normies act like this is some huge new impactful message.

I've always thought Luke Cage was incredibly political. Just two years after the assassination of MLK Jr we get the first black superhero with his own title and his power is that he's bulletproof. And he's still just as relevant in today's political climate.

You're making my ASS HURT.

>Why does BLM get hate anyways?

because white people think all black people deserve to die, especially if they committed some kind of nonviolent misdemeanor offense like jaywalking

only whites are allowed to matter, and if you complain about that at all, it's racist against whitey

>Yfw it doesn't pander to any of that shit in OP's post
>Yfw it's just Luke beating the shit out of criminals and dealing with inner city gang problems
>Yfw when the main fucking villain of the show isn't a racist white guy but a nigga' who just got too much money and goes on an ego trip
>Yfw Luke's best friend is a rich white guy who just loves kung fu

Nah', I'm gonna' love this show.

He really hasn't been like that since Bendis got his hands on him

Back to Tumblr with you. The grown ups are talking.

They're as bad as Cred Forums if not worse .
they throw shit at cops ,start riots , cause damage of public propreties , beat the shit out of the white dumbasses who join their ralies , threaten to kill the cops and Their families .
In a nutshell they're everything Cred Forums hates personified in a single crowd of blacks .

>a bulletproof black man dressed in a hoodie

If they gave him a yellow shirt could we have avoided this?

>black man dressed in a hoodie, battling police and governmental corruption

>grown ups

You are a single man that masturbates to anime

Eh, not really racist, just idiotic at this point. Hijacked by a bunch of assholes who just feel like stirring the pot and have an excuse to riot. Might have been started with the best intentions, but its a joke now

I can give you some of that, but I don't think it's the entire movement, though if they want any sympathy from me they'll have to clean house.

and you're a manlet who shitposts on said anime masterbratory image board .

Yeah. This.

No, he would get shot by fashion police.

They are everything Cred Forums would be if they actually believed any of the shit they spout.

No, I masturbate exclusively to Lexi Belle

>100% about race

I like how the first black black superhero has to be some absolute avatar of blackness.

This guy's basically right although i don't think that bears poorly on the show automatically considering how wildly different so many people's ideas of what BLM is.

It'll be a good watch I'm sure, although I'm wary of it's politics being myopic and reactionary rather than really comprehensive and understanding.

To all the people who say BLM is racist, got any proof? Videos or the like, not trying to bait; I genuinely wanna know.

I just meant the article link was supportive, I don't think the show will be

it's not racist

cops are not a race

I'd really really love to see a chapter of this written by Christopher J. Priest.

>Yes, Marvel has had superheroes of color on screen, including Iron Man's best bud War Machine, played most frequently by Don Cheadle, and Captain America's best bud Falcon, played by Anthony Mackie. But there's never been a superhero lead like Luke Cage.
Lol comparing the movies to tv is hilatious

only a fraction of the people that watch the movies will even see this show

I live in the city it started in and its not that they are necessarily racist its just anytime anything happens to a black person now all my black friends automatically jump to that it was because they were black. They can't take anything on a person to person basis and group think about every individual.

They demand segregation and discriminatory treatment by race.
That is as racist as it gets.
Any supposed good intentions go right out of the window as they did with the Jim Crow Laws.

They view blacks as a single group rather than individuals that have a common trait.

To be fair this chick might not be part of BLM, but there's a high chance she is. I' sure there are similar elements in the larger group.

Its just easier to pull the race card than find solutions to problems. I mean racism is still an issue but there are people who will try and guilt trip others with ridiculous shit. And its easier to blame white people than try and fix a shit neighborhood for one thing

I'm just happy to live in an age when Luke Cage is even getting a TV show. Ten years ago if you'd told me that he and Danny would one day be getting shows of their own I'd have laughed. Now, my inner fanboy is nerdgasming all over. As long as its a well written show and lots of asskicking Im fine if there is a screw the man message.

I had anticipated a show with a message of a man inextricably tied to his community, cast reluctantly into the role of protector as he's the only one with the strength to expunge the poison in his community which would see the weak taken advantage of by the predatory. I hope they keep Diamondback as the initial antagonist, i can only half remember what happened concerning Luke's wife in Jessica Jones. I'd have liked them to cast a younger, less bald actor as well but this guy's alright. The new show will give him way more time to grow on me than JJ did.

Bendis pls

Long time no see, S/D!

Well, it's not a club or association that has entry barriers.
You can be part of it as soon as you like.
And that makes it a cesspool of looters, racists, authoritarian leftists and disgruntled youth on the streets.
Nobody can distance themselves or discourage destructive behavior.
There are no leaders, no gatekeepers, no course.
Just directionless anger at a complex problem and terribly misinterpreted data.

Because of this show, Marvel is finally publishing Tartakovsky's CAGE mini, so it's already 10/10.

I'm going to answer your question seriously unlike the other posters.

White people think the implication of "black lives matter" is that everyone else's lives matter less in this day and age. White people think blm is about bringing black people up while knocking others down. Is it true? That probably wasn't the intent but it certainly feels like it.

What a stupid article. I just want to see a big nigga punch hoods in the face while shouting about Sweet Christmas or where his money be at

Some basically advocate for segregation to one degree or another.

>You can't even talk about black people online without 100 white guys getting buttblasted

but keep at it though, you're just proving those BLM people right every time you open your mouth

Yes. It's likely that the police will only be adversarial while he's still an escaped con

And people claim Cred Forums is Tumblr. This is soft Cred Forums if anything. BLM activist wants to kill white people . the same but at harvard . using the riots for illegal "actions" violent "protests" at this point it's more rioting than protesting .

BLM is a Black superimacy group , even if it started by wanting to do something good .

Who in this thread is buttblasted about this show? We are all hyped. You sound retarded mate. Maybe read the thread you are bitching about. If people think racism is an "issue" in America they need to visit another country.

Damn. I never knew that.Its like that episode from Boondocks where MLK comes back.

Cherry picking.

It would have to be the main trend.

In what possible way? Fun fact, reporters have asked BLM protesters simple questions like "Why are you here, what are you hoping to change, etc" and not one could give a straight answer and instead got violent

They're not fellating a cringey article that's making Cage out to be the BLM superhero .

>battling police
... no? His enemies are gangsters and a corrupt politician.

Priest here: fuck you nigga

BLM isn't a group. It's a hashtag. Black Panthers are a group, kkk are a group. Why do retards keep saying this?

Oh so it's okay for cops to get violent, but black people just have to bend over and take it in the ass

nice logic, shithead

He's not the one claiming to be a grown up.

He'll probably fight a cop or two, that's like street capeshit 101
Because it's treated as a group.
And to be fair Black Panthers is several groups now.

>saying something mean online is just as bad as killing black people

Holy fuck grow a pair faggot. Just because someone says nigger online doesn't mean people are right for chimping out and destroying their own neighborhoods. And not everyone that disagrees with you is white you racist.

Thanks. I get it now.

Why you profiling, dog? Might be beaners behind the keyboards.

>not noogie
Nice try, user.

>Hijacked by a bunch of assholes who just feel like stirring the pot
The same could be said of most activist groups turned extremists.

Different Diamondback.

The main trend is looting and rioting. In fact it's the only trend

>Why does BLM get hate anyways?
Because they are black
Then why is Kaepernick getting so much hate? All he did was not stand during the national anthem

So it's a group and it isn't a group?

Way to twist my words jackass. They got violent, WITH THE REPORTER. Also Martin Luther King got a hell of a lot more done than these jackasses.

dude, there is no longer a main trend .
what started as a move to talk about police violence , ended up justifying said violence .
all because the wrong people piggy bagged off it to fulfill their self-proclaimed righteous agenda.

there is no longer any cherry picking , this is all of whats left , loose threads of racism .

It's nothing more than a large group of semi organized looters using peoples deaths as an excuse to commit city wide endless riots as a means to steal shit and commit acts of vandalism?

This is just a bait thread featuring a bait article

True, like any movement getting media attention