Buzz Light-year of Star Command

Mira a cute.

she is but I don't like the idea of being mindfucked though

Too bad the series ended so soon. It was really fun with a nice soundtrack.

> TFW we will never see a Mira toy incorporated into Toy Story.


This series was so badass, my only complaint is that they turned emperor zurg into a funny villian when toy story 2 established that in the buzz lightyear universe he was a feared and serious figure.

Come to think of it, hater from wander over yonder is pretty much this series zurg, and so is every "funny but threatening villian" which were so popular a while ago

>Having shit taste.
Fuck you I didn't ask for this feel.

> Mira toy believes she is the real Mira
> Keeps walking into walls when she tries going through them
> Acts jealous of Jessie
> Tries to use Woody to make Buzz jealous
> Buzz tries the "you are a toy" thing
> Believes Buzz is brainwashed

Damn. Such a missed opportunity. They should go back and continue the series, it's even like the 20th anniversary of Toy Story last time I heard or something. Would be great famalam, and they can tie in her for that 4th movie thing as well.

>No Mira toy
>No Booster toy
>Not even an XR toy

So many missed opportunities.

Like... they wouldn't even justify their existences as, say... limited-run exclusives due to the unexpected popularity of the Buzz Lightyear cartoon that didn't sell because of the overabundance of Buzz Lightyear toys causing a decline in interest overall.

You'd have a reference to a previous movie, and have them be able to act as a mirror to Woody, Jesse, Bullseye's and even Stinky Pete's situation, too.

Why wasn't this show more popular? Based on a hyper-successful franchise, talented allstar voice cast, tons of wit, fun pulp-scifi setting... delicious Nicole Sullivan voiced redhead and no shortage of hot background girls.

Plus Emperor Zurg is one of the most entertaining villains on any show.


Never seen this one.
Dick Status: BUZZED

You are now aware that this guy was voiced by Craig Ferguson


>tfw it took me 10 years to get the joke

She banged this dude, you know it to be true.

Typical, goes for the toehead.

Probably something stupid like people tuned in expecting to see "Toy Story: The Animated Series" and not a bunch of characters they've never heard of.

Although, more likely, it's because it came at the tail end of the era of "Disney Afternoon" and after-school cartoons in general and was just not really given the hype it needed/deserved. Shame, really, it was a great little toon.

A world where Dexter's driving instructor is a robot vampire

Jesus christ, I completly forgot about this show. I remeber when she gave buzz one of her psychic blasts or whatever it made me horny for the fisrst time in my life and I was very scared.

holy shit so many forgotten villains
also Craig Ferguson holy shit

yeah, it was part of the last crop of afternoon network cartoons
strange days we're in now, you basically *have* to turn to an all-cartoon channel to see western animation (that's not "edgy" and "topical" and done by someone who's overstayed their welcome)

Wish this was out on DVD or even iTunes (which I guess might be preferred if the video quality was better).

I want to rub oil on Gravitina's bald head.

We all do, user

That motherfucker gave kid me nightmares

I don't even remember them showing this in the afternoon.

All my memories of it are from watching it in the morning along with Tarzan before going to school.