Astro Boy (2009)

You know something? This movie really isn't that bad, in fact I'm finding it rather good.

If you're a stickler for sticking to original material would I recommend this? No not really.

But if you're okay with an interpretation that's very different but retains the basic heart of the original and is an enjoyable watch as long as you remember you're not getting a 'proper' adaptation of Osamu Tezuka's Astro Boy manga? Hell yeah give it a chance.

The problem with things like Dragonball Evolution is if you take them on their own merit and ignore on how well it does at adapting the source material it's still a shit movie. the 2009 CGI Astro Boy movie as a stand alone thing is pretty darn good.

I'm shit at defending this movie, I think. Maybe someone else here can do better?

*stickler for sticking to THE original material

corrected. sorry.

I will never get a sequel with Astro vs Atlas

What's wrong with it, anyway?

>This movie really isn't that bad, in fact I'm finding it rather good.
Are you high?

There I posted the only good part of Astroboy.
You can all leave now.

Why are you questioning yourself OP?

wait, was this movie from the guys who saw ratatouille?

It was okay. The Bush parody bad guy was pretty cringe worthy though. And it was kind of confused about the whole robo racism thing, since robots other than astro were still treated mostly as a joke.
It certainly wasn't terrible, but being an unfaithful adaptation is far from it's only flaw.

Yeah OP I was in awe when I first saw it I really enjoyed it, then again I didnt know anything about the original.

Nathan Lane was a fun Hamegg

I'd rather have an animated adaption of Pluto

When's the last time we've heard anything about the reboot?

nice design


Personally, I liked it when it came out, and still do to some degree. But after actually looking at the source material I can't help but look back on it as a prime example of missed opportunity. The original Astro Boy Manga and its anime adaptions were all really solid with a surprising amount of depth and emotion to them. The movie...really didn't have that; it's painfully generic in comparison and it really hurts knowing how much potential was squandered.

It's Astro Boy in name only and really should've been an expy rather then the actual thing. The Astro Boy legacy only hurts it because of how much it pales in comparison.

Read Pluto Op, its probably the best astro boy adaptation but it only covers one arc. Still a good standalone.

Imagi didn't deserve to die for this.

>The Bush parody bad guy
that was definitely my least favorite part, the flying windex had more character

It needed more Mustachio screentime.

Also there was that weird thing where they save the memorable monsters from the theme song for a "the adventure continues..." ending.

Hell yes, Pluto is amazing. Although the classic Manga itself is still a great read as well. Astro going to 'nam is one of my favorite arcs from it.

It would have been better if it wasn't an Astro Boy film. I actually don't find it that bad on it's own, but knowing what it's source material is I can't help but to be dissapointed to some degree.

Illumination acquired the rights from Tezuka Productions to do a live-action/CG adaptation of Pluto, but that was back in 2010 and there hasn't been any news on it since.

personally I think Omega Factor is overall the better adaptation

>Astro in 'nam

That shit got heavy fast. I never expected to want a crossover with Punisher MAX but here we are.

Easily my favorite take on the character, I loved pretty much everything about it. Either way if there's a sequel I'd at least like either Pluto, Duke Red, or Rock Holmes to make an appearance.

I think the movie itself is something of a 5-6/10. It's not exactly shitty, it's not spectacular, but it tried. My largest criticism is kind of nitpicky, so I'm acknowledging that I'm not really being fair in this: They didn't really get Tezuka's "star system" down.