Anyone here going?

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So like a regular comic con?

I only hope a cosplayer will go as Anne Frank.

Is Bendis the guest of honor?

How much will is cost for gentiles?

I'm sure a Cred Forumsack will show up there and try to firebomb it

One circumcision

bendis ? The comic book writer bendis ?
a guest ?

Why though?


You guys keep telling yourselves that.

Comics were mostly founded by Jews. This is like specifying "Japanese Anime"

Since when have there been Jews in Brooklyn?

>This is like specifying "Japanese Anime"
well if you were japanese, the sentence would make more sense than if you were a foreigner since they still don't have a word for western cartoons.

Lets not do this again and just praise god he is off Guardians of the Galaxy

We can only hope

Needs some Zyklon B.

I think you mean thank YWH

I'm Jewish and in the Tri-State area.



Schlep up to Brooklyn? For this? You know what car tolls or mass transit would cost!?

In all seriousness I have no interest in this. At a glance it feels specifically divisive, at the same time yeah early comic books had a ton of Jewish Influence, but as a solo venue? Make it a panel or a series of panels at multiple cons.
Jewish cosplay dance off leaked footage.

Hey guys, any requests?

I don't go to racist events, so no.

Molotov cocktail Bendis please

>jewish influence on "early" comics
>Ex Mossad agent currently runs Marvel

This is Cred Forums

I was talking about Siegel and Shuster
Looks like Marvel needs a new editior.

...Why do we need this?

Is Stan Lee going?

We don't. Conventions that separate people by race and religion should be banned

I don't think he sucks the life force out of his own

>who is Jack Kirby?

Could Ben Garrison defeat Stan Lee?

He didn't suck his life force out he just fucked him over

>he doesn't know

*fucked over his wife

Give me more memes mr. Cred Forums

>Moon Man's dad, back for round two

He's talking about Ike Perlmutter

>got a life sentence for shooting a jew
Why is Moonman so based?
Not even that much of a /polack/ but damn i love that deathsquad song

They will talk about goyim and how easy it is to make them buy shit.

As if New York wasn't full of jews already. As a swede it was shocking seeing jews since the muslims here chased them all to Israel.

>Not posting the superior version

Oh shit thanks man.

These MoonMan videos are becoming hilariously well produced.

So we are counting both heros created by jews and heros who are jews.

Also this is fucking stupid

looked it up and it seems to be more about jewish creators and their influence on comics. which, fair, it definitely exists. but it's definitely not a traditional comic con and seems more like a one day seminar

>seems more like a one day seminar
Then why call it a con
>inb4 more sheckles

I only know of Ben being a jew here. Why is Pete on here? Why Supes? In regards to their creators?

I think I hate Jewish people.

con: noun.

[ C ] informal a trick to get someone's money or make someone do what you want:
>It's a con - you get half the food for twice the price!
>a con trick


We hate you as well.

I'd say they should put Moon Knight, Songbird, and other jewish characters on there but casuals wouldn't know know who they are.

Yeah, but for jews, hating non-jews is basically a rule of their religion, while for us, hating jews is an educated opinion.

>comic convention for only jew writers/artists/editors

so the same as every other comic convention then?

What I don't get is Spidey being on there, since the character isn't Jewish and neither is Steve Ditko to my knowledge.

By "Jewish Comic Book Convention" do they mean "Comic Book Convention"?

Since when have their not been Jews in Brooklyn?


Really it took us 4 posts to get to the Bendis joke? Cred Forums you disappoint me. You should have led with that

can i come cosplay as hitler?

Someone's gotta go dressed as Ragman.

c'mon son

This feels incredibly divisive. Comics are for everyone, not just Jews. A Hong Kong Comic con would make more sense. At least they have a real market and brand.

What, are there comics with the subtitle: "A Jewish Comic"? The fuck?

Man when I think of any one ethnicity that's really underrepresented in the world of comic books it's the Jews.

Really? For me, it's:

1. Inuits
2. Native Americans
3. South-Asians (Indians, Austronesians)

Funny because I live literally right across a Jew housing complex.
>603 St Johns Place
Is that right? There's fucking nothing over there to hold a con.

Works for me.

>Comics were mostly founded by Jews. This is like specifying "Japanese Anime"

Japanese are asian.
Jewish comics creators involved in this comic-con are american.