So what did you think about the pilot?

So what did you think about the pilot?

I was very reluctant at first, but it grew on me.
At first I thought the gritty noir atmosphere would ruin it, but I think the original Tick being a parody of silver age heroes, it's only logical that this Tick would be a parody of Nolanverse and Snyder heroes.

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I enjoyed it well enough, but it was a lot more serious in tone than I like in the Tick.

That flag five execution scene totally threw me for a loop and made me more hype than I was.

i'm in the fence about the tone, i didn't found the part with Arthur and his siter interisiting or funy, but i think it helps to improve the humor in the Terror scene.
i love the acting of Peter Serafinowicz, he doesn't look that much for the part but for me the acting was spot on

The funny moments were spot on, the rest was just too dark for me. It felt like two very different shows mashed together, unsuccessfully. If it does go for a full season, I'm assuming they're going to draw out the whole is the Tick real or not thing till the very end, which would really limit the amount of wacky Tick stuff they could do.

That was really great. It was humorous but still really fucked up, both in the right amount.

Needless to say Peter Serafinowicz is great.
I like his genuine enthusiasm when moving the candlestick and then nothing happens. He's a good Tick.

I dunno senpai the villains talking about him without Arthur nearby pretty conclusively gives us the answer.

I fucking loved it. Serafinowicz doesn't look the part, but his performance is spot on. better than warburton's even. plus this really suits the original comics concept of everyone being just subtly insane

Yeah, we're in on it, but Arthur isn't and that seems to be the one of the main plot points they're setting up. Arthur is going to be constantly questioning his sanity and the Tick's existence because of his past mental issues. So to keep Arthur in the dark, they need to keep him from seeing the Tick interact with anyone.

it is nice how every version of the tick does the candlestick thing. it's a fantastic gag. i actually like it better as a coat hook

>Enough with your hot little bullets!

From that line on, I was sold. I hope it does get picked up.

Did you guys vote for it?

I liked Jean Claude Van Johnson too, but for whatever reason you could only pick one so I went with the Tick. Are they only making one and canning the other?

I really liked it, when do we know if it got picked up?

Haven't seen it yet. Mega?

I'm an idiot, I totally forgot to vote for it after watching it. Looks like the polls are closed now.

i did!
because it's free on amazon, it's harder to find that stuff, but if you can't use amazon just go to watchseries

it's free

seriously, watch it on amazon. More legit views means more likely they'll pick it up for a full season.

I didn't like it as much as JCVJ, but it's still alright. Too serious, but when it did try to be funny, the joke landed well.

I think it struck the difficult balance of being both a parody and the genuine article.

Just saw it and I liked it quite a bunch, had great storytelling and pacing, and yeah, what this guy said

>a parody of Nolanverse and Snyder heroes.

how is it in anyway that you fucking idiot? Just because you dont like them, must mean its being parodied? Goddamn it Cred Forums is getting fucking stupider by the day.

Are you literally retarded?
Parody doesn't need to be negative, you moron. And it's clearly a parody of them, with the bleak camera filters and wide shots, the violence. The night sequence when The Tick invades the storages have very similar photography to Batman Begins. The Terror scene is Snyder encompassed.
It doesn't mean it's a critique, dumbass.


there was no photography you idiot, its a movie.

and again, it is in no way a parody of those movies, unless you can find a very direct reference to them, its just an updated tick story for the modern times, stop reading more into it.


>I can't defend myself so I'm just gunna post le meme face

>>there was no photography you idiot, its a movie.
hahahaha, wow. that was close.

I found the tick himself to be funny as fuvk it took a little more time for everyone else to grow on me

>Are you literally retarded?
He's defending Snyderman, so, clearly he's gone full retard, user.

>there was no photography you idiot, its a movie.
It's it past your bedtime, child?

>doesn't know the difference between photography and cinematography

oh okay, so you saw all the principal photography then? It was shown in the movie? You can compare it directly to the Snyder and Nolan movies?

Fucking failed abortion you are

Are you done or do you need more (you)s?

>stop reading more into it
This is why you're failing English Lit, kiddo.

>so you saw all the principal photography then?
You seem upset, Dick.

>I still have no actual argument

find some real proof and not just "well it SEEMS like the Nolan and Snyder movies!"

god damn. he may have lost the tie, but dilbert did not lose the dead-on accuracy

so I'm a dick because people are comparing principal photography they have never seen, and somehow think thats enough proof to call it satire?

My sides!

>I have nothing to contribute!

>there was no photography
>so you saw all the principal photography then?
>find some real proof
>people are comparing principal photography they have never seen
>horee sheet!

I loved it, especially the weaponized syphilis mention. I hope it gets picked up.

>So what did you think about the pilot?
I'm not a fan of the new suit (although they may improve it if it goes to series); and I didn't think the guy playing The Tick was right for the part ... until he started talking.

Certainly given the choice between that and Van Johnson I didn't have a hard time going for the former.

>i didn't found the part with Arthur and his siter interisiting or funy, but i think it helps to improve the humor in the Terror scene.
yeah exactly. I'll always miss Dot as this turbonerd spinstress who actually ends up with dinosaur neil, but that whole trope is just so outdated now. no girl in a superhero thing would ever be that dowdy, and they couldn't have a paunchy Arthur.

>So what did you think about the pilot?

It was pretty good. Felt a lot less like coworkers in a bar after work that the old live action show did.

Serafinowicz was bit small to be the Tick and the suit looked like it was about ready to rip apart even despite that, but he hit the voice/character perfectly.

Arthur was a pretty big departure from prior versions where he was pretty much the sober straight man, but he had promise.

Would like to see more episodes. Solid/10

I really liked it. I thought it was funny and over-the-top in a very comic book way. Arthur's actor was actually really good.
Tick's voice is great.
Do we know when more is coming out?

>Serafinowicz was bit small to be the Tick
it's that round little face of his. he's actually 2 inches taller than pat warburton. a full glorious 6'5" of spit-and-polish. but damn if he doesnt LOOK short.
and if you're going to give him the eye-belows, go ahead and give him the nosebridge piece too. it'll take 20 extra seconds every morning in the makeup chair to glue on.

>Terror scene is Snyder encompassed.

How exactly? Doesn't really feel like Snyder to me, if anything the mood feels like a Daredevil TV show/Nolanbat vibe.

"HA HA HA, Go tell it on a mountain..." *BOOM*

Suit may be a bit meh, but that's the Tick no question.

who the fuck is snyder
all this time i've been mentally substituting nolan when i heard it

Zack Snyder, director of such masterpieces as Watchmen, Sucker Punch, Man of Steel, and Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

>Arthur was a pretty big departure from prior versions

Not at all.

oh yeah.
i just think that guy is the same as nolan, and i will continue to

I think giving him a bit more grounding on why he wants to be a hero is a good step.

Dot is also a nice change than just being around.

Screw you, he didn't sound enough like a Ninja Turtle!

I don't really see why people do, their styles aren't really similar at all.

The whole grey dusty cement set with the destruction is very similar to Man of Steel.

yeah previously his desire to be a hero was basically played as an early midlife crisis kinda thing

doesn't help that I didn't actually SEE bvs, and don't plan to.. and only saw man of steel once, have no desire to see that again
didnt see dark knight returns for that matter. caught bits of it here and there, it sucked.

It was the best of the Amazon pilots. I am looking forward to a full season of it.

Watched it with zero expectations, was pleasantly surprised.

As most have said, Peter Serafinowicz is awesome and his acting is great. I rewatched the episode later just for his monologues, totally captured the Tick's essence.

Plus, I think the Tick/Arthur dynamic is great, which bodes well for future episodes.

so whats the best way to collect all the tick comic?

It was fantastic, really hope Amazon picks it up, would possibly sway me to get an account with them.

Did not like it all

>stop reading more into it
he wasn't reading it, he was watching it

It has everything but the visuals down pat, but he visuals are fucking awful. The costumes are some of the cheapest shit I've ever seen and are just terrible from a design perspective. Also, while the actor that plays the Tick can do his voice rather well he lacks both the physique and the stature needed to be the Tick.

So was that the Caped Wonder that came from the Tunguska event?

He ain't buff enough, that's why I didn't like it when it was revealed to be live action.

>This video isn't available due to geographical licensi
blah blah blah

The pilot doesn't know if it want to be serious or insane comedy. But overall i like it and want it to be a real show

I'll suck someone's dick if we get a live action chairface out of this.

It's possible they'll make the other pilot anyways. Niko and the Sword of Light lost pilot season a couple of years ago, but got picked up for a full series a year later anyway.

What a timely thread

All three shows just got picked up.