"Boneitis is a severe bone disease that is fatal if uncured or untreated. At first it is barely noticeable...

"Boneitis is a severe bone disease that is fatal if uncured or untreated. At first it is barely noticeable, but the bones of the affected person will eventually suddenly twist and break."

Lets have a thread about fictional, Cred Forums related illnesses and diseases!

I always thought it'd be cool to have Three Stooges Syndrome.
I'd be completely indestructible!

Well actually the slightest breeze could


I wonder what hysterical pregnancy is like...

Legacy Virus

Salmonella Fitzgerald

Huh, kinda sounds like that old singer, Ella Fitzgerald...


>not naming it "The Station Fire"

calmly exiting the building in an orderly manner never seemed so important to me until I watched that video. Finest fire safety I have never seen, goddamn

the blue shadow virus!

My social life

OP said FICTIONAL diseases, user.


His love life then.

Paul Bunyan disease

In regards to Cred Forums, for all we know STDs are fictional.


Bend over and I'll show you exactly what thats like, fuckboy.

Good job.

Transformers' Hate Plague.
Fictional, yet the internet makes it seem so real.


Boneitis is real; my great-uncle's mailman's cousin's hairdresser's step-father's dog-walker died from it.

I don't get colds. I get the Suds

>no mention of monkey nucleosis yet

you're all doomed

>neurofibromatosis type I

*couch cough* uuuugughghhghg


Futurama had a bunch;
Simpson's Jaundice, Garfield syndrome, Muppet Gangrene, Yetiism, Circusitis, African Hydraulic Fever, Hypermalaria...

How about a STD that gives you a slight fever, but makes you look gorgeous and sexy? I mean sure in couple of years you'll spontaneously self-combust and die, but who wants to hang on small details like that?

i still joke about that shit with my friends

Yeah, it did didn't it? Man, I miss Futurama, but I suppose it was best for it to end while it did, lest it go the way of The Simpsons and Family Guy.

it had a few rough patches in the post-cancellation seasons, but the last two episodes are perfect and a blessing in my book.
really wrapped it up nicely.

I mean, I thought it was a nice ending and all, but it's always been a bit depressing to me, mainly due to the fact that so much uncertainty is left at the end. Like, does this mean that the same exact events will happen over and over again (similar to in the episode where they use the time forwatd machine), or is it possible that Fry may never get trapped in the cryo chamber so none of that will ever happen, or certain other key events may never transpire, or atleast in the same way they orginally did. It just didn't really have all that much closure, ya know?

Even so, it certainly was a fitting ending for the series, if nothing else.

It just means you think you're pregnant when you're not and it's all psychosomatic.

that's what i assume, that it all happens again the same way, maybe a few inches lower. then again, there was that alt-demension that hinged on a flip of a coin, so there might be other timelines for universe A.
it was just a joke for you to rewatch the series again, like that pink floyd album where the end is at the beginning.

I feel you tho.

I think of the sponge treatment every single time I wash the dishes

The worst one

Does it give a you a dick big enough to squash a tomato?

How do machines get diseases? Mechanical bacteria?

Man, they were lucky they all weren't quarantined and purged with fire, weren't they?

The disease that infects children of all ages


The Futurama is over, so Futurama world is effectively over and stuck in loop, because we will always just watch re-runs forever. It's sort of a meta-metaphor, I guess.

Unless it's reborn again.

NIDS was always one of those terrifying things. Fucking Penders, now we will never know if Buns survived or if the Moebian Eggman found a cure.

Or, if they were ever gonna go the "Hope gets NIDS" route.


The fucking Clown episode from Dexter's lab gave me nightmares


>Unless it's reborn again.
Don't even joke about that.
Nothing good will come from it.


I had a dream I had head-pigeon once.

He set it to go back before he made the device, so yeah. Every event up to that would remain the same.

That's one way to lose weight