How does Cred Forums display floppies? I have a few books Id like to have out...

how does Cred Forums display floppies? I have a few books Id like to have out, but I dont want to make/buy individual frames for them like in pic related.
>buying floppies


Buy a comic rack?

>I have that same star wars VHS set

A rack would be cool, but im also looking for something I could put up on a wall. I want to fill up some blank space

>Framing $2 comics
The fuck is wrong with people..

Maybe it's a comic that means a lot to them? I know a guy who framed the first comic he ever bought.

Yes, because framing photos (which are literally free) makes much more sense.


I bag/board them and shove them in a short box.

do you remember what it was?

I think I have the first comic that actually got me interested in comics. While vacationing at my grandparents house watching tv. My dad walks in from the store and hands me Geoff John's Teen Titans #9. Great issue. Robin, Kid flash, Beast Boy, and Wondergirl take the Batmobile for a joyride. I loved the tv show, but I didnt know anything about the comics. Neither did he, he just picked it up because he saw the title, but still. Teen Titans is still my favorite.
Thanks user, I think I will put that comic on display

I don't frame mine, I don't even bag and board them except for a few older ones like Master of Kung Fu and 2001 since they've been handled more than the rest of them

I don't have any on display. I mean you expose them to more light that way. I don't think it's a good idea personally although it does look cool.

on my coffee table

I remember a thread about a guy who displayed all the 0 issues during DC 0 month. He was asking people to pick which comics went where.
I had to leave before I saw the finished product.
Anyone remember that or better have a photo?

what do you mean?

Nostalgic as fuck

He bought every "Issue 0" comic from that 0 month DC did. Then framed them all and put them on his wall but got Cred Forums to decide what comic went where.

I've seen hanging display sheet things, kind of like a continuous wallpaper/panel of connected bags (minus boards). Not sure what they're called though.

I need some frames and one more comic, but I want to hang up a polybagged copy of Death of Superman, each starting issue of Reign of the Supermen, and the Superman Wedding Album.

I've seen a few people buy this shit and screw it into the wall to hold them.

I forget exactly what it's called but you can get it from a hardware store.

The first comic I ever got (that I can recall) was Don Rosa's supreme masterpiece The Beagle Boys vs. the Money Bin

The issue should still be at my parent's. I should totally frame it if I can find it.


Mine was this issue of Advanced DnD.
I know I still have it around somewhere, but I ruined it because I thought one of the girls was really hot so I cut out her every panel with her in it.

My friend uses book display stands for some of his comics

it's a ledge i think