Captain Zhao

>Captain Zhao
>Its Commander now

Why was he so smug about getting demoted

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Because he knew if he sounded smug enough while saying it, people wouldn't realize he got a lower rank.

The writers didn't know/the Fire Nation has a different ranking system.

A century of inbreeding and genetic stagnation in the home islands along with a systematic education campaign of misinformation and cultural brainwashing devoted to stamping out original or subversive thought has resulted in a current officer class of the Fire Nation navy and armed forces that can charitably be described as fucking retarded.

Or alternatively the writer didn't know much about the chain of command.

Commander sounds more impressive than Captain so the writers thought it was a higher rank.

>Because he knew if he sounded smug enough while saying it, people wouldn't realize he got a lower rank

Maybe Commander is like a Commodore in the Fire Nation. You know, 'Commanding' multiple ships/fleets, etc.

Why did Ozai keep promoting him when he was the only person in the world more incompetent than Zuko?

>It seems I've been promoted to Admiral.

>My request is now an order.

Well, he *did* kill the moon spirit, so that is something.

I thought a Commander outranked a Captain

The closest I can find online is that he was a commander and was promoted to admiral.

No, it's one rank below.

>he punched a fish

When Zuko first meets Zhao in The Southern Air Temple he calls him "Captain Zhao", Zhao corrects him and tells him that he is a commander now.

So did bryke and the rest of the writers, apparently

This is the funniest and therefor it is canon.

Did Zhao get the worst ending?

Zhao was in Korra?

>clip clearly shows Zhao appearing in Korra

no, he wasn't user. you're hallucinating

I just briefly glanced at it m8.
That's kind of neat, only watched the first season but I would have figured I would have seen it mentioned somewhere in all the Avatar threads there are.

do you think rear admiral zhao would have sounded better?

That's fucking dark holy shit I need to watch korra

>you're hallucinating

In military parlance he would be addressed as admiral regardless of which admiral

admiral zhao would have sounded too cool for this asshole

I like to think Zhao will eventually get out of there and move on, reincarnation and what not.

Eternal punishment is one of those things that not even the absolute worst deserve.

jean rousseau get back in your grave, I know its you

> applying backwards ass american military ranks for made-up fantasy land rules

>backwards ass american military ranks

it's standard military ranks for all nations

>fantasy land rules

which has basis in real life.

Sorry, try again.

NATO anyways

but other countries dont stray very far

He can escape, if he manages to conquer his inner fears and accepts that nobody will ever remember him and that he will never capture the avatar.

he went from captain of one ship to commander of a whole fleet

>That's kind of neat
It was actually the best callback Korra ever had, because not only did it fill out the unmarked fate of Zhao they used it to establish the episode threat for that plot. Everything else was basically Member Berries.

>He went insane and constantly refers to himself as Zhao the Conquer, repeating how he killed a fish over and over
>The only thing he ever thinks about now is JUST killing the avatar

>Captain Zhao!
>It's private now
>Damn his smug face, how does he keep getting all these promotions?

>A century of inbreeding
I difn't think that was formally instituted until the reign of Fire Lord Zuko the First, Oedipus Rex.

Possibly, they were based on Japanese naval rankings, where Commander outranks Captain.

My dad is a civilian who works with the military and he once told a Colonel that he refuses to recognize that he outranked Captain America.

From what period?

Same reason Commander Cody outranks Captain Rex in Star Wars.

>"I remember when marriage was between a mother and a son!"
Angry Fire National, 200 ASC

They talk about that in one comic, the president makes cap a colonel or a major, but let's him keep the title of Captain since it's so inspiring or whatever

You must be feeling really dumb

So eternal punishment for him then


BTFO rankings

>Earth Queen

Koh's a dick.
You don't facerape a guy's waifu because his predecessor was too good at her job