It's a shame this show was censored so much...

It's a shame this show was censored so much. It was still good in spite of the censorship but it could have been even better without so many unnecessary restrictions. For Pete's sake, Spider-Man wasn't even allowed to throw punches!

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I feel the same, this show would have been absolutely based if that got rid of all that censorship crap. I'm glad they brought Chris Barnes back to do Peter's voice in Marvel Heroes. By far the best Peter ever.


Plasma is located in the blood, which means Morbius was actually sucking blood through his hands. I found it a clever way to get passed the censor


>I'm glad they brought Chris Barnes back to do Peter's voice in Marvel Heroes. By far the best Peter ever.

Definitely better than Drake Bell...

A million times better, also his VA work on Superior is perfect.

Morbius will always be one of my favorite characters

>jazz hands

I knew it was gonna be censored because US laws, but a lot of the guidelines didn't make any sense.

>Spider-Man is not allowed to harm pigeons

GOAT adaptation of Hobgoblin, especially considering it's Macendale, the worst Hobgoblin in the comics.


>>Spider-Man is not allowed to harm pigeons
Wait, was this an actual thing?

At least they got Barnes to do the role here and there.

I'm still sore Marvel was petty enough to blacklist Keaton.

Specifically, he wasn't allowed to land on any of them.

Oh, and no one can be thrown through windows.

Think about it like this, Spider-Man is so good, he beat his villains without even punching them.

The censorship in that show was bizarre. Like, he couldn't punch, but he was allowed to kick.

If I remember correctly, he did punch the Lizard in the first episode, but they were underwater and you couldn't really see it.

You know what would be awesome? A director's cut. Get them all to come back and remake the show how it was originally intended to be and put it up on Netflix.

No, Peter kicked Lizard and Lizard punched Peter. The villains were allowed to punch if I remember correctly.

Batman wasn't allowed to break windows either. Makes sense, I broke enough shit as a kid

Why was punching not allowed yet kicking is perfectly okay?
A good kick hurts more than a punch I'm talking out of my own experience, so I could be wrong about that though.

America has strange standards in regard to censorship. The laser guns were cool though.

For the most part it was him swinging from a web while he did it, which would be hard for most kids to reenact unless they just hang out near trees with ropes hanging from them.

And that scenario just raises more questions than it answers.

Honestly, with regular thugs at least, he doesn't have to. His strength, durability, reflexes, and webbing make for easy, harmless takedowns. I would think he'd need to punch some supervillains, though.

Kids are short so kid kicks are ineffective. Punches can end up in your balls

When was this? Not BTAS, right? That show had guns, drugs, and kind of a lot of violence. I can't imagine he never jumped through a window or threw someone through one, but I don't remember any specific instances of it happening.

Apparently the source is Bruce Timm's book and the picture is from early development. They might have been able to win some changes

*Paul Dini, drawn by Timm

What kind of orgy involves religion and underaged boys? Are Batman, Joker and/or Catwoman catholic or something?

my only complaint is he kind of turned jesusy at the end, but its still a shame it got canceled

Wait why did they b& Young Ocelot? What did he do to them?

What they lacked in practical action, they made up for storylines and acting.

Like Carnage vs those army guys. He wasn't doing anything super serious, but just the implication that he was toying with you was enough to scare little me to the point where I wanted to see more.

Or when Spidey lost his cool at the bell tower with the black suit and got all sinister.

I have no idea what you are talking about

when they got someone else to do spider-man for their latest cartoon, he went over and landed a role with DC doing Black Spider for one of their cartoons, who he just played as Peter Parker but on the villain's side.

apparently that was a big enough deal to burn their brides

No, it was him talking about doing the voice for EMH but getting dubbed over by Drake. He was genuinely shocked and mentioned it, but not maliciously.

Then a shitstorm brewed and Keaton had to tell people to calm down since it happens all the time in business. But I guess Marvel didn't like the bad PR. Now you don't see him getting to do voice roles after 2011.

That's not what happened. You know that episode of EMH with Peter Parker in it? That was originally Josh Keaton, who actually went in there to do all the lines. But prior to the season airing they cast their new Peter Parker for Ultimate Spider-Man and Drake Bell voiced over Josh's lines. Keaton complained about it on facebook saying how he was disappointed to find out the day the episode came out. Disney's jimmies were rustled that he told people.

Well thats just silly.

I guess it was DC trying to do a neat little meta joke.

The show was done by the same people who did Spectacular Spider-Man if I remember correctly.

>They might have been able to win some changes

Judging by the fact they were realistic looking guns like the one in the picture on the show, yeah looks they did.

>show was censored
>Spider-Man wasn't even allowed to throw punches!
I can't believe i never noticed this, like its so amazing that it sounds fake

Spider-Man is always hit with these weird censorships and guidelines.

I remember how in the live-action movie being produced in the 80's the studio didn't have enough money to webswinging, so they wrote around by having him do it once and determine it is too taxing and difficult, and then Spider-Man would take cabs and car rides for the rest of the movie. In the script there's actually a scene where the ticking time bomb is that Doctor Octopus is about to activate a doomsday machine and Spider-Man is caught in a traffic jam.

At least censorship isn't as bad as it used to be. We get glass broken all the time (even Spectacular Spidey had a joke about defenestration) and realistic guns. Sure, Beware the Batman had censored guns, but that was a freak incident and that show still got away with a lot more shit.

>That episode where those kids hide Batman from the Penguin
>Not child endangerment

That sounds kinda funny.

my favorite thing is that according to the sony leaks, it's okay for Spider-Man to smoke, drink, and sell drugs if he's wearing the symbiote

I don't recall realistic guns in Spectacular, I remember guns that fired giant staples
Beware was going to be the first one in a long time to have real guns (and give them to alfred of all people), then another school shooting put the kibosh on that
we really need to start preemptively killing bullies so this school shooting shit can stop and we can have our guns in cartoons

The symbiote suit does not permit R rated language or fucking lolis

hey, he got paid.

There's a movie I'd watch.

My communications professor actually wrote "The Final Nightmare", I've been meaning to ask him more about the series but I can't think of any good questions.

>which would be hard for most kids to reenact unless they just hang out near trees with ropes hanging from them.
Looks like someone didn't have a tree in their backyard


You now read the following lines in TAS Peter's voice
>"Selling heroin pays much better than making photos for Jonah, that's for sure. .
>Hopefully I can make enough to provide for Aunt May AND take Mary Jane on a date."

>Peter is the one who sold Harry the drugs he OD'd on
>and Norman finds out

>Kingpin is pissed off because black suit Spider-Man corners his drug market and actually starts missing heroic Spider-Man as he was less of a nuisance

He knows that if he can pull off a Perfect then he can FRIENDSHIP his rogues instead of killing them.

>I don't recall realistic guns in Spectacular, I remember guns that fired giant staples

I was talking about Spidey having broken glass, but Spectacular had the cops using real guns with laser guns. They mixed out with the staple guns and some thugs using spiky bullets, which honestly would've been worse than regular ones.

>Beware was going to be the first one in a long time to have real guns

Brave and the Bold had real guns, but didn't really delve into that often. Watch any episodes with mobsters or that one scene where Dr. Polaris control fired bullets.

*using real guns with laser sound effects

>putting the fucking Punisher on a cartoon where Spidey couldn't even punch a foe

>> Spider-Man wasn't even allowed to throw punches!
Yeah Ik. I used to spaz out about that as Kid. There was one ep tho where he punched scorpion out of nowhere which was nice


forgot the booze

Only punch I remember was when he was fighting The Spot. I guess it didn't count cuz he punched one of the Spot's portals so his fist came out of the portal near Spot's jaw.

>its ok to shoot people with lasers but not bullets




I was 13 when the show came out and couldn't stand it. It wasn't the censorship or the sloppy animation that turned me off, it was the god-awful voice direction and pacing. It was fucking amateur hour. Like a shitty anime dub.

No, the guns in Spectacular shot Spike balls.

He punched Chameleon.

>He hated the TAS va.

I can understand the other complaints, but come on now. TAS had the best voices.

It wasn't the voices that were bad, it was the pacing. Everybody read their lines too quickly and nothing flowed naturally. With better direction, the same voice cast could have done a much better job. But the show was always trying to cram too much into a 22 minute show.

That's one reason why it's a great show. It followed the narrative pace of the original comics instead of the decompressed "three issues for a one-issue story" fluff we get today. I appreciate that the episodses were packed with action from beginning to end.

>A million times better, also his VA work on Superior is perfect.

Exactly how I imagined his voice while reading Superior. Love Chris.

>in the italian version he was called the Avenger

>Looks like someone didn't have a tree in their backyard
Not after watching Spider-Man I didn't.

I don't remember what they called him in our dub, but I figure his name would sound retarded if they tried to translate it literally.

>El Castigador

>That show had guns, drugs, and kind of a lot of violence.

Everyone used tommy guns though, because normal handguns weren't allowed.

Foreignanons, is there any other dub apart from the German that just didn't give a crap and reverted this back to BLOOOOOD?

It was "Der Vollstrecker" (The Enforcer) in Germany, while the comics at the time called him Bestrafer, which is the literal translation, but sounds like he was going around and sending criminals on the naughty step.

When I watched it I thought its normal fighting style for Spider-man. All on dodge, agility and web.
As I remember in russian dub he shouted "Plasma!" too. But it was giving me a extra creeps. I knew that plasma is a part of blood and thought that he could separate blood by hands was really disturbing.

>kicks can't end up in your balls

They had hand guns in the opening sequence.

I imagine the heroes fighting styles are the same as they are in the Capcom fighting games.

>We wont get a directors cut on Netflix where we get to see how this show was meant to be.
>It wont be a hit.
>We wont get a continuation on Netflix.
>We wont find out what happens to MJ.
>We wont get to see which stories they decide to adapt next.
>We wont get more X-Men TAS/Spidey TAS crossovers.
>Barnes wont be the official voice for Peter.

Life isn't worth living.

This show was a good superhero cartoon but it was an excellent horror cartoon.

>That episode where Spider-Man teams up with Blade to murder Blade's mom.

This show had bizarre standards.

Not the ones that cops use.

Punches look more violent.

Explain this shit.

but FOX wasn't interested in making a better show

they were interested in selling toys, specifically those which would be advertised in the breaks on FOX Kids, and in 1994 Marvel was in no position to argue either with FOX or with its ad partners

laser punch.



>could have been even better without so many unnecessary restrictions
Not necessarily. A lot of the time working with restrictions brings a lot more creativity out of people.

At first, I used to make fun if TAS Spidey for being roided out, but then I realized he was based on Romita's Spidey, who was pretty buff.

What's the deal with there not being a single working torrent for 60s Spider-Man?
I can find every other series even though I've bought most of them, I just like digital copies but not 60s Spidey.
Is it just that no one is interested?

Can we another cartoon with adult peter please.

Bonus points if Chris voices

Not in this case.

Eh, some of them worked, like the laser guns.

No, its universal.
But this is a show with a lot of weak terms, so it adds up.

A lot of the stuff, like the wrestling throws did add a lot to the show.
Or the web swing kicking

I honestly think it improved the quality of the show, because all the fights became convoluted.

Hevneren(Revenge/Avengment) was a great character.
I really loved the dubs for this show, because there was huge efforts done to avoid it being a Engrish dub, with US words everywhere

I agree on the Laser guns. Or the Space Lasers.
Or when the weird future gear would sneak into a normal 90s scene.

>Only punch I remember was when he was fighting The Spot

I think BS&P permitted that one and only punch solely because it set up a solid zinger.

>"Well, that HIT THE SPOT!"


Yea, but he doesn't get royalties when it re-airs.

those suckers were creepy when I was a kid

probably caused my leech phobia

Brazilian dub used "Plasma".


>Eh, some of them worked, like the laser guns.

I disagree. Stuff like cops using laser guns looked completely out of place.

I liked how the cops had laser guns. I mean in a world filled with fantastical villains you'd need something just as fantastical to stand a chance.

>we can't have a vampire biting people and sucking blood, that's too scary for kids
>lets give him some kind of horrible lamprey hands instead

Odd how Unlimited was untouched. He punched people regularly in that show.

Ask him why the fuck they had so many episodes with "Chapter X: Part 4" in the title.


Yeah, but Unlimited was shit.

It did have a great artstyle and a sick theme song though.

Can't deny that. The intro was badass. That show's original two concepts could would have been great though.

It was the 90s.
Frank got a free pass back then