Whomp Update

Whomp Update

I know what you're thinking. I'm just going to occupy a perfectly good seat for longer than is socially acceptable. Well, how else am I supposed to tackle their infinity challenge? Besides, Ronnie only goes to a public eating place after he has calculated the statistically least busy time. This reduces both the strain on employees, and his own chance of being forced into societal interaction.

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Well shit. What lengths would you go to be left the fuck alone?

I find that being an asshole to most people is an easy and effective way to ensure they leave you alone.

A Hatsune Miku lamp iand a stack of moeblob manga is a good start I'd say
I mean unless you're at an anime con

I typically stay home, pay my rent and bills on time, and while I'm friendly, I don't go to events I'm invited to. Eventually people stop asking, but are still on mostly good terms. No blow back from retards who think you're just being an asshole, but I mostly get left alone.

Feels good man.

Why not just order delivery by phone or online instead, instead of showing up to a restaurant in person?

How do you order unlimited soup and bread sticks?

So Ronnie may be a fat manchild but he can also be a scary, intimidating man

When I go out, I calculate every room for the vector of least possible eye contact and make my seat there. I doubt anyone would actually want to talk to my ugly ass, but no use taking chances.

Ah, but every anti-social white guy has a non-zero chance of being/becoming a serial killer.

I can't decide if I like salad or not because I just realized that I only like it with tons of dressing and cheese. Does that still count or am I a fattie?

>anger the Ronnie
>he gets up, apprraches you, and gets you in a bear hug
>after seven seconds this counts as him 'wearing' you and you are transmogrified into a hawaiian shirt

I have pretended to be deaf once by making random hand signs

You're fat, but keep eating greens because it'll make your meat poops easier.


No, you turn it into a fat delivery vehicle with all that dressing and cheese.

I spend two hours in the bathroom when I shower, because it's the only way I can get away from it all and not have to worry about anyone bothering me. Usually I just let the water run while I sit on the floor and read.

Ronnie needs to make time to read Dr. Slump. He'd learn a lot about drawing faster by how it evolves.

But salad is good. Especially with super bad for you dressing.

Not with cheap shitty iceberg lettuce it doesn't. Might as well just eat casserole.

>Be socially awkward
>Make random hand signs to avoid interaction
>Accidentally summon Gamabunta, the Chief Toad of Mount Myƍboku, destroying the restaurant

Don't waste water. Just pretend your taking a shit.

That toad is very choosy. He wouldn't be summoned by accident.

Non shit libraries have study rooms you can use for like a few hours at a time if you're just gonna read.

Olive Garden salad is better than their soup. Ronnie's a fag. It doesn't count as salad when it's unlimited and you can make the guy put as much cheese on it as you want.

This. If you're gonna let the shower run, at least stand/sit under the water. That's good comfort you're wasting.

That's how samurai meditate after a battle, too.

Very true! Indulge your weeaboo urge at the same time.

If the water isn't running then I can hear people if they try to talk to me.
I do that sometimes. Usually about an hour of my time in there is spent under the water, then it starts to get too cold.

I've seen someone called out on that once. Made my night

Play music, dummy. Weeb music adds another layer of repulsion anyway.

Tried it. Get yelled at for "not listening."

>implying Gamabunta would even show up

>Get yelled at for "not listening."
that's rough dude. i take it the people in question have you by the balls financially?
you gotta start thinking like a serf. if you aren't making your own money, it's their world and you're being allowed to live in it. Being bothered and spending time listening to them is your job. it'll get easier.

if that isn't the case, man the fuck up and lay down the law. you will not be yelled at in your own fucking house.

.>In which Whomp becomes a cosmic horror story
>I mean, more so than usual

The Miku lamp really makes this.


I was a NEET for over a year after highschool.
I only left the house once a week when it was either night time or when everyone was at work/school.





Stare like you've been to Vietnam and smile as though any measure of mirth brings you physical pain.
Its what I do.

someone needs to edit menacing in

>He wouldn't be summoned by accident.
That's how Naruto first summoned him. Pour enough chakra into it an he'll come if he wants to or not.

>get shot by gangstas

Obviously they would have to send a delivery driver every thirty minutes with a resupply until you tell him that you're full.


I dunno man the zuppa tuscana is pretty fuckin good

this picture is perfect for edits


Going to see this on /aco/ soon.

Salad is even better without any dressing or cheese. Completely plain and natural.

I wonder how much sucks this type of restaurant IRL

I swear to god he draws a lot of panels just so someone will crop and use them as reaction pics. Almost every strip has a panel that works as a reaction pics as it is



your wrong, it wasnt an accident since naruto already made a blood contract with the toads

>tch, Kisama...


so, what's the saddest Whomp has ever been?

>insists there's nothing outside that could possibly be scarier than real life
>sees another iteration of himself

Legitimately the scariest thing I can imagine.

That's weird. I find that I'm alone a lot regardless of how I act.

Me too. Which lately has made me begin to seriously examine if I really am just an asshole.

I don't think I am, at least not completely, but I need to figure out what parts of me are bad for others.

maybe people just hate you for no reason.

Maybe. I can't really pull a Ronnie here though, I have to really know someone before I can bring myself to hate them.

So far that's my parents. For quashing all my childhood attempts to be normal.

oh man, until somebody who uses ASL sees it. Thats irresistible trollbait.

It's probably autism. No one can love an autist

My older brother is autistic and got all the attention and care and resources. I strongly suspect that I am also slightly autistic, but since I was less abnormal, I got treated as normal, and was expected to be normal.

Things didn't really work that way.

Pro tip Olive Garden is fucking garbage.

That's funny. I'm a fat fuck but I get my salads with no dressing because it covers up the taste of the veggies.

noone goes to an "all you can eat" place for good food.

Actually gamabunta came because he thought it was the other guy...his teacher who's name escapes me at te moment

JL8 actually does this. Whomp does not. I barely have 88 Whomp reaction pics saved, and I save every one I see.

Dude needs an SSD to put his pagefile on, and a hugeass pagefile.

always wanted to do that to bums that ask for money

Posting for Ronnie.