If you could only read comics from one publisher for the rest of your life, which one would you choose?

if you could only read comics from one publisher for the rest of your life, which one would you choose?

Marvel, unfortunately, because I made a promise to follow ASM until the day I die.

Would DC technically also include vertigo?


Marvel, they have the characters that I care about.


IDW because I'm a huge fucking faggot for transformers


Big picture in mind? Marvel, soon the SJW trend will die and it will go back to business as usual again. Also, I have this same problem.


Aquaman, Mera, Wally, Supes.

The whole gang is there.

Marvel, I guess, because of their elements and story lines I like. One publisher, not one publisher's current works, so I guess that frees me up to read the stuff that was better than most of what they're making now.

This seems to be a good place to ask, but does DC have anything like SHIELD, in that there's plot lines involving a large organization of secret agents fighting other secret organizations and terrorist groups? Do they have a Nick Fury figure in any way? And I don't mean in the way he interacts with the heroes, I mean genuine spy adventures.

Does this include old comics, or just new ones?

I would assume it only limits you to the publisher, not the era.

Dark Horse

Mignolaverse and Hellboy + BPRD can pretty much go on for at least another decade if they want to

DC. I don't care for Marvel and the better companies don't put out enough.

Then DC, easy. Ignoring all the apparently-good runs I've yet to read, The Question is my favorite comic ever.

Dark Horse comes in a pretty close second.

I have bad news for you, user...

Why are you trying to start company wars?

company wars mean there are two sides, Fantagraphics is too shit to get in one :^)

You're whats wrong with the comic industry

Spidey is my favorite superhero too but i could care less about the rest of the Marvel Universe. I would choose DC and say farewell to Spidey simply because I love DC's characters as a whole, as a universe much more and I would have so much variety to read throughout my lifetime.

Your post is a bigger shitpost and more retarded than either of the other posts combined.

>soon the SJW trend will die

It's only going to get worse once Shillary is President.

How so?

Easy. Valiant.

Easily DC. Especially if that includes every imprint of theirs.

Why fuck DC then.
>Dat relative genre variety.

>Spider-Man will never be a DC property.

Life isn't worth living.

>Following characters instead of creators

Probably a manga publisher.

Life would be complete if Spider-Man was a DC property. Marvel who?

Either IDW for Transformers, or Archie because Sonic and Jughead.

>liking IDW for Transformers and not for best TMNT.

This. You get new material, reprints of old and foreign works.

DC no contest cause you also get dat Vertigo.

Well guys, you can just hate all you want but this Cred Forumsmrade does not go back on his promises.

probably image or first second, judging by the majority of my collection

So what, the OP Image is supposed to make me like Johns?

I just care about Young Animal, and aside from Gerard Way himself, Dan and Jim were the higher-ups supporting the project.

For better or worse, I'd pick DC.
Second place goes to Dark Horse.

Just remember that when you see Harley Quinn out selling Batman, cause they sure as hell ain't buying that comic for the ground breaking writing.

DC has the cutest girls. I need my fap material.