OTP Thread

Rev up those ships Cred Forums, and fill this thread with truest love.

I miss when these weren't a thing


Is there really not enough shipping in /sveg/ for you?

Can crossover ships be a thing, too? I've got a thing for Spidey and Felicia... the catgirl from Darkstalkers.

Zero art of it out there. Shit kinda sucks.

Always and 4evuh



Like, I rambled on and on about it last time there was a crossover ship thread, but still...

Felicia's whole thing is that she is literally the nicest character out of the entire Darkstalkers cast, despite being more than capable of shredding someone's unfortunate ass to ribbons. She's part of an extremely popular all catgirl music group, and funded the construction of Felicity House, an orphanage. She's all about helping kids and those unable to defend themselves, which would definitely be a common point she and Spidey would have.

She also faces discrimination, abuse, and misunderstandings the likes that the Daily Bugle would eagerly capitalize on, yet just soldiers on through it all, not unlike a certain friendly neighborhood wallcrawler.

Honestly, Peter would probably feel like she's too good for her, but Felicia being Felicia, well... she wouldn't have any of that. She'd probably work real hard to help Peter work past that guilt complex of his, and give the guy the happiness he's earned several times over.

The fact that she's more than capable of taking care of herself and others, and again, is the NICEST (cat)GIRL EVER, is just icing on the delicious, delicious cake.

Y'all can pry this ship from my gnarled fingers over my dead body, is what I'm saying.

Shipping has never not been a thing, it was just called something else.

I've been meaning to update this, but I'm a few short of a 6x6.

Rec me some good (or bad, I don't factor in taste) non-cape ships I haven't seen a billion times.

So, basically, Felicia is best catgirl.

Your double dubs have me convinced, at least.


I can dig it.

I used to ship hildy with her husband until her mom was introduced

best couple

Should have been endgame.

Eh, maybe with Finn's early characterization. He was at his worst when he was a hormonal as fuck 13 year old. He's gotten better, but eh... Dunno if him having a girlfriend is the best thing, right now.

That episode was fantastic. I'm pretty disappointed that they never did anything else with those two.

best AT

Been falling for Aang/Azula and Ty Lee/Zuko lately.

that sounds a bit out there

Shame that Hirsch never did anything with the two of them.


What's that show on the bottom between Invader Zim and Billy and Mandy and is there a mega/whatever of it?

China, IL

Thanks dawg

>Can crossover ships be a thing, too?


Shipping Clark with just about anyone is surprisingly easy.

I'm a bit of a degenerate.




Nah, everyship is still sailing strong, Mewni is a Polygamy society.

Brother / sister love is the best

>tfw the only person who didn't ship hater with wander

I ship myself with leni

It's going to happen, Cred Forums, and there's nothing you can do to stop it. Shirofags BTFO soon.

Given how obnoxious and plain old retarded and annoying the fanbase for this pairing is? I'm glad it never happened.


I like shipping villains x villains.


I'll bite. Who?

Wow I didn't even know there were hetero ships for that show.

Yeah. Space mom and space dad on tumblr apparently.


gretchen and aurelian from zombillenium

Fuck you I liked it.

me too. it was cute.



As the other user pointed out, Gretchen x Aurelian Zahmer from Zombillenium, it's a good comic


This ship is the only thing that is making me read JL

I actually ship most heroines with Spidey, hes such manwhore material and I LOVE it
Everyone except Mary Jane


Wingbat and X-23

Felicia is the best cat girl all right.

True love



I know it's all "taboo" and shit.

Don't fucking judge me.

seconding this, I wonder why it never went anywhere

Thanks to that last episode of Supergirl I have a new one.

>not genji or s76 with mercy
get out

my nigga
part 6 this Dec
get hype


nice meme, faggot, i bet you also like Pharrah/Mercy

The fantasy sequences made them seem like such a comfy couple

he's the ultimate husbando

Just the two.



Good tastes, user.

Bolin deserves all the ladies

You have pretty shit taste mate.

>No eyeliner
I'm cool with it

Who's gonna smash that icy pussy? Nuktuk!!

It's so canon it became an official poster


I don't even know the what the fuck DC is shipping anymore.


Well he is canon attracted to both of them, so this isn't actually a stretch.

We can both dine in hell

listen faggot
i like 76/mercy and we are NOT in the same league as phamercy shitters
delete your post

Good taste

Good. Shiro belongs with Sendak anyway.

Angel Song Master race, faggot
Seig Heil

Excellent, thats my close number 2.

I can't get over this ship.

My eternal niggas

I put $150 into Part 6 and I can't wait

Wait there were more parts after three?


Agreed. The plot is mediocre at best, but Barry X Jess and the League getting used to Superman have me interested.

Daily Dose.

Yep, Part 4 is a feels trip, and Part is a amazing ending this is also feels

Part 6 got funded earlier this year and is hopefully coming out this December

now theres a ship I never considered.. like, for a second. but I'll take it.


>all those starco shippers being salty over a fucking poster

Absolutely hilarious.


my man!

needed more screen time

>colin and ryan
Absolutely stellar.


>it was just called something else.
Being a fag?

10/10 tastes anons

I basically ship Sora with everyone possible. he's like a cute Disney version of Bartz Klauser and Bartz was a pimp.

>that Pokemon manga by the guy who draws shota porn with the insert artwork of Jessie and James as a cute couple with Jessie pregnant
Shipped them since childhood because of that.

So technically it's called a Rocketship ?

Good job, you figured out the origins of the term.

You're just jealous he's funnier.


>posting non Cred Forums in a Cred Forums thread

I'm an absolute fucking piece of shit also fuck KevEdd

came here to post this, leaving satisfied

anyone going to storytime Spider-woman? If they break up this issue I am so fucking done with Marvel.

>If they break up this issue I am so fucking done with Marvel.
user... Jess dumps her.

Get out here Sugar you are on working hours.

I can top that.

Normally crossover pairings are dumb, but this one is sort of acceptable. The characters do have some things in common.

- They're both adventurers with a sense of justice for the sake of helping others.
- They both use elemental magic.
- They both have transformations.

Not to mention Sora and Shantae even have a few transformations in common. Shantae and Sora can both turn into Merpeople. Sora has a vampire form and in the latest game Shantae has a vampire form as well (succubus actually).

So yeah, this one is not so bad. But it speak volumes about how much Sora's canon love interest sucks.

>I basically ship Sora with everyone possible

Guess it helps the kid is a literal world traveler so it makes things easier.

Kingdom Hearts has fans that ship the most absurd of things.

>posting Cred Forums content in Cred Forums

piss off

>Shipping Ben with Best Girl

Mah Nigga

Dude, that's not a character like this one here . That one is a complete literal self-insert Gary Stu, it's not even the real Majin Buu at all if you check the guy who made that.

Why did they choose Mary Jane and not her for Zendaya

My friend and her bf have a cosplay of this and I just hnnnng they're the cutest thing

Zendaya isn't attractive enough to be Felicia.

Mary Jane is attractive but Felicia is on a whole different level

It was literally called Rocketshipping.

Overwatch is honorary Cred Forums, senpai

>not attractive enough to be Felicia

>honorary Cred Forums


I still like it. Robbel, Wendbel, Pinecest, and Mabifica are all good too.


>posting Cred Forums content

user i hope your shitposting...


holy fuck how have I missed this

10/10 show


>male dog/female cat
The best kind of animal people ships. Though Dudley is a fucking retard desu.


Best SU ship coming through

>Though Dudley is a fucking retard desu.
He is, but I think that's part of what makes their dynamic work so well. They're a bit like Leo and Aeris in that regard.

I hope they both get killed off tbqh, they're insufferably shit characters.


I don't mind dumb, but being outright handicapped is something else. Leo has the exact same problem. Being clinically idiot is their main trait and they have very little nothing else. I don't mind dumb characters, but for that to shine they need something else to go with it. They can't be just dumbfucks for jokes. Then they aren't characters, but set pieces to build up jokes.

This guy knows what's up.
You're okay too.

>Making Fiends

Great taste, my friend.


I thought I was the only one that liked this one.

Funny thing, Rogue excels as a character when AWAY from Gambit. And Cyclops excels when AWAY from Jean (no wonder they paired him with what's her face the blonde woman in the follow up comics/series).




because Zendaya doesn't have tits.


>150 posts
>no Pinecest
For Shame

The only shame is that you showed up.

Well that's rude of you.

It's not rude to want and expect cancer to die.

>One post

>implying Genji doesn't belong with robot Buddha


Yes! Frozen 2 when, I can't take this uncertainty

>zuko went for generic emo chick #37
still mad




pikachu is Cred Forums right?

>posting best girl with best girl
mah nigga

Pardon me, best ship coming through.




shaphne is pure

where where you when Shaggy and Daphne had a full on makeout scene in that episode that parodied The Shining?


Whoops! Looks like mother nature goofed on Daphne!

>Agreeing with nigga on shipping best girls
mah negros

>Colin and Ryan

I can't wait for Hans' redemption and then he's perfectly placed to be Elsa's prince.


How did this whole "Peppermint Patty and Marcie are lesbians" thing get started when they both had crushes on Charlie Brown?

harems are boring while yuri shipping is universally loved

They both love Charles and each other

Patty likes wearing sandals and Marcie calls Patty "Sir."

I think the answer merely boils down to "because they're fucking adorable together"