ITT: People who did nothing wrong

ITT: People who did nothing wrong


Cruella De Vil

Surely, if she'd done anything wrong, she would have suffered some kind of lasting repercussions for it.

one of the few people who got a damn thing done without being told to, freedom.jpg and all that radda.

When will people stop posting MSPA unironically? It's like posting Sonichu


I agree. If Beast Boy hadn't done a 180 on his characterization that one moment, it would have all worked out and she'd be saved.

seriously had a case of the feels,

glad I didn't get into Fan fiction/was turned off fanfiction by said feels... as most of the writing on the subject at the time was shit.

I wonder if she be down for cutting down rainforests for money. Maybe some porn is in order.

Which show was sge from again? God, I cant remember.

what, you mean fucking up deathstroke on a ferris wheel?

Going from 'best friends forever and biggest crush', to 'I won't even for a second listen to your argument and try to put myself in my shoes even though I know from prior experience that Deathstroke is extremely influential and manipulative'

what could she have possibly have said for intentionally trying to kill his friends on slades whim? what makes her so special that she gets a pass for being slades puppet? she knew she was wrong thats why she wanted gar outta the tower. and she made the error of mistaking kindness for weakness


WTF, I hate Homestuck now.

She couldn't have said anything.
But Beast Boy could have been a bit forgiving, or at least sympathetic to her situation.
He knew that she regretted her decision, and instead of rejecting her and effectively making her even more evil (and a bigger thread to the Titans), he could have at least tried to make her go over to their side.

fuck that. she made her bed. she went through with slades plan even though she had been accepted by the titans. shes not the only one with a fucked up past, but the others arent out there willingly backstabbing friends. she fucked up, then doubled down on it

But she didn't go through with Slades plan.
She left with BB to save him from Slade. There is an obvious conflict in her of which part she belongs to. That BB didn't try to play on this was without out of character.
And even through a objective and tactical standpoint it was completely retarded for BB to turn his back on Terra when he was going to fight Deathstroke alone and had no idea about Slade's agenda towards him. Not to mention that he should know that allowing Slade to have his sidekick would make it much more difficult for the TT to retaliate against Deathstroke.

Gonna just take two birds with one stone here

was without a doubt out of character.*

This cutie couldn't possibly have done anything bad!

She reminds me of those hairy McDonalds mascots.

of course she hasnt, thats why i posted her

unlike some people, i read the name of the thread