ITT create an episode for a cartoon series

A flashback episode where garnet befriends a hunchback in the middle ages, and accepts her own unique apperance in gem society by bonding with said hunchback.

an old high school/college buddy of Doug sees Stevonnie in public and finds them oddly familiar

Doug like from the nick show?

Steven actually does something for once

You mean like if an actual alien came to beach city, started killing everyone, and right before it gets connie he pulls a man of murder and kills it, only instead of snyders superman his guilt over said act is a major plot point and has really interesting character devlopment?

You are aware that during the middle ages she would have been on earth for 4000+ years already?
The earliest reported scholars who could have taught her anything would have been millennia after the war ended.
So she would have been out of Gem society for thousands of years before that happens.

Okay, maybe she learns about accepting her unique physiology in the bronze age?

>Ben 10 Omniverse: And then there were 23
>Basically the origin of Ben 23
>Ben is a spoiled kid while gwen is a redneck
>Rather then Max first bringing them along, it would be Aunt Vera
Also it would come across as very tongue in cheek, and mock many things that most superhero cartoons seem to embrace.

Your problem here is that humanity was just crawling out of the stone age around that time and the first permanent settlements outside caves were formed.
It would still take thousands of years to develop coherent societies and philosophical thought we know of because writing was invented to document it.

Garnet would likely have developed on her own into a unified form much earlier. Namely during the war when it would have been necessary to be very collected and concentrated during combat.
Although her current look could have been developed much later. Like in the early 80s.

Connie wants to try lewd things with Steven, and it makes him uncomfortable

The students of Clone High are on a field trip to the museum but Scudworth screws up the directions and they end up in the big city. Scudworth lets the students lose in Mission Hill under the guise of "exploring the urban jungle" while he and Mr. B spend the day on Broadway. Abe and Gandhi live a day in the life of a cartoonist and JFK bonds with a couple that reminds him of his parents. Joan is caught off guard by a stranger that whispers "penis" into her ear several times before running away.

Steven has a bad dream where a real threat shows up, beats the shit out of the gems, and he can't talk him down. And learns that he has to man the fuck up and fight sometimes.


Ed Edd and Eddy meet the new kid in the Cul de Sac who never speaks or gets revealed, and the episode is solely through their FOV. The new kid watches as the Ed's completely fuck up the day.

>cue Bollywood version of Doug theme

>ITT create an episode for a cartoon series that you've never seen
ftfy op, goddamn

That actually sounds plausible

An episode where Amethyst becomes a professional wrestler

>Part 1: Steven suggests the gems get a car and learn to drive
>hilarity ensues when the gems take their driving exam

>Part 2: The gems go looking to buy a car
>for copyright pruposes, all fictional brands and models
>peridot joins them and insists that they buy some ridiculously overpriced exotic
>hillarity ensues
>Peridot's favorite car turns out to be a corrupted gem monster
>brief but intense battle with sugilite ensues

Go back to sleep, pupper

Make sure to include subtle GTA references.

One of Cameron Campbell's prized items has been broken and now it's up to David to find out who did it before Cameron comes back. Each camper tells a stylized account of what they were doing when the item was broken like those accusation dinner party episodes.the episode ends with Cameron saying he did it and replaces it with something cooler.

Not gonna lie, if I could deal with my issues by combining my brain and body with my best friend/soulmate I'd do it at every opportunity.