America hates Mabel from Gravity Falls

>America hates Mabel from Gravity Falls
>Japan and Korea adore Mabel from Gravity Falls

Why the difference, Cred Forums?

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chinks have garbage taste, while americans have big white man penis.



Is it because Americans need a blonde girl like Pacifica?



>White penis
The only thing huge about Amerifats is their weight.

Japs have an even harder time seeing past cute girl exterior than Cred Forums




Because america has shittaste

That's quite the generalizations



>moeshit lolibait

that's why



Americans hate Mabel? This is news to me...


It's more like Cred Forums hates Mabel.

How sad that America could never let the true star of Gravity Falls and most lovable cartoon girl into their hearts.



Plain and simple, Japan likes cute things and are willing to look past any flaws if it's cute.

Also not a whole lot of Americans really hate Mabel, that's just you believing whatever is said on Cred Forums must be the majority opinion since you're lack the brain power to realize there are other people who watch cartoons besides Cred Forums fags.

Just like how weeaboos fall for the incredibly annoying moe/loli/fapfodder characters in anime, the same happens to westaboos.

I think something about the language barrier reduces the cringe for both sides.

And a Japanese fan art of your blonde goddess.

The whole core essence of moe fascination with the japs is protecting someone that is literally too stupid, too self-centered, and too maladjusted to actually survive in the real world. That should answer your question.

Delusions of grandeur much, Cred Forums?

liberals think support means giving a given group a free ride no matter their behavior
sensible people know that actually indicates a lack of respect, instead a feeling of patronizing. japan feels that way about women. we expect more of ours.

oh shit, sauce?
anyway I love mabel. I've always loved ditzy characters, going all the way back to gracie allen.

I wonder how many characters Cred Forums would hate if they always heard them in their native language.

I think normies like Mabel. Does tumblr like Mabel?

Eh, people here started hating Mabel in S2, most people didn't give a shit.

The one where she was depressed about Dipper leaving was a big trigger, but then again most of Cred Forums are autists who can't empathize.

Cred Forums is mostly men, Cred Forums also tend to dislike Mabel.

Most of the artist making fan art of cartoons in Asia though feel like women (I know there's famous men as well but still).

How can they say they love Mabel if they won't eat her pig?

A Japanese fanbook called the Summer Girls or Summer Memories collection.






>How exactly can anyone find Gravity Falls characters I have no clue.

look under your sofa they hide there

no what find them where

that is why girls other than Mabel, Wendy, Giffany, and Pacifica have little to no arts.

How exactly can anyone can find Gravity Falls characters sexy I have no clue.

Mabel is a psychopath that only cares about herself. So Asians can relate.

only remotely attractive character is wendy

Same reason why people find Marie Kanker hot, show inaccurate fan works

>Cred Forums is mostly men
Cred Forums is nothing but fujoshis and queers that want to be pegged by a horrible fetishized mutation of the first cartoon character that gave them a weird boner in their youth.

Neckbeards on Cred Forums who look for any reason to dislike a female character aren't representative of a large portion of a fanbase OP.

>used up slut
>remotely attractive

how a character looks is often terribly divorced from their age in cartoons/anime. even if they're not 'secretly a thousand years' you still teens drawn with the bodies of adults and adults drawn as kid-like chibis.

>Does tumblr like Mabel?
Tumblr worshiped Mabel because she was quirky.

Asians love genki girls.

And they to be physically attractive to have the effects

off-model fan art


I am surprised you don't see much more candy from there








japanese pacifica fan art start










joseon au

a wendy from korea I think

Why are they watching our cartoons in the first place? Xenophobic gooks.

>Why are they watching our cartoons in the first place?

To make strange sexy doujin of them of course.

those 2 need more art

Japan and Korea are sexist and only see women as objects. As such they can't recognize when women are in fact garbage human beings or simply when they are poorly written.

They watch our cartoons for the same reason they watch our TV shows and our movies and put English on everything even if they can't read it.

maybe she sounds less like a 40 year old midget

Mabel is seen as shortsighted, clingy, and selfish.
In America, that's considered annoying.

In Asia, they expect women to act like that. So if they're all that and cute, they get a free pass.




mabel hate is just a Cred Forums meme that went too far

I don't think you would find too many people that hate her who weren't influenced by Cred Forums

Same reason people watch their shows

No one knows.

A better question is, why can't people get enough of the great and lovable Peridot? its probably because she's so great and lovable X D

Hating on fictional character (Or feeling anything toward fiction) is a complex mix of taking events at face value and seeing them as a fictional world that reflects writer's psyche.

Mabel is unlikable largerly because she's an agent of status quo. Dipper is the primary POV character and it's natural to root for him. While cruel universe conspiring against him would be fine, Mabel's privilege being the driving force behind denial is not. Particularly considering if Mabel has a choice between doing her thing or helping Dipper, she doesn't choose Dipper.

>since you're lack the brain power


But I'm too stupid, self-centred and maladjusted too. Where's my army of Jap guards?

Are you a cute little girl, hopefully living in L O N D O N?

>Mabel almost dooms the world with her greed
>Never speaks of it, is never punished

>Japan commits multiple war crimes
>Never speaks of it, is never (really) punished

Coincidence? I THINK NOT

What is going on there?

>he doesn't have his sister sensually lick his open sores

What kind of a sick fuck are you?

You have to be a moe loli for that to work.

The annual cosplay in Tokyo Disneyland event this year had tons of Gravity Falls cosplayers.



Mabel is my favorite character.

Damn, I am sorry, yeah Japanese artists sure are talented, but I don't dig moe at all, prefer the ff model fan art that is reminiscent of the actual characters and only changes some proportions and other details to make them look sexy, but I never got in ti Anime, and nowadays is getting worse for me.

Asians have very shitty taste in everything except food.

Japan sees child like innocence as an endearing character trait.

While America sees ignorance as something to laugh at.

>you have to be a moe loli for that to work.
But Kaiji is the moest!

>Japan loves Mabel, doesn't like Star Butterfly literally the same character.

Japanese natural born race with shit taste.

Japs are self centered assholes.

Tumblr isn't normal.

or maybe because they want to play things safe. Thus, they have little to no improvement over time.

>Never speaks of it, is never (really) punished

I don't mind Mabel. I FUCKING hate that user that would make those "apologize" threads with her though.
Her voice resonates in my head and I hate it.

Star's too old for Japan.

They don't like Star Butterfly? Since when?

Do you have any pictures?

>Geez Dip, you cant stop staring can you! Hahaha!

Ah good Percent of Japanese Otakus don't like upbeat magical girls.

So that's why Japanese dubs of Star Butterfly do so well on Nico, because the otakus don't like it.

But they do.

They never have. Japs always has been like that with everything

Everyone knows Gems are incapable of falling in love.

He's embarrassed. Half the town is ogling his attention-desperate sister, the other half blames him for it because he's her de facto caretaker.

Maybe they just like obnoxious cunts

why do japs and gooks have such a cutesy art style

Centuries of rice cultivation.

>name fag

Who would have guessed

its the voice. Japanese Mabel sounds kawaii as fuck

>name fag
Opinion Discarded

Wendy and her friend with the purple hair are pretty much the only ones.

This exactly

A girl who asks boys out.
That's all the japanese wet dream.

Makes you think all that Radiation from the bombs we dropped on them might have done something to there brains

More likely to be beta cucks. The US still has pride so many people won't let themselves get treated in such a bad way.

The japanese just love Gravity falls!

Elevens love loli.

But otakus like anime girls who are defenless.

Anime is full of absolutely obnoxious heroines who are utter selfish bitches who just pull and emotional moment every now and then which supposedly justifies everything. They're more accustomed to glossing over women's flaws and just seeing them as adorable.

See: the tsundere heroine phenomenon, for example. Dreadful caustic bitches we're supposed to love because deep down, they're not all bad

She's probably not as popular as Mabel, since Gravity Falls is more popular in the US too, but from what I've seen a decent number of Japs like Staba-chan.






I never understood why otakus like tsunderes so much. Do they like to get beaten by girl

Otakus are often "beta-males" taken to the extreme. They have no drive, and are shy as fuck around girls or in any social situation.

Becuase they will never go ask a girl out themselves, the idea of a take charge girl who finds them attractive and comes after them is pleasing.

Japanese nerds:tsundere::Anonymous:femdom

People don't hate Mabel because they can't wiafu her, they hate her because she is horrible selfish brat that ruins her brothers life repeatedly and almost caused fucking Armageddon. And never got fucking called on it.

Here's one.

Some faces are blurred out because some people in Japan have a healthy sense of shame about running around dressed as cartoon characters.

Tokyo Disneyland has another cosplay allowed event in October each year.

A life without conflict is a boring one

>this thread again




To be fair, literally nobody was punished for their stupidity in S2




But i am too shy with girls in social situation.

Early Disney styles influenced early manga styles. Aspects like the large eyes were exagerrated over time. Anime styles have also influenced Korea along with animation for U.S. shows done over there.



The Jew will never cuck Japan's population.

The few 'refugees' they actually let in did literally nothing but rape and steal.

Truly, the Jew fear the Samurai.

>>The Jew will never cuck Japan's population.

Aren't the nips dying off because they aren't making enough kids or some shit?

>refusing to stroke amerifat ego=cuck

Normies loved her at the start and hated her at the end. Also Asia just likes cute shit and tumblr likes her cause quirky lol. Most people hate her cause they think she acted like a huge fucking dick bag and never learned anything

I actually really like how wide Mabel and Wendy's eyes are here.

like Cred Forums they are too busy with their waifus


America loves Mabel too. Literally only Cred Forums hates Mabel because we're a bunch of sweaty virgins who don't like girl characters we can't masturbate to

Are you sure we can't?

I can see that

Kirsten Schaal's voice is getting old.




These are all incredible

That event's pretty interesting. Here's an article about it.

Older Mabel is some serious untouched potential for content.




Bill looks like one of their godless Sanrio characters.

>Older Mabel is some serious untouched potential for content.

I wonder why Older Mabel doesn't get more cheesecake love outside of some BigDad.



I dunno man

By far my favorite Fan Art of the Show.

Go back to africa Muhammad

That could picture that photo as an episode of the show, Dipper and Mabel force Stand to take them to Mouseland (tm) and use the cloning copy machine to get in some easter egg hunt that requires a lot of Mabel and Dippers to win.

Can we at least agree that they never should have sold Japan the Cipher merchandise since this degeneracy was happening to "Biru-chan" within hours.


Seconding this


No, no, I encourage it.

>not giving all the Dippers at Disneyworld hats with different numbers

Missed opportunity.

No wonder Trigger gave Dipper and Mabel cameos in Little Witch Academia along with Connie.


Also making Roribiru-chan comics.

Could be worse, I saw an American stick their dick in one.


japan is used to obnoxious female characters


Some weird psychosis happened with that triangle to make countless people wordlwide want to fuck it.

the what?

user-1:Dipper, why are you letting your sister dress like that? Don't you know she'll attract the wrong attention?
Dipper:Hey man, don't stare at my sister like that, it's not cool.
user-2:Nah man, If you want my eyes somewhere else, find me another pair of sweater puppies to feast on.
Dipper:Hey mabel, change your shirt, I don't thinks it brings the kind of attention you want.
Mabel:No, now sacrifice something so I can parade my rack around some more!
Mabel:Wahh! Dipper I wanted more attention but I couldn't find any other way to slut it up! This is all your fault! Now sacrifice some more stuff to reset the impact of the episode!

I don't know Bill is a cute loli for some reason, Roribiru-chan. Roribiru-chan wants advice on seducing Dipper-kun so she asks Mabel-senpai. This goes on for a while and eventually she gets a kiss but I think they stop then. There were other Japanese comics where Bill is a cute cyclops monster girl in a magical girl outfit.


What are the chances Mabel sluts it up when she gets a few years older.

Poor Dipper trying hard not to gape at his own sister's boobs every day.

this is getting weird....... like, /d/ doesnt make me this uncomfortable.

Personally, I like the idea of Mabel getting fuckhuge boobs and being obliviously sexy, thinking all the attention is due to her personality or something.


Japs love anything that is a small girl.

They don't love cool and tough girls. Jolyne was pretty unpopular because of that which is total bullshit.

what do you expect from japan

>that picture

Cred Forums doesn't think she's cute?

There's a neat AU where 28~ish Mabel and GF Mabel switch places, it's pretty cute and not bad for an adult Mabel fix. Think It's called Timehop AU on tumblr.


I like their fan animations.

They make Dipper a loli sometimes, too. Everyone is a loli in Japan.





Not really into pinecest stuff, but the jpg artifact-y look of that pic bugged me, so I found the full sized version of it.

Neat, thanks.

>this is getting weird....... like, /d/ doesnt make me this uncomfortable.

Here I will post normal asian fan art to make you feel better.

There we go all normal.

I hope this nice normal art has made you feel better.

Next up: Mabel futa and goo girl Pacifica.





Ah, the "everyone is Chucky" AU.


Because Asians are all pedophiles and love little girls.

>inb4 pedophiles defend this

It's a shame, really

And you dont? They are cute

you still haven't shown us your cartoon, user.

c'mon, we're waiting.

Most are men, but the ratio is less skewed.

Jason was so cool in the cipher hunt, I feel bad for him when we get to the tumblr part

>Because Asians are all pedophiles and love little girls.
>Yet the largest and most disturbing pedo rings are run by white people

>Yet the largest and most disturbing pedo rings are run by white people

How is that known? I figure those kind of operations are keep rather hush hush.

Just because they're both upbeat doesn't make them identical. Star has more character flaws and personal issues for one, and she enjoys violence to a degree. A lot of Star's eccentricities are just due to being a fish out of water on Earth.
stop trying to make my waifu feel less special ;_;

they tend to slip up from time to time and whites are strangely sexually attracted to children

>Jailbait drawn in animu moe style lacking any similitude to the original cartoon vs an obnoxious character with a punchable face

Go figure

Yes, more of this please fanartists.

Korea and Japan are removed enough from western girls to see her purely as 2D much like westerners do with anime.
They are removed from the subject matter so she is just whimsical.

I hated her since Time Travellers Pig. She was the best character before that but after that episode you'd have to be blind or retarded not to see the writing on the wall.

>he says ignoring all the muslim shit happening in Africa, ME and now Europe
Yeah sure Dan is bad but he's not international or institutionalised outside of showbiz.

It's the kind of girl they're used to. Over there, the girls look and act horrible on the outside, but are actually good on the inside, like Mabel.

Here in the west we're used to the opposite, the girls look good and nice on the outside, but they're actually horrible inside.

this man is horrifying

How can you hate him?

Japan has shit taste?

westaboos and kids you nerd, they aren't really popular

Star is not pure, she's actually a cunt and not virgin

>we can't masturbate to
lol wut

Or, they, like most ppl understand it's a cartoon for kids and don't insert themselves to Dipper and project their failed lives and dreams on to scenarios like some anons...

cute piggie for yer sis >>>>> pointless kiddie crush that will never go anywhere

Much like Loud House, they look great anytime someone actually draws them like human beings

That's a lie, user.

>most LH porn is on model
>so is most GF porn

ITT anons pretend Japan is pixiv and America is Cred Forums



>hating onee-chans ever

is Mable older?

I thought she was.

she is the alpha twin so older

WTF, I hate America now.

That was a joke, but is she actually (thos by seconds) older?
Birth older changes everything as Asian siblings.

>randomly going lol u fat at Americans
>not a cuck

Moe doesn't take any particular form and isn't directed at any particular characters, and so-called moe anime don't feature just one type of character.

anime fan art is p. good though

>America hates Mabel from Gravity Falls

>Cred Forums represents America

who is she?

She's from Amaama to Inazuma aka Sweetness and Lightning.

I didn't know Russians were Muslim.

Asian people make me nervous. Any kind of Asian.

She's a floozy, user.

Chechnians are technically Russian and Muslim.

what do you think they're going to do out-math you

I'm afraid they might kamikaze/jihad me, or invade my Pusan Perimeter.

You dont mean rotherham do you? That was an "asian" pedophile ring that had sex with 1400 girls.

>Oriental fucks likes a little girl
Gee I wonder why

>If we keep projecting all our problems on Japan, maybe they'll go away

>Cred Forums is mostly men

You can't be serious. At times this place feels like Cred Forums 2.0

(((white people)))

Because all you have to do is talk about politics, and Cred Forums is right there.

Titles like OP's attract them like flies to shit.

Also yes there is a very large number of Cred Forums that want nothing more than get it in the butt by a husbando or super manly waifu.

>what do you think they're going to do out-math you
Mongols didn't need no math. And they don't care how old or young your waifu is. She's theirs now bitch!

Its just beta uprising trolling against Cred Forumsmblr takeover aka "sjw" menace.

They are the same autists as the so called numales, they are not truly Cred Forumsitical other than wanting the freedom to make the occasional lol bitches, lol niggers bantz like ye olden days.

God I can't stand them sometimes.

As an oriental, I prefer Pacifica.

If Dipper is going to be "bothered" like that around her all the time, his body is going to adapt to the constant blood shift and make some permanent size changes.


Are you gay? Doujins are great shit

He said sometimes user. For every good one, there's a shit one to match

True but i am glad for something like Comiket

why you gotta be hating on the doujin

Cred Forums doesn't represent an entire country

No, Cred Forums represents the entire planet. When the Vulcans land in Montana, we'll be there to negotiate the treaty.

Hence why his birthmark is the BIG Dipper.




There was that one that was Pacifica X Dipper

I don't think you can buy it any more because it sold out and I'll bet most of the other ones outside of the summer girls collection linked about are Mabel X Bill though.

And unfortunately I don't know anybody who has scans of it online.

Me either. It's too bad. I'd love to see scans of that one. The Summer Girls book seems to have at least one doujin/story about Pacifica, her meeting the Dipper copies, I think.




> Why are 13 year old characters more popular in a country where the age of consent is 13
It's pretty self explanatory user. This why I'm not bringing any female family to Japan despite my love for it



damn, too old.
GF ended just at the right time.

>jacks off to loli shit all night
>call japs pedos on Cred Forums

> name fag
> hating on the very country that brought gravity falls into existence
> probably lives in a 3rd world country

> he thinks I'm into flat chested girls
Sorry user, but I like me some big titty futa.