Let's decide this once and for all, Cred Forums

Let's decide this once and for all, Cred Forums.

Which hero has the best rogues



>Didn't brag about it to the heroes face
>Didn't also kill the kid

Wait, I forgot. Spider-Man killed his kid

No, he raised the kids to hate and want to kill Spider-Man, truely an evil bastard if there ever was one.

>Aquaman unironically on list
Meme Manta doesn't gallery make.

>forgetting ocean master

Can you name at least 10 Aquaman villains? Can you name 10 Ironman villains? And no, Darkseid and Kang don't count, though are villains of the JL and Avengers.

Why would anyone try and claim Darkseid as an Aquaman villain? You can only really make an argument for him as a Superman villain if you want to take him away from the league

Well it's definitely not Woinder Woman.

Aquaman Villains
>Black Manta
>King Shark
>The Trench
>The Eel
>Uhhhh Rhombus?

Iron Man Villains
>Fin Fang Foom
>Iron Monger
>Count Nefaria
>Madame Masque
>The Ghost
>Living Laser
>Uhhh The Unicorn?

That's all I got.

Ah crap...

Woah, Ocean Master. That changes things significantly.
Can I count ten different Crimson Dynamos as one? :^)
Lemme try.
>Crimson Dynamo
>Titanium Man
>Madam Masque
>Crimson Cowl
>Radioactive Man
Tbh, that mini with Iron Man's villains stealing armors really helped.
Of Aquaman
>Ocean Master
>Human Flying Fish
>Awesome Threesome
>Marine Marauder
>Fisherman (?)

Who voted Shazam?

Let's be fair the vast majority of heroes are lucky to even have five villians of any note

>Which hero has the best rogues

Seriously what's Wonder Woman got?

>Dr Psycho
>Angle Man?

Uh, Silver Swan and Doctor Poison?

Here's the superior list of Aquaman villains:

1. Black Manta
2. Ocean Master
3. Dead King
4. The Trench
5. Chimera
6. Scavenger
7. Giant-Born
8. Legend
8. uh, that kraken. I forgot its name.
9. that, uh, organization. I forgot its name. It's kind of like Lexcorp, it has legal power but is extremely criminal. It's goal is to 'study' Atlantis but is actually interested in looting and plundering it.
10. Poseidon

Not the greatest rogue gallery, doesn't hold a candle to Batman, Spider-Man, and Superman. But I like it. It's at least better than Namor's list of current enemies, and it's enough for Aquaman to have an ongoing.

>It's at least better than Namor's list of current enemies
I'm afraid to say I'm drawing a blank there.
>Kraken or Kong or something, he was in Marvel Ultimate Alliance
>Tiger Shark
>some doctor who got starfish DNA, he looks bitchin'

So we're pretending that anyone can hold a candle to Spidey and Bats' rogue galleries?

Flash is winning and Superman also has great villians. Really could have just left it at those 4


I love Batman's, Spidey's Superman's rogues. But my fave at DC is this guy's.

>Killer Frost
>The Hyena
>Black Bison
>The Zuggernaut
>Silver Deer
>The Enforcer
>The Thinker


Nice use of Wikipedia, faggot.
>Killer Frost on the first place
You're not waifufag at all.

Didn't have to use wikipedia, I read Firestorm's book. :^)

Killer Frost is his best and most important rogue. And my waifu. That's why I listed her first.

Multiplex and Killer Frost are the only two that are decent. Deathstorm didn't even interact with Firestorm

dude, Spider-man's C-listers have been written into greatness. how can anyone compare?


Superman villians are pretty good. Luthor, Brainiac, Zod, Mr Mxy etc.

By being the fucking Rogues

How is this even a question? Spidey by a landslide.

>Lex Luthor

I'd say he's got a pretty fucking solid rogues gallery.


Tbf I'd forgotten about half of those

Batman, is not even a question.
Spiderman and superman both have great villians

Flash villians are a meme.

>Batman's rogues gallery winning
Jesus guys, come on. Some of the most overrated villains in existence are in Gotham.

Top lel, son.

Eh the relationship between the two is pretty personal. I think it counts. I mean Luthor gives the JL a hard time too.

Never doubt the power of YOUR OBSCURE VILLAIN WAIFU threads.

>no FF
The Wizard
Super Skull
Doctor goddamned Doom

This list is shit, this thread is shit, and you should all be ashamed of yourselves.

>Some of the most overrated villains in existence are in Gotham.

Yes and they are still better than the villians you like more.

>Luthor gives the JL a hard time too.
Not really

Like who? Batman's villains are by and large shit. The best ones, like Penguin and Two-Face, are normally ignored and shat on in favor of either flavor of the month villains, or the Joker for the 6th fucking time this year

>tfw you place the 100th vote

I know you hate Snyder's Batman user, but there are about 70 something years of batman stories out there, try reading some comics once in a while

>think why include any except Batman, Spider-Man, or Flash

good job co

Probably Flash. Spider-man villains are memes.

You say that, but Morrison's run also suffered from that same exact problem. Everyone else essentially got shat on in favor of Joker and the Black Glove, and then later on Talia.

Only correct post in the thread.

Here's hoping we get some decent FF runs in the future or hell, I'd settle for more DOOM

>mfw user unironically posted Black Panther as option
Take this randomly selected F4 pic from my folder.
I was always fond of El Diablo for some reason.

>everyone else

Shut up you dumbass pleb.

FF are top tier too

How am I wrong?

You would known the answer if you had ever opened a batman comic

No teams were listed