Obscure Waifus Thread

Claim them.

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good choice OP

She's only obscure because the movie she's in sucks dicks :3c

>women are property
Are you a muslim or something?

>intellectual properties
>not property
What are you, a pinko commie?


Catch these nuts if your face, cucky, she is mine

Fairly obscure on this board though

I want to kiss her eye brows



Only good this from this shit show.


too bad she was barely in the movie

I figure Storm Hawks is relatively obscure. Never hear anyone mention it anymore.

Whoever this chick is, she's pretty hot.

10/10 sexy french cartoons

Does Mary Cagles teacher friend count as obscure enough?

>Transparent shoulder cloth
>Magical powers
>Same personality like Elsa


Did you even see the movie?

Claiming Aeon

Elsa isn't asian though


Is there a name for those kind of eyebrows/makeup?

Here's the wikipedia article for the Japanese equivalent, which was taken from ancient Chinese court styles:


Don't know who the OP chick is, but I was immediately reminded of this.


Is there rule 34 on this bitch that doesn't involve the octopus getting fucked?


thanks. hate how there's an article for the japshit version but nothing for the original chinese stuff

Flower goddess from little door gods.

Nice case of sameface holy shit.




The blonde girl from triumphs "the one commercials"








>make a girl
>call her "Joe"
Why is France so retarded?

Short for Joelle who's a girl name.


>amérigraisses en charge de ne pas se gêner

Pas de ma faute que ton pays est attardé

Give us some actually obscure ones, faggits. Even mine is not obscure enough.

Her accent is the best part. Too bad she had about twenty seconds of dialogue through the whole show and never got a name.
You can hear it in the second and third scenes.

Could be a nickname for Joséphine or Joelle like said.

I see. Are you mentally deficient? Do you need help?

>not co
>not obscure
Good one, yeah.
Never saw this serie, but Velma sounds like a watered down version of Daria. Weird.

All of them.

Oh, I remember when we had like one thread about that movie

excellent taste. I prefer her big sister but both are top tier frenchfus.


Blame the fucking Chinese for culturally and intellectually cleansing themselves in the 60s and 70s. Google 'The Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution'.

Many historians actually fled to Japan.

I like your taste in background characters! I agree, it's something about her cheery-sounding thick accent.

Only thing worth shit about that movie.