Things that comics/cartoons do that piss you off

>Backstory where the female character was raped

Like that's the only bad thing that can ever happen to women, ever? Webcomics are especially guilty of this. Pic related.

Basically rape is an easy way out for a traumatic experience for a female character. It doesn't kill her or any of her family or leave her severely injured, so when you need a tragic backstory without any death you just pull the handy rape card.

Yeah, it's the "go to" for tragic backstory. Usually, it's used as an excuse to make the character in question a raging bitch.

I like how this webcomic subverted this and played the rape off as a joke, while the rest of her backstory was serious.

Also she still just smiles through all of that.

That's not necessarily being edgy, when it's well executed. Also you sound like one of those rabid feminists that don't want female rape in any fiction even when it makes sense it the context of the story.

That's not the problem. You can put horrific terrible things in comics so long as it's written well and gives the characters drive, depth, and sympathy (like, well, Berserk)

But if you're just putting it in there because "This female character needs a tragic backstory" then it's bad. Especially, when they use it as an excuse to make the character unlikable. If you put something like rape in, bring your fuckin' A game, because if you don't know what you're talking about, you'll end up with something like Bitter Sweet Candy Bowl.

So if any complaint anyone has happens to line up with something an SJW says it's invalid?


They had a rape backstory? It's been a while.

Yeah, I hadn't read it in a while but I THINK it was Lucy.

I'm in no hurry to go back and reread it though. It's not that good and the author is a wanker.

Did you really just compare OP's simple statement to being a "rabid feminist"? They didn't even say that it should never be used in any fiction ever. They just implied that it's often cheap & overused.
You sound like one of those people who immediately dismisses any opinion that happens to line up with that of an SJW (like said). That's like calling someone who says "women are people" an SJW or a rabid feminist.

Where is her other arm?

>They just implied that it's often cheap & overused.
Rape as a backstory is relatively rare, even for female characters. The fuck have you been reading?

They've had a couple of rapey incidents throughout the story (with Lucy, Daisy, Jessica, probably a few more.) As far as I know there hasn't been any actual rape depicted in the comic, though if I recall correctly Tess was mentioned to have been drugged during her freshman year, not sure if she was raped though.

>Starfire by Citadel members in the TT comics

>Blackcat's backstory was FUCKING RETCONNED to have rape in it

>Lady Bullseye raped by the Yakuza

>Red Sonja was raped as a little girl

>Dominic Deagen has two rape backstories

>Jay Naylor's Better Days. Need I go on?

>Concession's main character uses his super emo wolf powers to not only rape a bunch of women and his BOYFRIEND'S DAD, but also to (Somehow?) turn some of his friends into rapists and pedophiles

>Devil's Shine has rape on the first fucking page (it's guy on guy, but still)

>Las Lindas the main character is mistaken for a protitute and is almost gangraped

>Peter is a wolf some woman takes the main character away to rape him as a way to "claim" him

And how could we all forget this gem? (again, it's a guy, but it's still rape)

Tumblrtard spotted, and OP is indeed, a faggot.
It least shows that there's some effort to add some depth to the medium rather than no backstory at all. What you should be complaining about is HOW they handle it. If it's mentioned and never brought up again or used to further develop the character, then yeah it's pointless to even have mentioned it at all. You can't get mad for a "common" idea, that's like me getting mad at character designs that have a roboarm. How or why adds a little more uniqueness if explored properly rather than "i put it on them because i think it looks look"

>Makes a statement about how something is overused

>Responds with stupid "Lol, you're just an SJW" ad hominem.

>You are not allowed to not like something

Business as usual in Cred Forums land

>Blackcat's backstory was FUCKING RETCONNED to have rape in it
Retcon rapes are the worst. Same thing with identity crisis. What did it accomplish aside from some angst and turning Dr. Light into "the rape guy"?

>What you should be complaining about is HOW they handle it.
That's what they've been doing.

It turned Blackcat from some fun loving, sexy creature of the night who was an anti-hero and occasionally fucked with Spiderman into some stupid feminist rape victim.

And you know what? The rape would've been fine, except that it toned down every single other aspect of her character. And it also makes her style of outfit make less sense. Wouldn't being a rape victim have the opposite effect?

That's what I'm talking about. If you're going to put rape (or anything like it) into your story, you better fucking know what you're talking about, otherwise, you end up with poorly written garbage.

>didnt bother to actually read the entire post
Typical tumblrtard.
from what I've read they're upset that it's a go to aka "common" idea and just listed them as in , they did not bother to state imstances of where ot was done where it had an impact, it was just "ITS RAPE AND I DONT LIKE IT"
I'm not trying to defend rape as a suitable backstory, rather the use and depth of context of the idea of backstory itself. They did not bother to go indepth just like the suppose backstorys theyre accusing of having no depth, a bit ironic.

>history/canon of a character is changed because the writer didn't like it

and for the double piss off play

>change uses magical/god power level means to alter the history.

The point of the thread was to just state things that you see in comics or cartoons that you don't like, but if you want an explanation
Also, so because I don't agree I'm a tumblrtard? Alright, I'm gonna go make an account then, maybe dye my hair pink. Oh, also I'm genderqueer now.

Did you read any of what I had to say? And the post you used as an example was in response to someone stating that it's "rarely used".

I said something and an SJW happened to say the same thing, so I'm an SJW? Does "No smoking signs" make resturant owners as bad as Adolf "The Hitman" Hitler? How about you form an actual opinion instead of just spouting shit you hear on Cred Forums all day?

>That first one

Mr Freeze comes to mind.


Dewd stop.

cough Jessica Jones cough

did anything ever come from that in Invincible or was it dropped?

Mark grayson mini came outta that

I liked Marvel Adventures's backstory for Giant Girl.

"I want to help people!"

And so she became Giant Girl. :3

No agenda, no need to "show she has grrl powa". Just a simple motivation I can get behind.

You must really hate Moore. That nigga coasted on rape for drama his entire career

>Things that comics/cartoons do that piss you off


>being a mouthpiece for warped political views of the writer
>rebooted character is suddenly black or other minority without being an actual new character

Marvel Adventures Avengers was so totally enjoyable while ridiculing 616 Marvel, it's unbelievable

Not exactly... Yes his female characters did have a tendency to be raped. However, the act was suddenly even worse than murder. Things like Jessica Jones would have you believe that rape is the most horrid crime to ever exist. There is nothing else which competes. Once a character rapes another they are irredeemable monsters. And while I will not deny it is awful, the fact is that rape is objectively less serious then murder.

Moore never used it to create false drama or justify another character's behavior. It was just an awful thing. Nothing more. Nothing less.

fuck off

Everybody dies.
Not everyone gets raped.

You're on Cred Forumsmblr, user. Don't waste your time.

True, but cold blooded murder is worse than rape as it is an act of evil. If you don't need to kill to survive and are just doing it for convenience or because god forbid, you just feel like it, that is objectively worse. You have ended someone's life and destroyed the world of everyone who knew them intimately. Murder compared to rape has so many rippling effects that it means that the damage which is done ultimately is greater than the damage of rape.

Hey man. All I was saying is that Moore loves rape . He even raped a plant

>history/canon of a character is changed because the writer didn't like it

Goddammit Bendis/Slott.

>OP make a thread to express his hatred of Edgy things.
>We are on Cred Forums, one of the edgiest place of the Internet.
This is a thing i'll never understand, why people on Cred Forums are not aware about what place they actually are? and again OP is the kind of butthurt person who behave like an angry poodle if you disagree with his opinions and own standards and like stuff he dislike.

for the same reason there are threads on /h/ in which they complain about shit they don't like in their medium.
It's not one giant hivemind mostly and people are different opinions and want to talk about it because they like that medium. Also, you're a fag.

*have different opinions.

One thing that bothers me, it happens at the end of movies though, is the inevitable "dance sequence". That makes me cringe hard.

That make no sense of debating if you are on a constant rage when someone disagree with you and thinking your opinion about some production from some commercial medium is an universal truth.

Lucy almost got raped, someone attempted to blackmail Jessica into stuff, Daisy was emotionally manipulated into believing that 1) getting date raped was the only action she could ever hope to get AND 2) what she deserved, and it's implied that Tess was likely roofied and slipped a dick.

It got shot in a way that messed up her nerve system, and then had to be amputated IIRC.

and Loeb. he's basically the one who did it first and made it acceptable

>add some depth

Rape. SO DEEP.

>that's like me getting mad at character designs that have a roboarm
I hate those, they're lazy and not aesthetically pleasing.
Cyborg is cool though.

>Like we would ever throw Hulk into space...

Was this before or after the fact?
Man, Planet Hulk was ace.

Stop posting your shit here dude

You do realise how many hours ago that was, right?

Does it matter?

>Also you sound like one of those rabid feminists

90% of "it was all a dream" plots suck shit

>We are on Cred Forums, one of the edgiest place of the Internet.
This sounds like such a newfag thing to say

Fuck off, faggot.

did I hurt your feelings