"I think Transformers has outgrown Simon Furman."

Is he right, Cred Forums?

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Is who right?


I'm not reading this.


Is Furman over - FINISHED?


Furman hasn't written anything good in years, and he's absolutely right about generic dialogue and generic cosmic threat nonsense. So, yes.

McFeely's a shitter but this is okay.

>commentary of a TFWiki admin

the wreckers? the prime lineage? the question of gender in transformers? if anything Furman is more relevant than ever

What's wrong with McFeely? I'm out of the loop.

He and the allspark crowd has been dicksucking hasbro and funpub and downplaying a lot of the issues the fandom has with these groups. The Ministry of Truth aka Tfwiki also kind of continuously pretends that third parties don't exist and tries to delete any reference to them.


At least they're not complaining about this comic anymore.

Oh damn....

Tbh there's no reason to put third-party KOs on the wiki, though. They're not hasbro products.


>take Orci and Kurtzman to task for making gay jokes about Knock Out
>entry for Knock Out has tons of gay jokes

God those names are shite.

a) There is no reason to mention shit like Raksha or all the other non-fan people from the 90s yet they do. There is no reason to mention fan fiction circles like tmuk yet they do.

b) whether you or I like it or not, they are a important part of the present history of the franchise and presents a window into the interaction of the non-American side of the fandom with the franchise

Raksha was actually in official material though, she designed an official character for a convention and her name turned up in a Botcon story.



Raksha literally ran one of the official conventions singlehandedly, you utter mongoloid, and TMUK is relevant when discussing the work and influence of the likes of Roberts and Roche.
They mention 3P when it's actually influenced official material, like that one cover.

Please don't address me as Cred Forums

Sorry, Doctor Professor Cred Forums then.

It's several hundred words praising the dude, and then making an asinine case of why he doesn't matter anymore, when the correct response of both normal humans, and even fucked up Quasimodos on Cred Forums is to read the fucking thing in question.

It's like he's working up the nerve to get a reason to hate the dude.

This whole bitchfest reminds me of the kind of crazy shit Walky is into.

I go by that motherfucker Cred Forums.

I didn't really get that.
It's more like "he's immensely influential and wrote a lot of good stuff that shaped Transformers, but he's just run out of steam and isn't a very good writer any more with little to offer to Transformers that he hasn't already".

Simon Furman is worse than Donald Trump. Hillary supporters only read James Roberts comics.

OP you pulled out a terrible quote from that. He's only arguing Furman's writing skills have only gotten worse overtime, and I agree with him that Furman needs to bow out gracefully instead of letting Hasbro and other companies trot him out as a wink to the fans.


Maximum dinobots and the g1 reboot are both way better then what barber and scott are doing so no

More furman please

Weak bait try again.

Like some sort of vast, predatory bird, his time looms over him.

I think the relevance of having him write non-G1 TF comics was probably that he can keep those fucking imaginary robots straight, tell a coherent story, and this is already known to the people who hired him to do that, and also that since he makes his living writing comics, he was prepared to pitch to them in the first place.

I literally can't believe someone setting themselves up as having a worthy opinion wouldn't have thought through the basic mechanics of the comic book industry before asking "is a comics writer with a long history with a particular franchise being hired for no raisin?" Of course not. He's being hired because he hits deadlines, knows his shit and doesn't fuck around. The same reason Morrison or Bendis or Liefeld or whoever else is still getting work - because it's their joooob.

I fact, I'd go so far as to say the chump that wrote this did so without giving it any real thought at all, and probably masturbates with Micromasters under their foreskin.

I like Furman, so....I guess not.

His dialogue has a certain charm to it.

As far as the greater TF franchise goes, yes, as far as Transformers the IDW comic goes, fuck no. We're still deep in the universe he set up in the -ations; and IDW would've been completely different if not for him. Look how different the Dreamwave universe was, which dwelt on a nostalgic obsession with the cartoon. If not for Furman, thats probably what IDW would've been from the start.

Ah, I see.

You're the guy who wanted to make an article for Family Guy and Robot Chicken references to Transformers.

Still butthurt, I see.