People complain about Slott

>People complain about Slott
Pic related is the worst Spiderman writer

Bendis is worse. Whats so bad about slott anyways?

Nah. I didn't like the Spider-Totem/Morlun crap, but at least he allowed the character and his supporting cast to grow and develop.

>>disliking Black in Back

Yeah ok.

>implying peter has gotten this depth of character study since

Sins Past was not his fault.

>source:my ass

Shit bait, try harder. Sage.

>Peter/MJ married
>Peter as a teacher
>Aunt May knows about his identity

Worst my ass. This was the last good run of Spider-Man before Slott shit all over it.

>I have shit taste
Never change user
>Black in Back
>Spider-Totem/Morlun crap
The amount of dick sucking in this thread is staggering
Slott is to good for you

He was gonna have the twins be Peter's actual kids, but editorial said it made Peter look old, so now Gwen is a slut.

It's 50/50. He wanted the kids to be Peter and Gwen's, but top brass rejected the idea and thought Norman would be a better solution.

Yes, you do have shit taste. Glad you admit it.

>>Peter/MJ married
Listen marriagefag I don't care who he is screwing stop self inserting.
>>Peter as a teacher
This is was good
>>Aunt May knows about his identity
This was good

>top brass

It was Quesada actually.

Fucking Quesadilla.

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Slott makes Quesada look like John Romita.

Can we just ignore faggot OP and post good shit from JMS' run?


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JMS's body horror angle was great, way better than villain of the month shit Spidey books usually get.




JMS and Romita Jr. Always a good combination.

>I don't like that someone has different opinions. I will disregard them completely cause i'm a faggot

But you disregarded their opinions.

Man, I miss when humor in Spider-Man comics wasn't obnoxious. Or when supporting cast had actual characterization.

better that than the thread devolving into a (you) festival

Daily reminder that he co-wrote it

he was one of the very few people to make Mary-Jane and her marriage to Peter actually compelling and enjoyable and not a millstone around the neck of the series like it normally was

Anyway, to discard the bullshit, the real worst Spider-Man writer was Howard Mackie

why is Doc Ock wearing that frumpy green suit anyway?

see previous

Not just Mary Jane. He actually made me like Aunt May.


Did you enjoy it?

>I'll pretend it wasn't forced on him by the editorial to "prove" my idiotic point
Kill yourself already, OP.

You seem to since you can't stop talking about it

>Sins Past no his fault
>One More Day not his fault
>Editorial made him do it
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You are correct I enjoy that Slott can now freely pair Parker with everyone he wants to.

>implying he ever planned for OMD to be permanent

Given that MJ still remembered their marriage and the literal deal with the devil, it's very doubtful this was ever planned to be permanent and more a temporary situation with love triumphing at the end (until Quesada came along)

Once done it cannot be undone

>I don't like him, so it's not true.
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The fact this shit thread is still alive only show how useless our mods are.

I bet the editorial makes Slott their bitch as well.
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JMS' Loki was so great.

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I know it's a meme here, but the "beloved person from your past wasn't as pure as you thought they were/had a dark secret" storyline is old hat, and it would have been stupid for the kids to be peter's.

Moral of the story is he shouldn't have done the story if his original idea was so compromised. He didn't seem to like how it turned out anyway.

More broadly, this thread is garbage. You can not like some of the more controversial ideas JMS brought (I'm not a huge fan of the Spider-totem; Spidey works better as a rando kid getting a rando bite since that animates the metaphor), but his MJ was amazing and he wrote peter as an adult. Him teaching at Midtown High was beautiful.

I believe his Spider-Man was the last real version. The guy Slott writes isn't muh pete and I've not bought an issue of ASM since OMD.

JMS writes gods and god-like characters very well

>Moral of the story is he shouldn't have done the story if his original idea was so compromised. He didn't seem to like how it turned out anyway.

Supposedly they forced the change onto him midway into the story. I can totally believe it given how Marvel and Quesada screwed him with OMD and Siege.

It's hard not to hate on Slott due to his odious Twitter trolling.

That said, he was the last writer to actually have something interesting happen to the She Hulk. Unlike Soule & Willow, Shulkie's run had relateable problems that kinda fit with previous continuity.