Hey bro, I stopped dying my hair

Hey bro, I stopped dying my hair.

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Who the fuck dyes their hair brown?



She probably dyes her pubic hair to match the top.


How has Lincoln not masturbated himself to death yet?

How the sisters not drained him of all his cum yet

The Westermarck effect, people who grow together don´t find in each other sexual atraction even if they aren´t blood related.



>Some sociologists and anthropologists have criticized the validity of research presented in support of the Westermarck effect and the contention that it serves as an ultimate demonstration for the viability of natural selection theory in explaining human behaviour. For example, a 2009 study by Eran Shor and Dalit Simchai demonstrated that although most peers who grew up closely together in the Israeli kibbutzim did not marry one another, they did report substantial attraction to co-reared peers. The authors conclude that the case of the kibbutzim actually provides little support for the Westermarck Effect and that childhood proximity cannot in itself produce sexual avoidance without the existence of social pressures and norms
>Jesse Bering cites several studies that seem to contradict the standard view of the Westermarck effect as an innate learning process; instead, it may be a cultural phenomenon. People seem to have sexual preferences toward faces that resemble their parents' or their own. If correct, this would suggest that Freud's idea of the Oedipus complex had some merit to it.

Cool someone actually opened the link and read the article. Tell me what do you think about the Westermarck effect? It is applicable?

I know a girl who's naturally blonde and she dyes her hair brown to stand out.

>I stopped dyeing my hair.
>But I'm still naturally brown down there.
>Wanna see?


>this single circumstantial observation and a bunch of claimed but unshown (((research)) by a random nobody clearly prove that incest is completely normal and all human children want to fuck their siblings thus validating my disgusting fetish

Like the other critics said, other studies on attractiveness contradict it. It's likely a social effect rather than biological

The westermarck effect IS the single observation. The first paragraph of the critique directly addresses the study that "confirms" the westermarck effect. The second paragraph references a study with further citations to studies on sexual attraction. None of it is unshown; scroll down and follow the references. That's how wikipedia works user.

Your fetish and your enjoyment of it doesn't get better if you apply realism and science to it. Don't take it so seriously.

With that said, shaved = ruined. A neat bush is a sweet thing.

WELL ACKSHUALLY, that leads into another interesting topic on the increasing tendency of modern people to favor neonatal traits in a partner. Liking a shaved pussy is one more step towards being a pedo

I think that's happenstance. the more personal grooming becomes a commodity rather than a luxury, the more it becomes mainstream to shun any perceived failure to apply maximum personal grooming, an intentional trend manufactured by the companies who sell such commodities.

>Liking shaved pussy is a step toward being a pedo.
If true what in Gods name makes a link to it?
If not true MAX KEK.

>Blond Luna

>Liking a shaved pussy is one more step towards being a pedo

No, you're just trying to justify your pedophilia by pretending that it's normal.

I was actually attempting to present society as a whole as a doomed, degenerate wasteland that presents normal human hair growth patterns as the deviant preference

Blame societal fads for that.
Seriously, who the fuck thinks skeletons are attractive. Aside from necrophiles and necromances anyway.

Undertale fans?

Well this sure became a sophisticated conversation, a welcome break from the usual Loud House threads.

Do they fap and shlik to skeletons?
Undertale fans need help.

do you dare take a peek?


I think it's more of a joke/infatuation with "personality", although after MLP I don't doubt that for every known object there's a person to fap to it.

Never considered it could be that. Probably true, but that's perhaps an even more terrifying prospect - companies warping basic human drives solely for the purpose of selling us shit, all the while we're totally unaware of the manipulation.

Sexual attraction has always been at least 50% personality. I suppose it should be considered a good thing people aren't so shallow as to absolutely need idealized forms to be attracted to someone, but it seems like the mechanisms have been applied in wholly unnatural ways in recent times

just think. there is a very specific point in relatively recent history when some people in suits decided to start marketing razors to women to use on their body hair

Especially americans seem to confuse certain sexual preferences that in a primeval setting have ensured the survival of homo sapiens (being able to be sexually aroused by females who have just become able to bear offspring) with what should be acceptable in a modern society. It is true that men are sexually attracted to young females who show some sign of sexual development, otherwise we wouldn't have as much child molestation cases as there are. There's nothign inherently wrong with this, but acting on the impulse is since through rational discussion western societies have come to the conclusion that a) children are not capable of making major decisions about their life by themselves b) adults have an edge over children that can easily be exploited and c) children becoming pregnant when they are 15 years old is not optimal for anyone.

Enjoying shaved pussy is not "one step towards pedophilia" since any rational adult human understands that they don't have to fuck teenagers to enjoy unhaired tang.

People who get turned on by toddlers are another matter completely. There's a sexual fetish with no other reason to exist other than to cause pain and suffering.

I think stockings were to blame for that. Women started shaving and drawing stocking lines on their legs, as actual stockings had become hard to get due to material shortages in the war. It just snowballed after that and now here we are.

In my case the preference for natural pubic hair is just a part of my general preference for natural, modest appearance and behaviour. Furthermore something within me screams that if she shaves she intends for it to be seen often, which is to say that she's a whore.

We've made full circle, and I doubt I'm alone in this. I don't notice girls with tatoos, piercings, crazy colored hair and revealing clothes. If I do it's negative attention. I turn my head for the modest girl who doesn't flaunt herself around. I immediately assign a higher value to her and if we interact both my emotional and physical side is present and interested. I will help such a girl. I will be good to such a girl. I'll imagine her erotic possibilities as well. Basically I can love a normal girl on all levels, while that blend of a rare pokemon and a parrot with metal on her face and dumb shit on her skin just grosses me out and makes me want to not be in her presence, yet alone interact with her.

I'm simplifying the fuck out of this and I'm aware that it may seem like I have some odd fetish or endorse those retarded "don't shave your legs gurl!" types, but that's not the case. It's not even about showing skin as such, but the contexts and intent. Dalmatia in summer is a blazing hot furnace, so obviously girls will show a lot of skin just like the guys. That's legit, no problem with that. Same goes for the beaches.

I might be the only one however who cannot withstand perfume. When that stench overwhelms me my lungs cry out for air.

tl;dr girls like say Luan interest me while a Jinx (IRL) would disgust me.

Girls trying to avoid blonde jokes

Imagine, with things like crispr on the horizon, we might no longer remember what default human even looks like

I don't have a reaction that can describe my disgust right now.

>Cause pain and suffering
Like extreme BDSM.

But she would stand out with naturally blond hair if it's really blonde and not just dirty blonde. Idk if it's just because I grew up with a parent who is a beautician but I find bleached blonde hair to be really apparent and inferior to naturally blonde hair. The roots never look right and it comes off as trashy. Natural blondes are a gift, tell that girl to stop dying her hair and be proud of her natural hair.

I, for one, am looking forward to when every single aspect of our appearance is fully cuztomizable

>Like extreme BDSM.
Pain? Yes. Suffering? Well, the M part of BDSM is rather important

you have the absolute stereotype of what 'tips fedora' caricatures find attractive. just saying.

It's spelled BLONDE, you retard.

Pain and suffering for people who didn´t ask for it.

Fair enough.
I just like girls. As long as she doesn't have an STD and isn't gonna go crazy on me I'm fine with whatever.

>He thinks his language has any rules worth a shit

Right, I keep forgetting the M part.
Still don't really understand how people can enjoy being waterboarded but hey, takes all kinds to make a world.

Getting a kick out of pain and suffering makes sense though, if you're having sex with a woman without consent you have to remain sexually aroused even if she's bawling her eyes out and in clear physical pain.

Once again not something that is acceptable by modern standards but easy to understand in a historical context.

Also context relative: 80% of people where I live are blonde so black and brown stand out much more. Also women just like to change their hair color once in a while for no reason.

>extreme BDSM.
properly practiced BDSM doesn't cause suffering. the whole point is the sub is getting exactly what they want and they enjoy it. hell its a running gag in S&M communities about how demanding and finicky subs are

I can see what you mean but it really isn't like that.

I lack examples to show and I'm barely awake, so perhaps this screen from the Weekenders might illustrate. Age aside, both Tish and Lor here look good in their clothes, and they're nice, simple outfits. They do not diminish their beauty but they don't reveal much either except through implication. Personality is also evident. Furthermore I'm willing to bet girls themselves would feel far more comfy and at ease in simple stuff like this.

This concludes your daily dose of autism. But I stand behind my words.

>Still don't really understand how people can enjoy being waterboarded
it's like skydiving. all the excitement of danger without actually being in danger. your body still releases enough chemicals for you to get high off

I imagine it's a sort of rerouted wiring thing. The stress that comes from pain/a loss of control stimulates all sorts of physical responses, many of which overlap with arousal. In that sense it's a short step from "panicked" to "turned on"

Alright then.

I've tried erotic asphyxiation a couple times. it wasn't really my thing but hoowee I was giddy afterwards

Where do you live? Can't be the US, too much German heritage for that many blonde people in any given populace even rural.

He's probably from nord land. I don't think blonde is the majority anywhere else

So bottom line is that it's gettimg stimulation from something that your body and mind would normally recognise as dangerous.
Alright I can dig that.

>I've tried erotic asphyxiation a couple times. it wasn't really my thing but hoowee I was giddy afterwards
I imagine you would be, I'm no med student but your body was probably reacting to the lack of oxygen the same way a baby does when it gets tickled.

And it won't be there for long either if they keep letting in all the refugees.

Crispr is the future!

I'm so glad your hair color came back in Linc, I know we all kinda got used to the white and all but change can be a good thing. Besides, you literally wear it better than Luan. Just don't tell her I said that, 'kay?

Then I suppose I should end it now rather than seeing such a future come true.

That's not a file name user.
You should have called it Jerry. That's a file name.

did you forgot why I had the white hair? No? you don't remember you fucking idiot, do you?, okay let me refresh your memories then.
I had white hair because when I was 3 or 4 years old, you and the others someone find out how to dye your hair...and you decided to try it out with me with ACTUAL BLEACH you stupid blond ass bimbo!

it is just me or many girls on the show are neurotic or psychotic? I mean I can't help but find them eerie as hell

>not wanting to stick your dick in crazy
What are you, some kind of faggot?

I can see from here you didn't have any kind of relationship with girls, I can only say that crazy bitches are clingy as fuck and OBSESSIVE, they won't let you go THAT easily and some of them are determined enough to never let go of you and won't care so about consequences.

I want a crossover of this so bad.

Ronnie Anne vs Louise when?

that would be incredibly hilarious to watch, especially if that episode is aired on [as].

How would the loud house be if it was on [as]?

>if the loud house was on [as]...
The loud sister would be A LOT more sexual.
There would be A LOT of adult jokes.
We would see lincoln struggling to keep himself together as his sisters walk around the house naked or in their undies.
A LOT more of nudism.
A LOT more of dark humor.
Clyde would be a degenerate and a funny one at that.
Clyde grandfather would be like Stinkmeaner.
Bobby and Ronnie would be illegal immigrants.
The episodes would be darker in many themes.
There would be incest and incest jokes.
Lincoln would have that luck where he somehow end up in a uncomfortable situation.
Drugs and his sister will consume them.
Luna would smoke weed or be on cocaine.
We will see luan taking antidepressants and other medications.
Lori would be on some weird shit or simply sell drugs sometimes with bobby or simply get drunk in the house.
Leni would be the kind of autist that somehow you love hanging around.
Lynn would be teasing lincoln constantly.
It wouldn't surprise me if his sisters would tease him A LOT.
it would be a really good show

Are you sure you're thinking [as] and not Comedy Central

let's not forget they probably will be perverts and enjoy surprising their brother with their body and to take matters worst they will be a little more psychotic and neurotic than their nick counterparts.

I was thinking on the old [as]

I think the biggest change would be that Lincoln would no longer be voiced by an actual kid.


AKA butthurt Jews mad that Freud got annihilated by a real psychologist.

No I just don't want to deal with the emotional stress.

Tell me more guru user.

Feminism in action. Is liking beauty also another step toward being a pedo? And not liking hamplanets?

I don't talk by personal experience, my big brother is a chad and had the bad luck of having a crazy obsessive bitch as girlfriend and let's just say that even to this day she keep stalking him regardless of the consequences.


Poor guy.
Nobody should ever have to put up with that shit.


we don't but she somehow keep coming back and we even changed from states but she keep finding us somehow, I'm seriously considering to kill her in my house.


Murder solves nothing.
The police will solve your problem. Through violence.


Japanese people

I guess you are right, but I'll still shot her ass if I see her again, it has been a while since we last saw her.

I love this joke so fucking much

Could be she got better at hiding.
Just take note of things in your house going missing and install cameras over your bins.

Link to episodes?

I'll do it user, just knowing she got better at hiding scares me, I'll put security cameras around the damn house also...my brother is about to get his own home so I guess we'll install security cameras too.


i dont get it


Cute lewd is best lewd


you only get it if you've been in the army

im in so much debt it might be my only option

go to the army and go on your first mission only then you'll get it and specially if you get lucky enough to see those who are eager to kill terrorist or just excited


>had a spurdo comic perfect for this
>lost it


fug youuu
stop appropriating finnish culture :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

It's a perfectly fine career path, the only thing you need to do is be smarter than a bag of bricks and you will thrive.


Been on army and second this.
Dude, just DON'T.

>caring about imaginary incest

So, are they freaky? Or just afraid of men?

Check up on him every so often user.

it's a little mix of everything, some are neurotic, others are psychotic, there's this group that blackmail the poor idiots who fall for the bait, all of them LIE and are liars, they have the potential to run away and leave you alone and even going as far to betray you.
many if not all of them are messed up in some way.

I'll do my best user because something tells me she will come back for more, to think she managed to make my brother go mgtow and be paranoid as fuck when some girl is around.
he doesn't trust women at all.

why? venereal diseases?

Lots of people actually don't like blond hair, it's mostly a hollywood thing.

that and this to make things worse you don't know which one is the most dangerous of all and they know how to mask their messed up mental/emotional state pretty well and they are so good at masking it that it's fucking scary dude

As long as she's around then it'll continue.
If she can she'll try to set up relational aggression and deprive him of relationships.
Be careful and tell your brother to be very careful.

I suspect she will try that or doing that already so I'll look at it personally and see if I can set her a trap that will end up with her in a hospital bed for the next few months.

99.9% are either crazy or after desperate, lonley men who are tired of living in barracks (you get a bunch more money and a place to live off base when you get married). They then either get pregnant and use the child to extract child support after they divorce you or just divorce you for alimony. Imagine if the MGTOW were right about women being conniving succubi, they are right regarding base women.


Trips of truth and many anons here told you the same thing buddy just don't interact with base women

I'll leave this here~

>show is on hiatus more often then SU

I forgot the pic

Just don't get linked back to it.

>people who grow together don´t find in each other sexual atraction
Oreimo told me otherwise.

Americucks 0 | Nippon 1

don't worry about that user

>being real
Who's jewing who anymore?

he doesn't want to get cancelled


I have a more feasible proof.
kids tend to get curious right? what stop girls to get curious enough to find out what's the difference between she and boys and who better than your little innocent brother?.
it's obvious that by offscreen the loud sisters got curious and started to check out his junk when he was asleep or he was awake and though it was a simple silly game.

you are making me nervous

>Freckled butt cheeks

They don't count. Anything not black is exotic for them

Reminds of that one user that posted the greentext of his cousin joining the army secretly wishing she'd get raped and was disappointed when it didn't happen

My gf dyed her hair blonde and then went back to her natural dark brown hair again.

I have been searching for that greentext for a while now...can you post it?

Sorry, didn't screencap it


Isn't brown her natural hair color? Same color as the dad's.

Not really, so many fake blonds everywhere

it was in a thread.

He's listed as Ross on the Booru

When Lincoln goes balls deep on Lucy does she let him dom?

does this answer you question?

My sister cause she was fed up with blonde jokes 24/24.

How fat is Lincoln's cock?

Now give her long messy hair

It's Girthy.

he is bigger than bobby.

It's Thick.

It's Hard.

It's Out of Control!

I got one with better resolution.

How long can we go talking about this show without any lewd involved

Hypothesis: 10 maximum

10 minutes? 10 hours? 10 days?

what are 10 maximum? I'm sorry but I cannot understand.

10 posts


This is bullshit, I have wanted to fuck my older sister and her feet for as long as I can remember

who is this semen demon

perhaps you are abnormal or your brain assumed you won't be able to reproduce normally so your brain sended information to reproduce with your sister as a way to save your seed for future generation.

it comes from a manga where she is actually OLD as fuck, she practically fucked his great grandnephew.
Enjoy ~

I see this a lot with the JAV stars and professional wrestlers.

Don't wanna seem like a normalfag but outside of wanting to bone my sister I'm a perfectly fine guy.

I think it got wired into my brain because she often walked around the house with only a shirt, panties, and flip flops. My parents gave no fucks although they didn't do the same

>the grandmother is a loli
i don't know how i feel about this

12 soft, 18 hard, about the thickness of a soda can


then...you may have confirmed that when linky hit the puberty, the loud house will become quite the hellish place for the poor boy.
Also, it may have been physical attraction or chemical reaction, probably the later because you managed to get a wiff of her pheromones.

me neither, I just accepted it.
Magic, she literally absorbed something in her body that granted her immortality or at least a very long life.

I didn't expect a serious answer, but I'm glad you gave me one. I was genuinely curious because I feel embarrassed about it

Thank you

your welcome user, also it's natural you reacted that way.

I grew up around 4 sisters and I never felt the urge to have sex with any of them and we are all pretty close. I had two brothers so it might have balanced out.

I don't 100% buy the Westermark effect but proximity to everyone's flaws kind of negates whatever pheromone I might have gotten wind of.

>Gets 2 full weeks of episodes
>Gets 1 full week of episodes 2 weeks from now
How the hell is it on hiatus more often than SU. SU blows its load and then waits like half a year before they start showing new episodes again.

I'd have assumed sibling pheromones don't really affect you. Just since incest is a genetic nightmare, I'd have guessed that instinctual impulses like that would be reduced.

the pheromones can be one thing, perhaps it was physical attraction, curiousity or simply your body was telling you that your sisters are genetically compatible to breed a new generation.
there are many factors about why brothers want to fuck their sisters and viceversa.
there are many reasons, I just came up with the most biological side, because my logic tells me that it has to be something they emitted to make you react like that.
or perhaps it has something to do with the psychological side or emotions.

Thanks! They make anymore draws?

he is just jealous that we get more episodes than their series.
in the bottom, he knows he would love for SU to be like the loud house in terms of airing episodes.

Oh my....

>Oh my....
What did he mean by this


He does a bunch of other stuff, don't think he has a Tumblr.

Yeah...we didn't knew they were into each other.

That explains a lot.

>>Imagine, with things like crispr on the horizon, we might no longer remember what default human even looks like

We'll just turn on the tv to see nature documentaries on tribes out in the middle of nowhere and to see what people in poorfag countries look like.

I've seen some pretty weird stuff to tell you the truth.

So it'd be Drawn Together?

Also tagged as "ultrahand."

God damn it Cred Forums I wasn't planing to watch this but your constant references to incestuous undertones are too much of a temptation even if I just set myself out for disappointment.

It's mainly comfy family fun. Kind of wandering away from the formula but the first couple episodes are perfect regarding that.

Yeah, I feel like I will keep watching comfy family fun. Its nice seeing Lincoln be a good brother or Lori acting the older sister.