ITT: underrated comic book movies

ITT: underrated comic book movies

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Not muh Dylan.

The losers
Supergirl and Elektra aren't horrible


Fuck yeah, Darkman!


Yeah no. No Groucho no party.


The Shadow is a movie so gorgeous and with performances so fun that I basically don't care that the script makes no sense.

But man, you could frame any random shot from that film and put it on your wall. I'm totally okay with that new Dr. Strange film just stealing imagery wholesale from it.

It's pretty impressive considering it only exists to ride the coattails of Burton Batman.

Well Russell Mulcahey will never be known as a great auteur, but he's never made an ugly film and The Shadow is all his tics and interests combined into one place.

That movie is shit and it has nothing to di with the comic. Della morte dell'amore is a better dd movie, even without dd.

Daredevil has a cameo? Is this MCU then?

But it's an original movie?

Still gr8

>But it's an original movie?
Well, it starts comic books after this so ok.
Also this, i like him

it was initially planned as a The Question movie, hence the plot being kicked off by artificial face technology, but after getting the rights fell through they rewrote it as an original the character

I thought it started as The Shadow...

And Raimi wrote it originally because he wanted to make the Shadow film, but his script was rejected for being too grim and R-rated.

reminder that this got a vidya game

>Della morte dell'amore
Horror comedy usually sucks ass but that movie is so goddamn good it saves the whole genre

>Elektra aren't horrible

You're a bad person and you should feel bad.

I quite liked the largo winch movies

Also that taneguy an laverdure movie, sky fighters, I think.

Get hype for valerian and laureline.

I don't know what to think of this...

DD had a movie?

Comic Strip turned Comic Book turned Cartoon turned Movie.

My favorite.

Also good.

I like this one a lot too.

Man... the comic might be underrated, but the movie is underrated for a reason... Watch Dellamorte Dellamore instead. It is closer to the real Dylan Dog stuff, not to mention Dylan's character was made to look like of Rupert Everett by Titziano Sclavi.

Literally fuck you and everything you stand for.

Ang Lee's Hulk. Wasn't great, but better than 2008.

It rhymes so it must be true.