i am generic american superhero. please buy the merchendize. this episode i will teach you on why we should accept more immigrants

Well, why should we accept more immigrants, Shalom?


America has relatively strict immigration policies. Canada is much more open to immigration.

hello shalom
what kind of cuhraazy villains do you fight?
like doctor general naziman
or the white gangsterman with white henchmen
or evil scientistman with funny foreign accent

because racism is bad

Is that all?
Got anything else?

Who's your villains? I wanna buy a villain toy

ivan ivanovich ivanov
colonel colonialism
father francis

yes. in the next issue only for 29.99

Those don't look like villains to me.

well evil is kinda not obvious. but white skin clour helps finding it.

Thank you Shalom for defeating Captain Whitemann.

White is the colour of good.

nice try colonel colonialism

Don't make me revive the slave market.

begone thing of the past the future belongs to shalom

Shalom? Isn't that one of those terrorist phrases?

yeah almost. means hello and peace in hebrew

Even worse, Jewish.

Mister Shalom, are you a teenage minority by chance?

why yes. i fight for the rights of all....

Shalom, the scroll wheel on my mouse isn't working anymore. Can you fix it?

oh no he threatens our globalist values. get him!


he got me pinned. but remeber there is one power he cant stand. HOMOSEXUALITY
faster kids channel all your homosexuality to me. be as gay as ever.

we da gud guiz

Well well well... It looks like MR. AMERICAN will have to save your ass once again, Shalom!


.Actually, uh, I have better, more AMERICAN, things I should be doing right now. But I'm sure my very presence here motivated you enough to save yourself

Fuck it, I'm out of here

But Cred Forums is one of the gayest boards, he should've been dead the moment he appeared in this thread.



Oh dear.

Thanks Trump. No more handouts!


:taste the wrath of by vodka bottle degenerate



Take all my gayness Shalom, show him that the Sovjet union isn't acceptable in today's (2016) society!


Get out of the way, my Commie Friend! That purple miscreant is trying to attack you! AMERICA BEAMS, ACTIVATE!

sposibo tovarish

dont be fagots

that poor allahum

now this is a fun thread

I want to cum inside shalom

Is he ded?


of course not we have 20 more seasons of this shit to sell

Don't forget to add a beach episode!

dont worry kids i am not realy dead because evil will never defeat good

Now put on some swimshorts and go to the beach.

Sounds like it's time to bust some FREEDOM in your ass...

You didn't really fight back
You're kinda weak

hey if you fight back and kill your enemies with violence they win. good will win because my friends at the newspaper will write i did.

Thats our fault we did not chanel enough homosexuality.

So you're a super hero that doesn't fight against evil.

How's your relationship with the avengers? Do you agree with them, do they agree with you?

Oh yeah? Well MY friends will write that you're a castrated coward who uses violence and hates America! That's the TRUE power of FREE SPEECH, BUDDY!

>good will win because my friends at the newspaper will write i did.
So propaganda and lies?


Cool free comic

sir, yes sir

Tell me about shalom.
Why does he wear the mask?

Yeah it's a shame they turn him into an edgy teenager in later issues.

Shalom lewds when?

That's point, maybe we can get him to look better if we get some whose go at art things to redraw him.

Do you think he'd be of a similar build to Spiderman?

He should have a bigger nose

>hey if you fight back and kill your enemies with violence they win.
SHALOM is actually Justin Trudeau

No. It'd stick out too much and compromise his secret identity.

join us next week as our purple hero of tolerance SHALOM fights the evil CHRISTIAN priest father francis who is on a crusade to beat homosexuality out of children. will he win. will tolerance triumph over hatred
find out in the next issue for only 29.99


Kid, if you try and do the things I do, you're gonna get hurt. Trust me.

the kid should be self-loathing due to being white, though

"Mossad's revenge"


more like


Why is this thread still up

because it's quality fun?

well you did bump it

shhhh.... don't ruin the shaymalan twist!

Really you americans should be ashamed of yourselves keeping tight borders because your racist.
Here in australia we close our borders because we are good old fashioned xenophobes and its wonderful.


What a twiiist


Wait who am i meant to support here.








fuck you brian you gay brute nobody asked you anything

he's not gay.

Is that dialogue a refrence to something.

some user said it's a reference to borat or something