Menage a 3

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NTR or death

are these people fucking five?

Japanese women can be mental children, yes.

Who is this fucker and why is he cucking Gary

Matt, and he was basically forced into this. Yuki is still afraid of dicks, She wants to get past that but doesn't want to risk beating up gary so she is using Matt. Meanwhile gary is doing other women.

>who is this fucker
That's Matt, for God's sake, he was in the first strip, ramming Dillon in the ass
>and why is he cucking Gary
Considering just a few strips back, Gary was busy getting pegged by Peggy, I think turnabout is fair play here

Also Gary boned Yuki a couple of chapters ago, it's what caused this arc in the first place

How is she going to react when he cums?

>Meanwhile gary is getting his faggy bucci buss open by bitches n trannies (and maybe Matt, too?? I aint pay for no kickstarter exclusive Gary/Peggy/Matt threesome comic to find out who actually did what to who.)

fuck you
this is not a thing

>doing other women.
not really

>Considering just a few strips back, Gary was busy getting pegged by Peggy, I think turnabout is fair play here
you`re from the pixie trix forums dontcha?

He has normal sex with peggy user, the pegging get spotlighted because "comedy"

>He has normal sex with peggy
are you sure?

Matt still deserves every bullshit thing to happen to him. Gary should have just boned the tranny, but video games ruined everything again.

He does a devil's threesome with Matt, so he fucks her ass and he fucks her pussy and the other way around.

giz confirmed that gary just grinded against her and didn´t fuck her

>Matt still deserves every bullshit thing to happen to him

He and Dillon are the reason Gary has to suffer from new roommates that kind of make his life hell, to the fact that it was all for naught because he eventually cheated on Dillon and Dillon moved out and is living with Amber Amber. Then Matt cheats Sandra with Brazilian tranny, then after the play somehow hallucinates Gary as several people because subconsciously he wants to fuck him, and we have to feel sorry for him and he convinces sexual therapist (who actually could have had a decent relationship with Gary, but Matt kind of pissed that all away) to have "therapy" all the time because he can't stop his Gary hallucinations.

he´s a scumbag, but pretty much every character in ma3 is a scumbag i dont get why some people have a sepcail kind of hate for matt, zii and sonya are way wose than him

because they're the alpha scumbags. as far as I remember most the other scumbags are just kinda assholes, Zii and Matt are selfish assholes who just wreck people's shit because they only care about themselves. Sonya is a cunt.

>s who just wreck people's shit because they only care about themselves
thats zii, matt just unfaithful, zii wreck homes and fuck your crush in the room next to you

matt already fucked the entire female cast right?

Now how does he work this into a blowjob?

this made me laugh much more than any ma3 strip


I used to like for Amber to end with Gary, but she showed she really didn't like him at all. Fuck that bitch.

Come to think of it, it's been a pretty long time since Zii showed up at all hasn't it

It has only been 12 strips

Doesn't that amount to 3 months?

one month. It's three strips a week.

>still posting this shit on Cred Forums

she's had a cock up in there?
i quit reading this comic a while back, but that doesn't seem like it makes any sense

where else would I post it?

>, but that doesn't seem like it makes any sense
it doesn´t, but the authors don´t care about that, is the lusion of character development they want, not actual character development

Yeah, she did. And she almost turned it and it's owner to paste in the process.


What the hell happened to the art in DC. When it started it was much better than this.

Who else views Matt as the villain rather than a guy who thinks with his dick more than he should?

Different person

Confused? You won't be after this episode of SOAP!

Matt's on the karma train to Hell right now, but I don't think any of them are truly villains. He's worse than Z, but I'm still sour he broke Dilly's heart.

Naah, I'd say that Zii's the closest thing to a villain the strip has, simply because she has no come-uppance beyond Suzii annoying her.

Oh, and her boyfriend dumping her because she cheated on him.

That doesn't make someone a villain. She's basically the lady-Matt. And Eric leaving her was a kick in her guts, so don't underscore that.

If that redeems her, then shouldn't Kiley dumping Matt serve largely the same purpose?

Matt was pretty shattered after she left and was essentially celibate until Giz needed him to fuck Sonya for the joke with Yuki to work.

I didn't say redeems. I don't think they're evil enough to warrant a redemption, they're just people.


matt is cucking gary!!

the entire menage a 3 forum

>That doesn't make someone a villain

>she netorared gary
>destroyed a home
>destroyed her ex lover heart
> dump yuki without telling her
>etc etc
she´s way worse than matt user, everything matt has done ziis done it in a more destructive way

>How come Mr. Elephant got so quiet?
Jesus fuck, dude, pretty sure there's a special place in hell for grooming the retarded.

Gary broke up with her years ago. She is trying get over the penis phobia to get him back.

the black chick already cucked gary pretty hard, so nothing new here really

>asian girl cucked gary
>black girl cucked gary

pol was right

why they like to torture gary so much?

he didn´t fuck amber, zii fucked yuki, sonya, amber and the stripers, he´s somewhat behind her, but he fucked sandra and didi, the one zii wnats to fuck the most


Who are these semen demons?

i don´t have sauce

If Gary never gets to bang Zii, it that more of a punishment for Gary, or for Zii?


The only Human being who isn't an utter abomination in the entire comic world is Gary.

zii is giz self inserte from when she was in a rock band, she´s the authors pets, never really bad gonna happen to her, all her "punishment" is nothing compared to gary or almost every other character in the comic, they put some rocks in her way just because the readers began to call her a karmic houdini