If Superman is weak to kryptonite, why doesn't he wear an armor that makes him immune to it?

If Superman is weak to kryptonite, why doesn't he wear an armor that makes him immune to it?

He is extremely smart and is not like he would get encumbered.

I'd like to see you pull kryptonite armor out of your ass.

He does, every once in a while.

Lead works. Ever since the golden age he would be just fine until some jerkoff opened a little box. I imagine a glack jacket with thin lead plates (hermetically sealed for other people's protection) would do wonders.

Not all the time, but just in case he hears Metallo is in town or whatever

More important question, if Superman is faster than radioactivity, how is that Kryptonite affects him?

Superman's costume is indestructible (except in the 90's when it had to get fucked up all the time to show off his hairy chest), whereas lead armor would be made of lead, which is not indestructible.

He does have one?
It's just a matter of when is that thing going to be practical to wear
You don't carry a gun into the shower, do you?

>Superman's costume is indestructible

And yet the only thing that can hurt him passes right through. Superman doesn't need a bulletproof shirt, he needs protection from certain types of radiation.

>If Superman is weak to kryptonite, why doesn't he wear an armor that makes him immune to it?
He did. Actually Batman did for him.

Problem is it rips against the types of opponents he fights.

go ask /K/ that question.

Bring back the Super-Mobile.

Look at this glorious bastard, just look at it. It has robotic arms so Superman can still punch from the pilot's seat. It had a 3D viewfinder that mimicked all his vision powers. The damn thing had a blow tube for replicating super-breath.

A race between the Super-Mobile, Spider-Buggie, and the Thanoscopter. Wacky Race style.

Who wins?

That's my favorite Superman armor, probably cuz it looks both good and sillym instead of practical

>Clark: Geesh Bruce do i really need 3 logos in the front of the suit? I feel the one in the face is a bit too much.

>Bruce: but you don't have a car, signal or projectile weapons in the shape of your logo, you need all the exposure it can get.

>Batman: The marketing game
I'd play it

To be honest, Superman and Batman are almist childlike when it comes to logos and brand.

One put a cape on his dog and the other a mask.

I could have sworn that his suit was already lead lined. It's just you can't protect everywhere with it or something.

And it's hilariously great
Someone post that picture of Gordon and the trashcan
Bonus if anyone got that Manbat USB

After years on Earth the yellow sun granted that piece of rock the ability to effect him super fast

>Batman behind a desk in a tux (still has his costume under with cape sticking out) with an earpiece on yelling at someone about failing to meet bat sales that month

Do you think Bruce Wayne owns the exclusive rights to sell Batman merchandise?

I'm pretty sure he owns the rights of most heroes of the league in exchenge for his donations

And the Flash Van

He needs exposure to sunlight to maintain his powerlevel, and hence radiation. In every situation without Kryptonite, he's better off without such armor. What he could really use is a utility belt with lead/graphite powder bombs he could flick around to neutralize the stuff long enough for him to run to a nearby cache of lead armor, which on Earth could just be his home because he's the god damned Superman.

Wasn't that the premise of Batman Inc.?

Not Booster Gold.

>Booster Gold: The Marketing Game
>Final boss is Batman
Think with your mind brains.

JLI was a different deal.
key word "most"

>that level where you have to fight negative advertisement from Livewire

>random encounters with backlash from your superheroic exploits clashing with primitive historical values.

Any idea what issue this is from? I second wanting to see this.

>minigame where you have to beat the baddies, collect all the photo ops, and avoid the taboo actions in fights and topics in interviews for maximum points.

I think Year one for the trashcan and Gods and Monsters movie for the Manbat USB

>Monitors all work on Wall Street

Could Superman use his bullshit tactile telekinesis that he may or may not have to hold a layer of molten lead over his body and become a cancer-spreading Silver Surfer?

Isn't that Superboy's power?

He does have a lead suit sometimes I think. It would probably make him unable to hit hard though, since he'll break the suit.

Armor might stop him from absorbing' radiation from the Sun

Being super fast doesnt mean you're ALWAYS super fast. He must control his powers and his speed at all times or he could literally burn the atmosphere.

How would he know it was there unless he saw it? The same radiation that hurts him, is the radiation that lights it up.

Maybe they should do a new-style kind of thing where the Super-mobile is a relic from Krypton stolen by Brainiac and also somehow gets powers by the yellow sun? I dunno. Comics logic can do it.

I like this. It reminds me of the armor upgrades from Mega Man X.


It only takes someone who doesn't forget the acid

Could just be built for him by Batman or his Kryptonian slave robots. Meant to house things like lead armor, sun lamps and extra clothes, and provide supressive fire in situations where he's been compromised.

Acid is way easier to dodge than light he doesn't expect.

>his Kryptonian slave robots
This will never not make me laugh

Simultaneously reminds me of The Anti-monitor, Super boy Prime & Kingdom Come Superman.

Way better than when he just wears a grey rad suit.

Yeah but I don't want it to break against big guys or be useless in fights. Give Superman the Kryptonian flu and he has to fight using the super-mobile.

Non-characters and machines aren't allowed to be more durable than Superman because his power is maximum.

I wish the knee pads were S shields.

And he could have Bizzaro logos on his knuckles, so that when he punches metal fools, they get his logo on them.

Light moves at the same speed as the radiation and he needs to see it to identify it. By then it's too late.

If his nerves work faster than light, then surely he can feel it on his skin, then begin moving away faster than light and suffer only minimal effects. Or is it some kind of cascading allergic reaction, like a bee sting?

>If his nerves work faster than light
>nerves work faster than light
>work faster

The Superman Thought Robot, maybe.
Superman? No

Well, he moves faster than light. How's he supposed to do that without nerves to react to it with?

This suit is shit, its obviously a rip of grey fox.

Since he is weak to Kryptonite and magic why hasnt anyone tried enchanting kryptonite and using it on him, would be an instakill

Why don't you write the story of Superman getting killed with a fucking enchanted rock then

What would the magic change/do to/for the Kryptonite?

Krypto is of near human intelligence, so its more Krypto wanting to look like Clark.

I'm surprised Krypto doesn't have glases and a shirt for walks.

make it fatal

>make it moar powerful

Eh, kind of boring

Smallville and its crazy amount of crazy colored Kryptonite that can do crazy shit was dumb
I drew the line at fairy dust Kryptonite that gave Clark magic suggestion powers

He wears it sometimes.

>Oh silly me!
>I Forgot the acid!

Niggah, the human body can throw a baseball faster than it is able to react to the baseball being thrown.

The best part about superman, is that as he gets older, the less kryptonite affects him.
Another fun thing the writers forget, is that Krypton is a 10G enviroment. Non Earth Kryptonians should still be very scary and fast under Kryptonite

I had an idea where some scientist friend, probably Emil Hamilton if he's still around, built it for Superman but just ended up using it for himself cause Superman didn't use and they didn't want it going to waste. So they'll just have a supermobile.

So don't do it like those stories ether.

Different coloured Kryptonite didn't originate in that show. Have you read any of the comics with them? You may find one or two with more agreeable execution.

I like how they need to give the suit hair so we know it's not Steel.

I liked the original Red Kryptonite that just made Supes do crazy shit instead of making him evil now.
It make no sense some radiation based stuff would do that to you, but I like fun stuff

What exactly makes his costume indestructible? And why not make a suit of armor out of that stuff, and then a lead lining underneath it? Weight is a non-issue because he's Superman. A billion tons is as light as a feather to him. Even if lead-lined armor was equal to his own body weight that wouldn't slow him down at all.

The red rage one makes sense.

What were some of the ones Smallville had? I don't recall as it was a long time ago.

He bio-electric field makes the costume indestructible.

It would probably tire him out too much to extend his field to a suit of armour.

Yeah I guess maybe a lead-lined suit would be too thick for that work.

If Superman's suit was lead-lined, wouldn't that keep him from absorbing the Sun's radiation?


Big2 comics are 100% ripoffs.

He wore pic related in justice but it was for mind control worms, it could probably protect him from kryto though


Make it into a creature that chases Superman around, and kills people when it can't find him.

Because Superman needs a flaw.

What about the times where Superman just overrides his weakness to Kryptonite and just beats the fuck out of whoever, regardless of green rocks?

That later part especially would be interesting.

Would need a reason he couldn't laser vision it from orbit, maybe....

It's magically heatproof. If he threw it into the sun, it would doggy paddle back.

That would make for a funny visual.

I had something specific in mind.

All it takes is some fucking lead, dingus.


couldn't he just blast the kryptonite from a safe distance with his heat vision and destroy it?


>probably cuz it looks both good and sillym instead of practical

It looks like Gray Fox

Make it a kryptonite golem or dog that's kind of unstoppable, but it just kinda roughs people up when superman isn't around, and wants to fuck with superman.
Like pic related.
It's much funnier when it's a nuisance more than a theat.

Well lets see,

either he DOES do things like that...

or Superman is dead now.

Which is it?

Green Kryptonite is always a threat to an unshielded Superman. As soon as you involve it, you are dealing with serious business mode Supeman.

>Oh look it's Batman in his armor suit

>So it is! Let's shoot him in the mouth

>Holy fucking shit, it's the Batman!
>Run, oh shit oh shit oh shit!

Because you touch yourself at night.

He has a few times, but it gets torn up quickly.

Remember when Luthor had a Kryptonian battleship made out of kryptonite?

Clearly the radiation also moves faster than light. It's Kryptonian radiation after all.

>he moves faster than light
Pretty sure only the Flash can do that in the modern era.

This, he'd have to cover his face and hands.

I don't know about the current one but New 52 definitely did

motherfuckin' Popeye will always be #1 in my heart.

he can do it just not without wrecking shit so it's basically only useful for space travel

Look at his smile.

Look at the dumb armor hair.

I legit love this picture.