ITT:Bad Webcomics

ITT:Bad Webcomics

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Midget Starscream and the Green Goblin?


>"look ma! Muh safe early 2000s art style!"

there's nothing safe about that nose

kinda makes you wonder who's behind this comic

Are ya going to do a storytime?

I'd appreciate this because I've never actually seen this webcomic do anything outside of a few pages


can't you believe the creator of twokinds and markiplier are related?

Yeah I can

good webcomics is an oxymoron

>safe early 2000s art style
The fuck are you talking about?

Pan,stop shilling your trash

How about that west tree academy of heroes ey? Pretty bad huh?

I'll consider it if this thread dies instead of being deleted.
I'm afraid of the mods banning me since it is related to Pan.

>12 years later
>still no sign of a plot


What's wrong with pan pizza? I don't mean to imply he's good, just generally ignorant and curious

E-celeb garbage.

How far can you make it into this without cringing

The mods ban people who make threads about him.

I don't know how they would react to a storytime.

You are fucking pathetic.

>a cringe lord,a gay,a tranny,idk,a diaper fetishes

now this is podracing

Why are they trying to make my fetish normal? its not.

>a tranny
In Pan's defense, Izzy was a man when he joined the podcast and was one of the people on every week.
Pan can't just kick him/her off.

Meanwhile in the Loud House thread....


A lot of stuff over in our Cred Forums webcomic threads, but naming them off wouldn't help; we legitimately have people in there who refuse to improve because negative feedback gives them more attention than improving would.

So for a better example, someone tried shilling their comic, "Imperium", the other day. It was a poorly written and paced furry techno-Orwellian bore, but what struck me is that the author only refers to the artist by a pseudonym. It's clear going through their archive that at least three artists have taken up the pseudonym at some point, and the whole thing smacks of either underpaying the artists or pulling the "exposure" routine.

>Tfw you know who made that by looking at the diaper


Make the thread in /trash/ :then

yeah ill do one gimmie like 5 minutes


Then I would only be doing it for one or two people from this thread and a few people who are into furry vore, so it wouldn't be worth the trouble.

Tbh it is good to enjoy ironicaly


>n Pan's defense, Izzy was a man when he joined the podcast and was one of the people on every week.
Pan can't just kick him/her off.
Pan is some what liberal desu I don't think he would of saw being a tranny as a red flag when choosing people for the podcast

If you want some one who is "red pilled" and review's cartons check out this guy

did they mention the babystar Taxing incident?

>le ebin Assigned Male reaction image
>If you want some one who is "red pilled"
>"Fuck this guy for supporting things I don't agree with! Now watch this guy specifically because he does just that."


Nice job will check out your youtube channel!


For the longest time I thought it was a joke. Like, a recurring gag that came from a previous podcast I missed.

Nolan is still the best cast member.

>kinda makes you wonder who's behind this comic
it says it's drawn by someone called pan-pizza

That's a funny way of spelling Jim

spoonfeed me.

I'm not him I'm just a fan shilling for him

>previous podcast I missed.
>Missing a podcast

OK. in the diaper fetish community there is a furry comic writer that goes by the name of babystar. She self inflicted incontinence so that she can get free diapers. the money you spend on taxes goes into those diapers

I feel like Jim is only there to talk about movies. I listen to the podcast for cartoons and animation.

That's a funny way of spelling Gables

I usually enjoy the podcast but what the fuck is going on here?

Ken the best senpai

>watching some guy's cartoon reviews on youtube because you agree with his political opinions

I spent a longer time reading this than I'd like to admit

That's a funny way of spelling Neros.

almost ready to story time

God Tier taste,user

It's okay, user.
Everyone has their first trashy soap they think will eventually come together.

Nolan's the worst. Just piggybacks and starts autist discussions.

Why does Cred Forums hate pan

Anything on here

Podcast "cringe" took over his videos, his reviews are devoid of passion because they're patreon requests, and he's still the best Cred Forums has got.

We don't really, well it's complicated.

There was a time when we had Pan threads every now and then, buuuuuuuut the mods started deleted them and banning people. There were people who already hated on Pan, but this led some of the most impressionable anons to think that Cred Forums hated Pan just because the mods deleted threads.

Over all, Cred Forums's split around 50/50.

Get ready for Pan's fans to RREEE at you.


How does one self inflict incontinence? I'm struggling to figure this out. I only see one article on pubmed about this.

Any links about this?


>Forums went down because of bitching that the entire fucking website was harboring a pedophile and the owner of the forums just got sick of all the stupid drama

We need based Jim back to purge the cancer

Also is Nolan really gay?


It's Furry Weeaboo Fanservice: The Comic.

He is one of us, we must hate him.

Just pointing out the obvious my dude.

Pic related is pretty good so far.
I'm surprised Pan hasn't interviewed TCB about it

The podcast hasn't been good since Ken left. Doesn't help that Izzy and Gables are not funny and intersting, and Jim just became way to preachy. Used to like him and I really do miss all the movie trivia he used to come out with, now he just rants about invisible misogyny and racism in media.


A Mexican who likes Invader Zim too much.

Pan and his friends in general seem to have gone down the path of the retarded social justice manchild, which is sort of weird considering how much Pan talks about his boner for Zone-tan and Raven and such.

>The podcast hasn't been good since Ken left

At least we still have Mommy's Boys


Ken hasnt if watched mommy boys they make fun of that stuff all the time

Nivlek and everything else this diaperfur has made.

I hope it never ends, god bless those three

hi pan

ive been waiting for this my entire life

Sup man

>Closeted Cred Forumsmbler the channel .

I can't believe noone mentioned this one
step it up folks


In case the image is too cryptic
If it isn't, pic related. We'll meet soon enough.

Oh Jesus Christ not that. I remember reading it and dropped it once I realized the MC was never gonna stop being a beta whiny little bitch.

Pan stop fishing for compliments.

Fuck you pan you suck

That Sonic movie actually sounds kinda cool. It's too bad it went the way it did.
But, seriously, I don't really care about fetishes. I'm not gonna knock someone for liking something I don't. The bit with Zoe was kind of awkward, though.

I wouldn't say it's just him. E-Celeb threads in general tend to get pruned fairly quickly. Mr. Enter and Angry Joe threads, for example.

Still cant stop reading this.
i own all the books anyway

>edgy anime profile pic
>'meh' banner
>Description: I shit where you eat.

yeah no

12 years, is really that long?

The fun part of most shitty webcomcs is dissecting the artist's fucked up psyche. With Assigned Male it just gets creepier and more infuriating the more you start to understand Labelle's mind.

tfw, if she weren't such a jerk, I actually would.

>early 2000s art style
Pick one.

>that channel

It's like if Cred Forums and Cred Forums had a baby

the last time I looked at this, Daisy had a hardcore breakdown because mike's girlfriend didn't remember her after not seeing her for years.

It was such an overreaction that I ended up laughing.

Don't compare the fat kid to my waifu

Oh god I was reading this just yesterday. I've literally never scene a more unrealistic child character.

Those dubs don't lie

Is it

is it porn?

This one fucked me up with its PLOT.
Ironically I didn't understood the political views at the time (I'm not american)

>Boys and girls should have the right to decide which meal they prefer

No fuck you; that's not a remotely good analogy. That's exactly how childhood obesity gets started, because children have terrible fucking self control when it comes to sweets, and their weak as shit parents indulge them.

You're all smalltime.
tfw I got unironically moved by that shit when I was a troubled teen

>ITT: Bad webcomics that Cred Forums unironically enjoys

There's a reason I don't tell the other boards I go here

hi pan

>Joyful Meal

That's about being able to choose if they want Barbie or Hot Wheels with their Happy Meal, user.

ITT: Popular webcomics that hipsters dont like;


I've never seen or heard of that being an issue at any McDonald's.
I doubt the employees care enough to even pay attention to which toy they're putting in those godawful boxes

It's not an issue at all, but some people kicked up a stink about it.

Oh. I thought it was an analogy for children choosing whether or not to get hormone therapy and sex changes.

Why does Stev pretend to be female now?

It is, user. Everything in that comic is.

He took the gender meme serious.
His voice is great, he is a fucking madman if he changes it.

>everyones memories of old youtube celebs
>Diaperfur's story about actually managing to get some movie studio folks interested in his SatAM script
this podcast always finds a way to be comfy. Even in the most distressing of circumstances.

I'm ashamed to say I read this. I want Natani and Keith to find happiness, because I'm a sucker for tough girls opening up to an equal.

No, but it's one of the few things that artist does without any sexual overtones


why did concessions exist and win online awards

Does anyone else get a sick pleasure out of following really bad/mediocre webcomics?
They're just kinda comforting, in a way


>get ready for Pan's fans to RREEE at you
implying pan's fans would do anything besides making fun of his cringy ass

Get fucked teenager.

Yeah, it's like "This is bad and I recognize it as bad. Maybe something that I make will not be as bad." Pretty much the only reason I follow Scalie Schoolie beyond the art style.

What is this?

Mommy boys podcast Ken does with his friends