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This is crap and you're a fag OP.


That's what you get for having a triangle nose and not shaving properly.

Haha, look! It's a "life's a bitch and I have crippling anxiety/self-esteem" comic. I've never seen that before.


ITT: unloved virgins getting triggered

are we just getting mad at these kinds of comics because we essentially relate to them and as a species, if we relate to anything too much we are considered weak and meaningless? if that's the case, everything we love should be considered meaningless, and the farther we stop carring the more we actually will begin to feel life again.

other than that, i don't like life's color choice. i prefer life to be green.

The "raise my self-esteem" one was legitimately funny.

My mom loves me.

That white cuck boys hairline should be a couple inches higher

Someonee fix it

No, we're getting mad at them because they've grown old and overstayed their welcome.

A comic or two about how life gets you down sometimes is OK, but when those comics represent 99% of the content you create it shows you're an unfunny hack that's milking a trend as much as possible.

Take it easy. I'm just tired of seeing the same cliche comic over and over again drawn in different art styles.

I've never understood what the problem with these is.

They're simple and poorly drawn, but it's not like he's being preachy or anything. I haven't seen any sjw shit either.

So to battle the comics that overstay their welcome and are being made over and over again, the best thing to do is to talk about them and reposting them, over and over again?
Couldn't you just follow a different artist or comic type?

No, in fact it's because it's entirely unrelatable.

EVERYBODY ON EARTH thinks life is hard and a bitch that gets you down. These comics say nothing and still come off as thinly veiled requests for attention and coddling the poor poor artist and their cute persona.

And the abuse of personalizing everything wrong with your life into a vague figure seems to be self indulgent too.

Life shouldn't have a face. It does not seek out to belittle you, it simply is.

I'm not the OP, I just made a passing comment. I don't even follow any artists that make these.

>"Heathcliff is having an existential crisis"


great now I'm imagining these simplistic crappie cartoons but the metaphors abstracted into inhuman beings that reflect what they are.

I still like that one about fashion design though.


replace "life", "depression", or "sadness" with jews
post result


Fuck you.

Now this is funny.


ok i chuckled.

I just think that out of 10 of these comics, maybe two or three at most are clever.

Most are the pop psychology equivalent of those retarded political satire comics. He labels and anthropomorphizes everything to make the gag more obvious....and if there's any true sin in comedy, it's explaining your joke.

>self-esteemed isn't changed to sheckles

ok underage.


Is there any point to these comics besides between retweeted on social media when people are feeling down?

why else would you make it then? no one who is depressed goes around making self-deprecating art


God I hate these self loathing strips

>The nose


The version I'm most familiar with.



I don't get why people don't just deal with the tough times in life. Hell i'm in college right now studying about 25 hours a week and I hear people crying over there 10 studying a week classes. Just roll with life punches and punch back when you see an opening.

How does he get away with drawing the same comic over and over again?

he's a regular on reddit, they fucking love self-deprecating college aged humour over there

I'm at a loss.

Explain it to me.

it's funny because you just explained it in the same post

Didn't "life" technically also give him the balloon?

I like the way you think.

>mfw I see Cred Forums posts like this all the time but no one calls out how pussified Cred Forums has gotten

Why the hypocrisy, Cred Forums?

Goddamn, I hate this shit.

My emo posts aren't quirky "cute" comics made for upvotes, that's the difference.

Of course not. You want (you)s.



No, they're just incredibly easy and predictable. I'm a sad fuck, and I can't even relate to them despite being the target audience apparently, because when I look at them, the only thing that crosses my mind is
>Oh shit, here we go with another overdone joke about how hard it is to be an adult
Jokes aren't funny if it's just the same set-up/punch-line every time



the orange cat sucks, is that the joke?

I'm glad you think that.

The "joke" is that even though the "artist" claims to like videogames, fighting games can only ever be button mashers and randomly button mashing and getting lucky enough to win is exactly the same as fighting someone on proper terms who actually knows how to play the game.

inb4 some retarded shit about fighting games from someone who knows nothing about them

I think the joke is just the orange cat sucks.

That too.
I've just seen far more of these stupid cats than I care to have.

Ain't that the bucket of cold water called the truth.

what happen?

Project harder.

>didn't change the branding so it still looks like it's Owlturd

I'm Jewish, and I think it'd be hilarious if that edit got spread in an attempt to make it seem like the creator did it him/herself (I don't know if it's a guy or girl) much like the rape robot edit from KC Greene or whatever his name is.

Personally, I'd prefer a Ben Garrison watermark

In which the author has never played a fighting game.

>implying it hasn't been this way from the beginning

I'm a huge fan of global world domination conspiracies, how do you make it work, jewanon?

Why are these so obnoxious and cringey while Whomp is relatable?

Shut the fuck up Boco

*heavy breathing*

Yes sir...

these aren't likable because most artists don't resort to making basic and unintelligent observations about life and trying to be the one who gets frequent shares

he's basically turning and digging into the box of things most lazy people wouldn't consider, like movies of just fart comedy

ITT: Cred Forums get triggered

At least it's drawn well and the cats are cute.

>water is wet

this guy makes sarah look happy go lucky

>trying to make a new comic in the "fat orange house cat" genre
>mixing it with "lol us gamers" style vidya webcomics
It's like someone took the most played out comic strips of the late 70s-mid 80s with the most played out comic strips of the 00s and mashed them together into something about as mediocre as you'd expect.

Because Ronnie uses specifics and puts work into showing how miserable his existence is. It isn't just generic "life is hard, a bloo bloo bloo"

It's alllll in the WRIST


It's just Cred Forums taking their dumb threads here.

Yeah, it's always Cred Forums or Cred Forums or reddit or Cred Forums or tumblr, isn't it. Never perfect Cred Forums.

That, and from what I've seen of Whomp, "I'm neurotic and cutesy! Pity me! ;_;" isn't his only topic unlike owlturd. The comic in the OP doesn't even have a punchline, really. Whomp at least TRIES...

way ahead of you


Geez literally every single comic is the same shit over and over again

Cred Forums WOULD be perfect if the alt-righters weren't in every fucking thread.


Almost like another comic Cred Forums loves, Ronnie Le Sad Fat Man

I hate this kind of comics because nobody will ever do anything about anything depicted on them.

At least they are realistic and not pretencious gen z shit

No, Cred Forums would be perfect if soft-cocks like you didn't complain about every small things they don't like and try and label people all of this stupid shit.

Point being: fuck off back to tumblr.

To be fair, the orange cat's just a side-character. The main cat is some black little shit.

Whomp's a lot more diverse because he's works in different angles to it. Take the most recent one. It's something that fits the character but isn't actively putting them down while simultaneous playing up their "loser" character.


You're aware you're talking about the guy whose father is Santa Claus, right?

Probably because he can enjoy aspects of his life, rather than just focusing on getting "I have such a mental condition u guise" points on tumblr to make himself happy like owlturd does.

Ronnie's a cool guy.
And essentially one of us.

I don't get why Ronnie is always such a jerk for fast food workers

This is more realistic than anything from owlturd

I'm going to take this thread opportunity to shill SMBC, because after all these years (of daily updates), it still gets a laugh out of me.

Didn't tumblr recently accuse Owlturd for promoting political propaganda?

>tumblr recently accuse
the answer is yes

>promoting political propaganda

What propaganda?

Not so much a jerk, just intimidating or threatening. He is a man who takes his food seriously.


Those comics are really hit and miss, there are some good stuff but most of them are pretensious shit

>tfw you're a well-adjusted person who's happy with where your life is at right now
I can never relate to these things

>tfw my self esteem has only improved with age

The key to happiness is to stop being a teenager.

>Didn't tumblr
You can stop right there and as long as it's something that seems fucking stupid to any rational person, then the answer is always yes.

>you're a well-adjusted person who's happy with where your life is at right now
Dude, I'm not even this and I still don't related to this comics.

>letting life affect your self-esteem
what a fucking pussy.
must have serious insecurities like a huge faggot.
it must suck not being born with alpha genes.
i'll never know that feel.

You're probably the only person I've seen use pretentious properly.

In any case though, like I said, his comics still get a laugh out of me. Sometime a real good laugh too, and that's why I still enjoy SMBC.

This one was just so unexpectedly absurd that I couldn't help but laugh heartily.

I can't relate to the attention whoring faggot known as owlturd, but Ronnie just seems like the kind of guy who enjoys his weird life and occasionally hates himself.
I can relate to that.


Damn it it's so facebook tier

THICC futa porn of the leaf when?

I actually like this one

That's why they get so mad, self loathing and poor self image is like Cred Forums's thing and to see a cute hipster persona aping this trend of DUDE DEPRESSION LMAO really pisses anons off

If this was 2009 there'd be a lot more "THOSE FUCKERS" itt and it'd be a good time

great now I'm sad

I like this one.


Fucking gold.

Really makes you

When will this faggot CalArts style die off? Go back to tumblr you gay piece of shit.

I'm pretty quick to want to fuck anything, but I don't want to fuck either thing here.
That's a pretty good tell that this shit is shit.

>the flimsy wooden ramp is able to handle the car's momentum
>the wall made of the same material couldn't
This makes zero physical sense. A ramp that small and steep would have also been destroyed if the car had enough momentum left over to pierce the wall.
>skidmarks on undamaged grass


gamercats is great though desu

Now you are just being a picky on a comic that wasn't made with the intention of making sense for no reason.

Yeah, I would fuck the cats too.

No, it really fucking isn't.
It's "LOL cake is a lie" tier bullshit forever.

To be fair, a lot of people come here from Cred Forums and Cred Forums.

I fucking wish I could draw for shit

Run a minimum-effort webcomic that takes you 10 seconds to come up with and 5 minutes to draw each day where every punchline is "dude...like...hold on...man...I...I FEEL EMOTIONS XD Isn't that relatable?" and you're a global celebrity

Draw mediocre inflation diaper vore for loaded furries and you're a millionaire

I was dealt a shitty hand in life

>coming soon to Nickelodeon

Yeah you've been dealt a definite shitty hand in life being so fucking dumb.

Yeah it's tumblr, but it's related to your shitty whining.
This guy now does work for bandai iirc.

I fucking hate these comics.

We get it, you're self-deprecating.

I never get the message that I'm supposed to pity Ronnie. He is where he is because of his decisions and his possible disdain of improving. Add to it that he also shows himself in a negative light from time to time.

Oh god why am I reading this at work I nearly laughed out loud

found the alt-righter

No, you found someone who's sick of tumblr shitters like you.
Fuck off, faggot.

Isn't WHOMP! the same as owlturd?


Give the black man big red lips and you got gold


Also changed the nose, because:

If the common cold doesn't have them down,
No need to make them look like a clown.


That is such a clumsy story-telling device.

Which just speaks to how unrealistic owlturd is, because despite Ronnie, not being realistic, it is far more so than Owlturd


>not having true unbridled rage

This was already discussed in the thread, you illiterate ape. Come on, son.

I dunno, people are used to the Ben Garrison meme and it doesn't even plausibly look like his comics anyway.

I wish I knew, I'm out of the loop myself. I'm just a minimum wage slave like many of you.

>Comics about depression, stress, and anxiety? How lazy/whiny/overused!

How is it any different than half the stuff KC Green is known for? Or even Ronnie?

This isn't just one of those things you guys are hating on just because it's common on Tumblr, right?

It's not that we aggressively HATE them, it's that after 900 comics of the same joke, we get mad at him using the same joke more than the content of the joke itself. He isn't clever with it, the art isn't good enough to excuse the lazy writing, the punchlines are predictable. Only a few of them are actually good. This wouldn't be a problem if he weren't an obscenely popular web comic artist, now there's a bit of us that gets annoyed this guy "gets away" for lack of a better term with being as lazy with his punchlines as he is.

There's no sense in getting angry over something as trivial as web comics but whatever, you can get fucking mad at anything, anger isn't logical. You might get pissed off because someone is walking too slow or because your fucking shift key sticks to your keyboard every now and then. If you have to say, "B-but why are you angry? Can't you just not be angry?" you're on the wrong website.

In comparison, Ronnie has been pumping out depression comics for a while now and doesn't just draw a blue/red/green blob and then slap the word "life/sadness/anger" on it. He makes comics that actually make you think, "Oh fuck, that's me" rather than the comic telling you, "This is you".

Fuck, got a chuckle from me.

>blood coming out of skulls

>takes you 10 seconds to come up with and 5 minutes to draw each day where every punchline is "dude...like...hold on...man...I...I FEEL EMOTIONS XD Isn't that relatable?" and you're a global celebrity

Get your facts right, it takes 6 minutes.

why do you guys act liek every web comic is a personal attack against you?

It's at least not offensively unfunny or smarmy. Plus, the whole IWTFTU.

How are you supposed to act when discussing a shitty comic with anonymous people on the internet?

Reflect on this for a moment, user:

Instead of referring to any particular person, you've made a broad, sweeping generalization designed to attract the attention of a set of people.

Are you suddenly shocked that I'm responding to you?


I like the military one more, does anyone have it?

Fuck you, you made me laugh and my parents are sleeping.

This comic looks fine. You might be missing the point if this thread.


Anyone can learn to draw, if they have the motivation to get that fetish cash, go for that hual.

>The Miku Lamp

Because he's terrified of human interaction so he puts up a stand-offish appearance so that they'll take him seriously and not talk to him.

Ronnie gets creative.

How can something be so sad and funny at the same time?


Typical. Weaklings can't experience an emotion as pure as true anger.


LOLing out loud

>what happen?
The US Navy.

That applies to the comic too.

>Not enjoying chill Winter and comfy Fall
>Liking sissy shit like Spring and obnoxious Summer
I hate him.

Lol oh Cred Forums
Not like western civilization finds its roots from the jews and greeks. That be fuckin stupid

Breddy good analysis, 10/10

Missing the nose, Cred Forums-kun.

What's funny is that this isn't the joke, but I want to jerk off to this instead.

>western civilization finds its roots in jews and greeks
Then it's even more there fault that shit's so fucked!

Actual LOL!

Those edits were gold

its still the funniest comic edits on the web

No it's that this guy uses Kelly tier political cartoon characters (LIFE or ANXIETY written directly on the character) and makes an extremely shallow comic about that character. KC green is able to create a comic that can actually convey how it feels to have depression, ala the "this is fine" dog

Literally LMAOing my ass of right now lads


Those tapestry edits sure take me back.

Shut the FUCK up Boco

Yes sir...


This is golden

>ye olde ancient 4channe

Why is this so much better than the original?
Also more funny comics.
I've just come to realize my webcomics folder is quite bare.


oh. I remember this game. Or at least some of the comics that were made during the game's production.

What exactly happened? In non-archaic tapestry form, please.


I love this one.

"Soon everyone had a gun-man-beast. Soon the beast battles were no more"

Oh god, this picture gets me every time.

What's the appeal of this shit?

>haha look at me guys I am so sad and depressed, life is too hard haha

Well do something about it you faggot, get /fit/, read a book, get a job or better yet, improve your art skills.


I just love the idea of a pseudo-deep comment being spoken by a shaved man in underwear overalls, and a sock on his hand.

Uber drivers never come to your door.

as if that negates the fact that they're trying to bring it down currently

someone besides Cred Forums remembers starforce?

This one is guaranteed to get an audible chuckle out of me.



Is it time?





Good end

More comics inbound








Everything is relatable. For example both you and the sun have mass and some hydrogen molecules in your composition. Also staring at either of you for extended periods of time damages vision.

last Cred Forums related comic

>Self deprecating, ironically cutesy, visually minimalistic that use post ironic humor and """relatable""" regurgitated jokes about introversion
>it's all really just a front for the artist to not really give a genuine effort and coast on people halfway liking their work while not really communicating anything new

You know, as I've grown older and had to deal with things thst gave me less and less time to draw, I've started to really dislike people like this. People who don't even try and don't realize how fucking insane their opportunity is, that they can make anything they could possibly fathom artistically in this world of technology that facilitates it, and they're usually young college aged kids with lots of free time to concentrate their efforts into something real, and what do they use it on? The art equivalent of dollar store cookie packs. Nobody likes or hates them, they just exist. This amazing opportunity to have made something uncomparable to anything else, wasted on a manifestation of the fears of weak willed artists too timid to genuinely express.

It's just disappointing is all.



The joke is that button mashers are actually difficult opponents because they have -no- strategy, and therefore are unpredictable for skilled players.



The unicorn user.
That face was literally created about the unicorn.
Have you not seen the comic?

really though it means either its a complete dogshit joke of a fighting game, or more likely, the person whining thinks knowing what all the buttons do and how to do the special moves counts as 'being pretty good' at the game

Oh shit.

Much better

how about you read the thread user?

christ this reminds me of supermega. What kind of comedy even is this

>My 25th birthday was just a week or two ago
>Spent the day talking to insurance people cause someone hit my car
>No one remembered my birthday
>Still have 3/4th my cake sitting in the fridge
>Will probably throw it away soon



I made you a better one.

If you mash buttons in a fighting game, you'll get railed harder than Trump at the debate last night.

Holy fuck, this comic pisses me off. Fuck the faggot fuck artist.

Nothing wrong with fapping to muscleSamus

I don't think Shyguy makes Cred Forums's kind of comics
Post the fucked up centaur one with the bad end
And maybe the good end Shyguy drew because that thread on Cred Forums pitched such a fuss

But by the angle she couldve seen it...

Devs turned into SJWs, took the money and dissapeared

Hey Chaim, what are you doing on a blatantly anti Semitic website?

>man is the animal

So he went from a lousy, pushy, lazy wife to a lousy, pushy, lazy girlfriend that can also eat him.
Good end my ass.

Woah this is way creepier than smiledoggo, it is so relatable.

>they can make anything they could possibly fathom artistically
>something uncomparable to anything else
I know I'll sound like a cynical turd for asking this, but how much faith do you really put in this assertion?

Come on user. Being new is no excuse.

Even if you didn't know, I'd expect you could guess given that the little girl looks like a little boy with long hair.

It's funny because this is 99.99% of fighting games. Almost as easy as FPShooters since they're all the exact same thing


And by "pretentious" you mean "thing I don't understand" right?
I hope that comic you posted wasn't supposed to be an example, because it's anything but pretentious. In fact it's spot-on.

>You're probably the only person I've seen use pretentious properly.
>he says to the guy that couldn't even spell pretentious properly.

This is next-level projecting.


I wanna see these two /ss/

This one is good, right?

>not getting that thats part of the joke

Is this a dig at that one comic about the circles making a hole for their selves and saying to the other shapes that they should "just walk through, it was easy for me" or something like that?

>you'll get railed harder than Trump at the debate last night

I could have swear that he made the other one..

Nope. The art is too good to be him.


>see a few weeks ago a dozens of these comics on some website
>"aha it's pretty good"
>see this thread
>realise he actually made HUNDREDS of them

well, its been a while since I saw it.


I think this one is pretty accurate. There are some people who are born into whatever situation that makes it easier for them to be successful (inheritance, trust fund, etc), and there are some people who have to work harder to get to that same place (ie make their own hole). Then those bitch-ass circles tell the other shapes that it's so easy, just be yourself and you'll be successful.

>western civilization finds its roots from the jews and greeks.
>jews and greeks

I miss all the (You)s I used to get from posting Travis from my 4G. I want to go back.

I presume it means "I want to fuck the unicorn"

Sunred was a great show.

fucking hate that fag and his cringey comics.

lol is that bombgirl?

It's pretentious you stupid fuck, do you even know what the word means?

button mashers are the easiest people to beat because they constantly throw out unsafe shit and give you free damage

you ARE learning how to block and punish moves right? you aren't one of those people who skips over the fundamentals and just practices combos are ya?


Explain how it's pretentious.

Guys look how jaded I am! Do I fit in yet?

I have a Vita and I absolutely love it, famlam.

Since when do people remember Starforce?


Never gets old.


yeah, his armchair comics were a lot better. it feels like he's fallen into a rut

That's not Virtual Reality.

Hey, Starforce had a fun cast.

And...one good game and another alright game...




>makes an actually halfway funny comic
>takes it down when a couple people complain

God damn, why are people so fucking spineless these days? God help him if he ever makes a genuinely hilarious comic, he may have to shut down his website and move to the fucking Himalayas.

Oh shit!

birthdays are for children. you know this. everyone knows this.

i don't get it

No, yeah, I like sf3 a lot, just saying it's not terribly well known.

Katie is good compared to the mainstream web comic artists.

No, you're lying. Overgrowth was my love project, it can't turn into nothing short of perfection.

Cred Forums and tumblr edit

It'd be better if this wasn't 90% of his shtick. It's like dobson's little routine about making a comic about how hard it is to make comics. But it looks better.

We should just keep posting SMBC.

I've been considering getting one. What's worth getting for it?


Sorry bro, it's true.

They also said that Redwall was a shitty cartoon. When told that that the cartoon was based on the book series, the devs said that "anyone who enjoys medieval mice killing each other needs to get their heads checked".

It's easy to be put off because of the moe bait, but there's plenty off neat games in it. I just got it, but right now, I got:
Soul Sacrifice Delta
Freedom Wars
God Eater 2
MGS HD Collection
La-Mulana EX (I basically bought this twice on
PC, since I love the game and it's fun on the go)
And a bunch of digital PSP and PS1 classics that are already compatible.
I'm looking to buy Shinobido 2, Wipeout 2048 and Berserk Musou in the future, and I might import Phantasy Star Nova. I guess I could get Persona 4 since I skipped it, but I'm more of an SMT guy.

It's a neat system (MUCH better hardware than any 3DS, very smooth interface and good energy management), you just gotta filter hard to find good games, and Sony was quick to abandon it, which is really sad.
My only sore spot with it is the proprietary memory cards, but that isn't much of an issue since I prefer physical game copies whenever possible.