Mfw no Injustice comics on Tuesday anymore

>mfw no Injustice comics on Tuesday anymore.

Not until next month when Injustice: Harley Among Us starts

>tfw got lost and never read further than butlering
are they archived?

Don't bother. First year best year.

Injustice is like smelling your own fart. It stinks, but you just can't get enough of it.

Screw you, the rollercoaster only gets better. Bizarro was fucking fantastic.

>Not Constantine Wild Ride

That stuff was nuts


Injustice is so stupid, that it goes past the point of being bad and enters the territory of "so bad it is good".

Goddamn it, why does it have to be fucking Harley?

Because she is the best character of the comic

This is actually true
I never cared for Harley until I read her Injustice version

Wasn't there an user that would storytime all 5 years. He was halfway year 1 and then stopped.
WTF user don't make promises you can't please.

>best character

>He didn't like Harley/Ollie/Dinah dynamic
>He didn't like Harley/Lobo banter
>He justified why one should wear a fake moustache

No fun allowed, am I right?

More like scrotum sweat if you ask me.


Injustice: Ground Zero is starting in October and Injustice 2/year 6 begins in January. Hang in there!

>helped nuking a city
>everybody loves her


No one is saying she didn't do terrible things, Injustice simply features the best characterization of Harley that we've had since arguably Dini wrote her.

>forgot /ss/ Harley
How could you?


I'm counting Taylor stuff, Booch Harley seemed like a step down


I just really don't like her character. Anywhere.



Literally "xD": the character

>Forgetting the heart-to-heart moment she had with Ollie, Dinah, Lobo and Barry

Good b8

>Cred Forums still pretending to hate a comic they religiously read
DC haters will never stop being funny.

Injustice gave us so many awesome pages.


Neither do I, but Injustice was in my experience an exception to that.

Injustice was fun as fuck.

>That guy that said he was doing a year 1-5 storytime
>did year 1 and then fucked off weeks ago

What a fucking quitter

Like every comic book, it has its moments

i'd just be happy with all five years to download

They completely forgot about Zod. Scorpion, I can understand, since he's not from the DCU. But absolutely no Zod?

If it was up to me, I would have made the Year 5 Annual all about Zod escaping from the Phantom Zone and looking at Superman's new regime. Superman would eventually find and kill Zod, but not before Zod gets to say "I'm proud of you."

In the end, Superman would start using the Phantom Zone to brainwash his more willful henchmen, like mentioned in many of the character bios.

Instead, Year 5 Annual is about Harley Quinn, Ares, and Black Lightning.

>mfw injustice crosses over with the mk universe
I don't actually have a reaction pic on this computer


I'll miss this crazy comic


Zod appears in the main game as DLC, so does batgirl, that is why they weren't killed in the comics (Zod doesn't even make it in iirc)

Bizarro was literally the only decent thing about Boochjustice.

that's what user is estranged about.
All of the DLCs from the game appear in the game, sans Scorpion and Zod, and no explanation was provided for that.

Yeah that always bugged me. I expected Zod to appear in Year Five but we got Bizarro instead and that plotline didn't really go anywhere desu, even if it was funny at times.

Maybe he'll cameo in Ground Zero to fight Harley Quinn during the events of the game or something ridiculous like that. They put Harley up against Lobo so it wouldn't surprise me.