Why did they imply that Hades was Wonder Woman's father in the cartoons? Where did that even come from?

Why did they imply that Hades was Wonder Woman's father in the cartoons? Where did that even come from?

Not "Father" precisely, just that he helped Hippolyta mold the clay. Kinda like that scene in Ghost.
And I don't fucking know man, relationships were weird in the Timmverse.

JL didn't know what the fuck to do with Wonder Woman.

That said, still more interesting than Zeus.

Wasn't implied for a very long time in the comics before The New 52 that Wonder Woman's father was Herakles? Or was it Ares?

Wait, i think i'm confusing her with Xena, The Warrior Princess. Well, most DC writers also do.

"im gonna fuck that clay so hard its shape will deform"

>Hades true face
That's when I learned what rape was.

Yeah, in the reboot is Zeus, right?

I also think in the Earth One OGN thing is Hercules.

>that look in his eyes


Hades and Hercules are way better than Zeus

Wonder Woman has had more origin stories than any other JL member I think.
But yeah, I think pre-nu52 she was the result of Herakles rape.

Hawkgirl can see what Hades really mean when he says that he wants to be Wonder Woman's "daddy".

Azarello didn't go hard into Hippolyta/Hades /ss/

Wasn't there Ares, also?

I know i remember some Ares shit as well. I am not confusing this shit with Xena. My mind refuse to accept it i'm wrong on this.

That's because he wanted to give Wonder Woman a real family with a bunch of OC demi-god brothers and sisters, to take a bit her connection from the amazons.

I think Ares was Wonder Girl's father at one point. Dunno about Diana.

Ares shows up in some episodes of JLA/JLU, but there is no mention of them being related.

Nah, Cassie Sandsmark's father was Zeus before The New 52.

I meant in the comics. In the cartoons was Hades.


I could've sworn that there was an arc in Teen Titans where Ares showed up saying he was her father.
Might've been screwing with her.
New 52 apparently her father was Uwotm8 here, which is kinda cool.

I thought it was interesting.

This remind me that Geoff Johns had Darkseid fucking an amazon and having that Grail OC amazon.


It gave us a new dynamic and supporting cast, yeah. I just wish her father was someone cooler than Zeus.

Yeah. I mean, I don't think I'd mind Zeus if it weren't for the fact that Zeus secretly being someone's father is a little played out.
Still, I liked the Gods. Azz had a pretty cool take on most of them. Nemesis in particular was pretty great, and I liked the "tired old man" Ares.
Dionysus was a little disappointing. Not sure what I expected though.
Also, I liked that Ares actually respected Hephaestus, and that Aphrodite actually loved him. The part where her and Hephaestus were playing in the pool on Olympus was kinda cute.

I could roll with Herakles as her father, making her everybody's grand-niece. It fits.

It also makes a certain amount of sense because in the myths Herakles was accused of raping Hippolyta. Whether or not it was consensual tends to be up to interpretation.

It was consexual in Marvel.

It was a merry time when Diana met Hercules in the Avengers JLA crossover.

It also would keep Hera as an antagonist, since she hated Herakles and his children, and would hate the fact that the queen of the amazons slept with him.

You could also do the whole desconstruction thing where Hephaestus tells WW that Herakles never raped Hippolyta, that it was consensual, but that the conflict was instigated by Hera and Nemesis, forcing the amazons to attack Greece, that the mass-raping was created as a cover-up by the amazons and Hipollyta went with it for reasons.

Indeed it was. And in some portrayals of the myth Herakles didn't even sleep with Hippolyta, she was willing to hand over her girdle over to Herakles, so Hera told the Amazons he was raping her and they attacked. So he killed Hippolyta assuming she set him up.

There was also the myths of Theseus, that in some myths was with Herakles during his expedition, and that he took Hippolyta with him creating the said conflict, with her either going willingly to marry him or being kidnapped to marry him, or even some where Theseus took one of Hippolyta's sisters Antiope, Melanippe, or Glauce. Either way the amazons attack Athens to bring their queen/princess home.

Timm said he regretted turning down the offer for a WW solo cartoon to push forward with JL for that exact reason.

You can mix it up. Have Hippolyta deciding to hand her girdle over to Herakles after hearing about his mission and noble heart, falling immediately in love with him and sharing a night of passion, but then he refute her feelings and plead to be her consort after his mission, because he can't forget his dead wife and still has a lot to atone for. This revelation in turn would make her feel used and betrayed, after the night they had shared.

Then all hell break loose because Hera (or Eris) made them believe that Herakles was raping her, creating the conflict. Hippolyta would attack Herakles angry for her own reasons and because fight broke up outside and she would feel that was on him and his men as well, since he already lied to her by omission already, but Herakles and his men would manage to escape without minimal bloodshed.

Later after the conflict Hippolyta would go with the rape rumor because of her pride and because she felt used, and they'd also learn that Melanippe was killed by Telamon during the conflict, and that Antiope, another one of her blood-sisters, was "kidnapped" by Herakles and his men, which would only fuel hers and the amazons blood-lust. In truth Theseus and Antiope fell for one another and Antiope decided to go with him.

Lastly, you've the war in Athens, where Hippolyta and her amazons fight all of them after retribution and to bring Antiope and the girdle back, but during the conflict Molpadia, an amazon, kills Antiope, who shielded Theseus with her body, with Theseus killing the amazon back, and Hippolyta seeing what she had done decide to retreat.

In the end Hippolyta learns that she's pregnant and have Diana. While Theseus end up with Hippolytus, his son with Antiope.

Now all the myths are together and make relative sense.

Why did Hippolyta's sister never appeared in the comics?

i thought it was like.. hippo sculpted her while imagining what her kid with hades would look like, ergo if she's hippo's daughter she's hades' too