Which one Cred Forums

Which one Cred Forums

the hornie

C'mon man, we've been over this.

Chun Ni has the better rack, Nicole has the better ass. Your choice is completely dependent on whether or not you're a breast man or an ass man.

I choose the goat milf.

Oh yeah, I've been meaning to draw Chinese Nicole.

And what proof do you have to support this claim?


The righ one has handlebars, so she.

Literally hottest knock-off character

But I'm a leg man, what do I do?

Because the leg domain is currently unattended, I'm afraid you're just going to have to make do with whichever one has more appealing legs to you.

Even for a Chinese knock off the goat-cow one is deformed as fuck

very thig

The one that isn't a literal chink knockoff. Stop encouraging them to steal ideas.



The one with tits.

Right, but id be damned id i said i didnt fap to left more so.

Left has bigger thighs, which is more important to me as a man.

I kinda like the horns. They're like handlebars.

Better a flat chest than a flat character.


You can't even see right's thighs, but you have your prioritizes straight.

I'm going with right because I can't jerk it to something that's clearly a familiar household animal to me. I don't hang around goats much and she also has human hair.