Sam Humphries signs exclusive to DC Comics

Still a pretty new exclusive and he has managed to get exclusives to both Marvel and DC in a short time. Who can stop the dog fucker?

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I want that ring and that lantern

Will there be anyone left for Marvel? Other than Bendis I mean


And rich was right yet again

Dude is probably better off than you romanticly. Can we let this meme die already, I'm liking his Green Lantern work and he's escaped Bendis.



Man, I wish DC wouldn't throw all their money on mediocre shit and sign more high quality creators to exclusives.

>tfw i will never have a qt asian gf
>tfw i will never ruin a character

Also the only reason why his green lantern is good is because Jessica and Simon are new characters, so there is nothing to bitch about on how he ruin them, just as he did with Star lord.

literally who?

I'm glad. No more awful marvel stories from him, and hopefully he can continue writing good things for DC.

He also wrote Avengers A.I. and it wasn't half bad.

One of those writers who suck at Marvel and indies, but not at DC.
>my face every time it happens

green lanterns is painfully mediocre

Yeah, like Charles Soule too right?
I'm sure there's others as well.

Loeb, Millar, Waid, you name them.

Loeb is the universal shit though, at least in the 21st century.

Has the opposite happened?

Millar's Marvel work is good though. Certainly no worse than his DC
>Inb4 trouble

His Batman was bad but still readable thanks to Sale.

No idea. I think not.

Get a load of this guy.

Lemiere too

No it isn't, Civil War itself is a shit fest.

What has he done at DC apart from Red Son?

I don't like Sale.

Swamp Thing
Superman the Animated Series

Your loss.

No it isn't.

>stop calling him a dog fucker!
>posts a picture of him with a dog

>Sam Humphries signs exclusive to DC Comics
>DCfriends will defend this
>DCfriends will continue to claim that Green Lanterns is good just because it isn't as god awful as Venditti's run

What? Ultimates is fantastic. The fuck are you one about?


>and indies
Our love is real was good at least
Well until it went to total shit at the end the funny joke on the last line was unable to save the retarded ending.

So what DC character is going to be the first to fuck a dog?

Ultimates and Ultimates 2 are among the best Marvel Comics of the 21st century. Ultimate Avengers 1-3 + Ultimate Comics: Ultimate Death of Spider-man: Ultimate Avengers vs. New Ultimates was a brilliant work of art and easily Millar's magnum opus. There has never been a comic that so perfectly captures the concept of "black ops" as his Ultimate Avengers run.

>Ultimates is fantastic if you love Michael Bay movies

>Our love is real was good
Dogfucker spotted.

Eventually the rest of the big Marvel oldies will leave/move to TV/Go independent, and creative talent will flock back to take the spots they left. It's a cycle.

Why though? I'm enjoying Green Lanterns but I certainly wouldn't call him a good writer. Surely there's better talent that DC can lure with exclusives.

>and it wasn't half bad.
you're right, it was all bad!

Shut up, Millar.

Well constintine already fucked a monkey so its not a stretch.
However nightmare nurse is a borderline sex adict so probably her (wait would that go against her hipocratic oath)

Fuck off Marveldrone, it's a solid 7/10 which is still leagues better than any of the garbage your company is putting out.

Hastings' books have been good so far.

>Green Lanterns is anything but mediocre
>Humphries is anything but mediocre
Am I being memed? Do people actually think the shit he writes is great just because it's under the Rebirth banner?

Do people seriously hate him because of the dogfucking comic which was clearly meant to be satire?

marvelbitch pretending to be dcboy and actin stupid to make dc guys look bad spotted.

>webcomic scum
>a writer

Maybe he touched a nerve?

>>DCfriends will continue to claim that Green Lanterns is good just because it isn't as god awful as Venditti's run
Green Lanterns is decent Vindetti's current run on Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps is actually entertaining as fuck. Sorry you're not into fun.

I think there are some new writers coming on for NOW 2.0. Hopefully at least one of them is good.

Not enough for a franchise like GL.

It's "fun" so it's "good"
Kinda like the mcu

Hastings is honestly a better writer than most of DC's or Marvel's. He's been writing/drawing one of the longest running high quality cape books of the 21st century.

Hastings pls

>Loeb is the universal shit though, at least in the 21st century.

Loeb was good until his son died.

Soule, Lemire, Waid, Millar, Spencer all had arguably better work with DC for some bizarre reason.

That's not even getting into the artists that go downhill when jumping to Marvel. Mahmud Asrar has tanked hard. Marco Rudy soured. Sorrentino's barely getting by. I'm worried Kuder is going to get ruined as well.

I gave up and dropped the book during DCYou. Sorry if I take the "i-it got better!" claim with a grain of salt. I don't mind Venditti's Valient work but his DC work has been dogshit.

Now that you're mentioning it, Rebirthfags are kinda like MCUfags.

They're all pretending like the comics/movies are great when in fact 90% of them are mediocre and there are only about 1-2 standouts.

No, Dogfucker is just a fun meme name. Our Love is Real is widely considered to be Humphries' only legitimately good comic.

His best work is his independent work.

>for some bizarre reason
Editors, user.

*tips le fedora*

>Spencer all had arguably better work with DC for some bizarre reason.

this is garbage. the only thing he did at DC that was close to decent was the Jimmy Olsen one shot.

THUNDER Agents was fun.

user, I'll give you Lemire and Soule but Spencer and Millars' best non-creator owned books were all done at Marvel. THUNDER Agents was nothing special, and while Red Son and Adventures of Superman are certainly great books, they're still not on the level of Millar's Ultimate work.

Ultimates was babby's first capes, user.

Even if your only metric for judging how good a book is is how "fun" it is, Superior Foes of Spider-man and Astonishing Ant-man are still more fun than it.

It was all worth it. Him leaking Civil War II and basically fucking Marvel up completely was great. The hero we need.

Thunder Agents was awesome.

>Superior Foes of Spider-man and Astonishing Ant-man
Pretentious hipster bullshit.

Whoa there, user. While I agree with you, I have yet to see a single Rebirthfag claim that the DCEU movies are good. They may overhype some mediocre comics, but at least they actually care about comics rather than just pretending to as an excuse to talk about the movies. Which is more than can be said for most of the people who post on Cred Forums nowadays.

Wait what

>while Red Son and Adventures of Superman are certainly great books, they're still not on the level of Millar's Ultimate work.

I'd argue that Red Son and Adventures of Superman hold up better than any of Millar's Ultimate work. Ultimates 1 & 2 were influential as hell, sure, but it holds up like a diet flavor of Authority/Stormwatch.

Red Son is one of the single most entry-level cape comics there is and Adventures of Superman was quite literally an all-ages book meant to be "babby's first capes."

>Soule, Lemire, Waid, Millar, Spencer all had arguably better work with DC for some bizarre reason.
>That's not even getting into the artists that go downhill when jumping to Marvel.

excuse my ignorance, but why?

>Big 2 cape comics
wew lad

>DC person signs exclusive at Marvel
>Quality decreases
>Marvel person signs exclusive to DC
>Quality increases

>if I hate the DCEU, then everyone does

Yep, and none of them were edgy crap like Ultimates.

Back in January, the WIP script for the first issue of CWII leaked. Later, all of Humphries' books get cancelled, he jumps ship to DC, and Bendis goes scorched Earth on everything that Humphries had done despite the two previously being friends. Some people on Cred Forums believe that he was the one who leaked the script which is what brought all this on, but that's mostly just meme-ing.

>he doesn't know about Marvel's pandering to the tumblr/hipster crowd
Man, do I have bad news for you...

Now that's magic.

I don't get it

Make sense to me really. What was the official reason for Benis purging Humphries's work?


They're also shit.

I hated all of Venditti's GL before Rebirth and I think HJGLC is solidly meh

It's nowhere near as terrible as his prior run (yet?) but it's nothing astounding either

The prospect of Humphries writing JSA doesn't seem too far fetched, does it? :^)


Now I like him more.

>he liked OMD

Yes it does. Apply dick to your mouth.

Only thing that's shit here is your taste.

>I don't actually read or know about comics.
Back to Cred Forums with your smug Waifu posting degenerate.

>doesn't like girls
Your loss, polack.

Soule is doing a great short story at Boom! called Strange Attractors. Basically a mathematician is trying to keep NY from imploding under it's own complexity and is making small adjustments to it to keep it flowing.

It's alright DCFriend, enjoy your JSA written by Humphries. Everything will be fine. No it won't.

Don't think so, memer.

yeah sure whatever but you can sustain a company with only fun stuff, If I am not wrong Gwenpool is at 30k.

I wish Hasting was working on other stuff too, can you imagine a teen book by him.

Since Orlando is writing JLA, I think it's a possibility.

I don't know about the writers. Maybe something to do with editorial. Artists tend to go downhill because Marvel likes to double-ship books and make creative team changes without much lead time.

I don't know how much that affects things though. It will be interesting to see how DC's art holds up in the long run now that they're bi-monthly on a lot of books.

Look at Asrar's stuff. Compare his X-Men to what he was doing on Supergirl.

Just kill me now m8

>Everything will be fine. No it won't.
For Marvel.

Enjoy Death of X, Cline Conspiracy, and IvX :)

How does Marvel handle the art on double-shipped books? Because DC's decision to put two artists on every double-shipping book seems like they realized beforehand the pressure it was going to put on artists.

Constantine already fucked a dog in Azarello's run. Or maybe the dog fucked him, we didn't exactly see it.

No, we hate him for his Star-Lord. "Dogfucker" is just a funny nickname.

I thought that was just the townspeople doing the dogfucking.

Wait, Mahmud Asrar did the "You know...?" page? Motherfuckers!

Yes. So many good edits

user, what do you think pretentious means?

DC bothers to try learning from their mistakes
Marvel don't

There was a dick in a hole, and the owner of said dick and/or hole was John Constantine and a dog. Yes, he was drugged to the point of not being able to resist, but that's neither here nor there.

I honestly thought you were just comparing the writing on each page at first. To be fair, the X-Men page there is in very fuzzy quality for some reason, I'm sure I've seen it crisper. But the one on the right is still unquestionably better.

Or Marvel will hire more new blood and/or established talent from outside the industry. Or gr

Sorry, that was just the first interior image when I searched for Asrar's work on X-Men.

No worries, I was only pointing it out. Even with images like , it's still clear that the Supergirl art is leagues better. If you ever needed evidence Bendis fucks up pages for artists, this would probably be it.

I just didn't notice you were comparing art and not dialog because the art was honestly just that different at first glance.

He's still busy finishing up Dr. McNinja. Once this final arc is over, he'll likely be taking on more projects.

I have a feeling he was writing Star-Lord in the synergistic style that editorial wanted. When he's left to play in his own little sandbox (like Avengers AI) he was pretty good at Marvel.

If he's such a master of comics, as you said, why does he need to write Marvel crap?

Better paycheck? The prestige of saying you wrote for one of the big two?

Humphries' run was horrible independent of synergy. It would have likely been BETTER if he stuck closer to the movie's version than Humphries "literal retard' version.

Money and the chance to widen your fanbase. Same reason anyone does corporate owned comics.


>the chance to widen your fanbase
It ain't working so far, m'boy.

It was true then. JSA written bu Humphries.

>It ain't working so far, m'boy.
How do you figure?

Its Vertigo. DC will continue to attract people because of it. Marvel has no comparable platform.

Also a brief 10 issue run with Morrison on Flash, and it was great.

Are his books selling 100,000 copies every month or something? No they aren't.
>but muh digital sales
Remember, the digital sales charts always lie.

Millar's work being better at DC makes complete sense as he has said so many times he's a DC guy first. He understand what makes DC characters work and is respectful to that. In Marvel he just goes full edge.

But DC will never hire him again after he insulted Paul Levitz.

literally nobody cares about vertigo user

humphries has a boom book and many exclusives are "don't work for dc/marvel"

Why has Vertigo been cited on the last 3 exclusives then? You are nobody, not everyone.

What? Also Millar said he was talking to both big 2 and he's either going to write his Superman story that he has wanted to for so long or do a big project for Marvel, announcement by the end of the year

He's writing Empress for Marvel. Surely he'll go back to this publisher.

Unless he has apologized to Levitz?

because the writers/artists want the guaranteed work and pay and any benefits that go with it, and dc won't let vertigo go even though wb murdered it and the only book people care about is sheriff

>source: my ass

What did he say to Levitz? Also he alluded that DC was responsive to his project. And he's doing Empress there only because Immonen is exclusive.

Everybody has already spoken. Sales for vertigo books are absolutely pitiful, and they're latest push was a flop, with many of ongoings being downgraded to minis and with there being only 3 total left a year later.

Sheriff wouldn't have survived had King not been put on Batman, especially since trade sales wouldn't have been as good so far.

DC knows Vertigo is dead, and that's why all the restructuring happened and they keep putting vertigo in the contracts.

>writers most definitely prefer writing a book that'll sell 4k for 8 issues over getting more benefits than a freelancer

i know you like sandman and all but it's 2016 and image and others replaced vertigo

t. Someone who never actually read Ultimates and is parroting hot opinions they read on Cred Forums

>drones actually believe this

From Supergods:
> Mark Millar, now embedded at Marvel and still smarting over the censorship of Authority, posted on his website a photograph of Levitz next to a passport shot of a then notorious Euro pedophile and asked browsers if they
could tell the difference.

>no caps or punctuation
Looks legit.

You idiots know people have been saying Vertigo is "dead" for decades right? Please just stop talking, you sound very dumb.




Millar is such a cuck. And how does Morrison know about this? And why is he writing about it?

>And how does Morrison know about this?
Imps from fifth dimensions, what else would be?

Absolutely yes, same reason people think Red Hood is good and not more Lobdell trash.

Samefag? And Vertigo will never truly be dead, WB will keep it on ventilation but it's as good as. There's a reason they created new imprint for Way.

You might as well say Tom King is writing it because he's exclusive too.

Did you actually read Ultimates, it has actual thematic value and good art. Bat Movies don't even look good.

>There has never been a comic that so perfectly captures the concept of "black ops" as his Ultimate Avengers run.
u cheeky cunt

>Look at Asrar's stuff. Compare his X-Men to what he was doing on Supergirl.

Fuck I didn't even know that was the same guy. What has Marvel done to the poor man?

underage b&

Vertigo is just part of the exclusivity agreement now. The only recent exclusive who might have been signed specifically for it is Joelle Jones (and even her first project is a Supergirl mini).

It's not even 3 decades old you dumbass

Are you implying 2 decades isn't plural? Do you know what year it is?

They created a new mature readers imprint for DC characters... How is that not a death knell?

So basically you're claiming people have been calling it dead since it existed? That's retarded.

>if they disagree with me they have to be underage
Complete fucking faggot. Tell me why it's bad.

>everyone being a dick, especially Cap
>Hitch tracing over photos
>Bush Jr depicted as a normal person

The competition have been saying its "dead" since like the year after it came out.

A new mature imprint for DC characters. Vertigo is separate now and for creator owned works.

Vertigo is "dead" because WB changed the wording in the contracts in regards to control and adaptions and shit. It can be good of course (like iZombie doesn't get an omnibus without the show), but it's not hard to understand why generally creators might prefer to have true power over their properties and save their ideas to be published elsewhere.

I don't know why anyone is pretending like this isn't the case.

Because not everyone here is a DC hater who wants Vertigo dead.

I don't know why you think this has to do with DC hate or whatever. It's just the obvious current status. Acknowledging these facts doesn't mean that you want it to literally end but it's definitely not a good situation and DC is working to fix it as best they can with the new exclusives binding that talent to the line instead of allowing them to publish new things through Image or whatever.

What kind of faggot would want Vertigo to die?

>these facts I pulled out of my ass

DC haters, as I said.

Even DC haters couldn't be that retarded.

It's just a marveldrone pretending to be a dcfag to make dcfags look bad

They do it literally all the time

>Millar is such a cuck. And how does Morrison know about this? And why is he writing about it?

Because they were close friends and he ghost-wrote part of Millar's Authority run.

Not him but it's not as good. Maybe you read it in your early cape years where everyone was telling you it's the best thing Marvel published in 21st century but it's literally Authority: Marvel Edition with 500% more decompression. Characters are ooc, caricatures and utterly one note. Edgy for the sake of edgy and cinematic and realistic meme taken to the extreme. Not to mention plotting is generic and dialogues are usual God awful Millar dialogues. Millar likes to pretend he's a nostalgiafag but it's so evident that he had not read and respected a single Avengers comic before. Hitch's art carried it.
People don't understand how damaging Ultimates became to Marvel universe. Post Ultimates they were only signing artists on team books that were able to imitate Hitch's Widescreen paneling. Even artists like Linel Yu and Maleev that had their own sense of style were forced into it. Read books of 2005/06, every book looks generic as fuck in art department, definition of house style art. And decompression became the norm and acceptable. You literally had issues after issue in various team books with characters doing nothing but talking just because Millar did it and it was praised as good character work.

He had bad blood with DC for the better part of the last decade, but now it's over. He has moved almost completely to his own project now, but he announced he's going to write a special Superman project next year. It's going to be his definitive take on the character.

I can't lie user, I'm hyped as fuck. For all the critics he has here, Millar does really get Superman like few writers.

The bad blood is over now. He'll do Superman and DC is super interested. It's something he's aching to do.

>he announced he's going to write a special Superman project next year. It's going to be his definitive take on the character.

Take a look at I'll believe it when I see it published. Until then, it will be just him attentionwhoring as usual

>Complete fucking faggot. Tell me why it's bad.

It's not bad. It just doesn't hold up outside of the Bush administration era. Now it reads like a watered down version of Ellis' Authority run.

>Characters are ooc
He literally established the characterization of them
Stopped reading here
>inb4 b-but the original versions of the characters
What's the point of the Ultimate U if you're just copying characterization?


I think the Lanterns arw 180ish dollars. They make them all but Indigo, for obvious reasons.

He's been talking a lot about Superman lately. He really wants to do this.

He'll fit in

He's also considering Stuart Immonen to be the artist


>And immonen and I so keen to work together again. Even besides volume 2. I mean something else and I wonder if he and I might actually be a snug fit for a big superman story! He's amazing. He and I fit like a glove.

Oh, and before anyone says "Stuart Immonen is a Marvel exclusive" he IS right now, but Millar said his contract is over next year.

Oh boy, this is rich. Have you ever read anything else than Ultimates, kid?


I don't really read any DC, so... good news I guess?

What. When did this happen.


Joelle is doing a Killer Moth maxiseries with Landis in the future.

Damn. I knew that it was the same guy and he stopped putting in as much effort as he did on Supergirl but this side by side comparison is painful.

Why would that matter? We're talking about him growing his own personal fanbase by reaching new audiences. There are likely people who have read Vote Loki, Gwenpool or Adventure Time over at IDW that never would have never read Dr. McNinja and thus wouldn't know his work. Building a fanbase that'll follow your works is important when it comes to doing creator books, and creator-owned is the endgame for comic writer.

A better point of comparison would be to see if his Dr. McNinja traffic increased since these books have come out.

fuck off, I'm literally reading every Rebirth title and I love the DCEU movies.

they are pretty good though

Meh they both garbage.

damn thats pricey. And why dont they make Indigo? Least they could make an Indigo staff or something.

Yeah when I hear about new writers on Marvel I get kind of worried.

The sales say differently
>B-but sales only count when it's something I like selling well!!!!

He is OK with Jessica and Baz even if he tends to make them act like immature 17 year olds at times so if he does JSA I guess he would be good at handling the young generation.

Don't know about the older guard tho.

That said he might do good in JSA but who knows.

DC has better editors at the moment, excluding Berganza of course.

Marvel editors are all over the place, they constantly let spelling errors slip, one time they even let a credit error happen.

They also let Bendis run wild, I want to say they don't edit him at all but just look at the way Bendis writes in his tumblr, holy shit, I wouldn't be surprised if they just gave up on him.

>liking Civil War II

Source? I am not doubting you BTW I just want to know more about it.

Superman makes edgy writers tone down the edge, even Ennis who hates capes with a passion loves him.

Comics have been a hipster medium since the 50s.

Brave and Bold, Circle of Fire, and even SE1 are all good to decent. I would argue his Wondy was good. The only thing that I felt was meh was his Grounded.

Really, Jack Kirby saw a dip, he didn't create anything as genre breaking for DC as F4 or Avengers.

I actually do like civil war ll (please don't hate me).

Read Spencer's pitches for DC, they were smarter and more imaginative. Millar's Ultimates was thisAt DC he wrote the best Swamp thing run since Moore left, contributed to both the Ellis Authority and Morrison JLA, both seminal. He even wrote twelve issues of Flash I would argue are his best cape work.

I actually think OML is the best Wolverine book since Millar's EOS. Lemire Hawkguy was as good as Fractions and his Moon Knight is cool. He's writing crappy X-books. That's it.

Soule's a follower. He writes what the lords of Marvel like.

Not arguable with Waid, he went from Eisner level creator to Byrne league asshole.

Loeb, sigh. Jeph Loeb is the Michael Bay of comics. Except for his Ultimate work I never hated any of his stuff.

Agreed, but Marvel will fuck it up. He needs better artists then they've given him.

>he went from Eisner level creator to Byrne league asshole.

dat mean ole SJW!!

Can we stop the Robinson meme. Robinson wrote ONE decent comic over a decade ago. It wasn't even THAT good. It was wordy, pretentious. He has every tick that signifies bad writing. And he's a relentless SJW.

Because nobody expected Gwenpool to succeed. Marvel fell backwards into her and her team. And just watch, they're gonna fuck it up royally.

>Ultimates best anything

bwahahaha. Is that what you think? Have you read Hickman's FF or Morrison's X-men or any or Thunderbolts by Busiek, Niecza and Ellis? I mean, Hitch's artwork is pretty but god damn bro. I'm not a Marvel fag and I know that Ultimates is paint by the numbers big screen stuff.

That sounds more like Rucka

Ennis has a small cock, true story.

Being a marvel fan is depressing.

only in this shit hole that makes everything into a VS.

okay, makes no sense. Byrne isn't SJW, guy was butthurt Alba, a dark girl, played Invisible gal. He's just legitimately an asshole who rants about stuff.

user, I can't think of ANYTHING Rucka's written that was even decent. Wait, shit, does 52 count?

Only when Our Love Is Real stops being his only memorable, not completely bland work.

Didn't Constantine get forced to do dog porn in an Azz issue of Hellblazer?

>not liking Rucka
I hail thee, kindred spirit.

So it's pretty much proven that Marlel's editors are the reason they suck, right?

He's written non edgy stuff though. Starlight, Superior, MPH (at least the tone, the ending and the message) and Huck are all non edgy

I'm not a huge fan of his (hating his current run on WW other than the art) but he's done some solid stuff in the past.

>Gotham Central
>Detective Comics
>Punisher (Solid Frank Era)

Good riddance, I'm sorry for whatever book he ruins, DCfriends

Truly one of the least talented nepotism hires in the industry right now

That's probably because you haven't actually read anything.

They gave him Gurihiru, one of the best artist teams that Marvel works with.

>he hasn't been reading Green Lanterns

Face it, Marvel editorial is the problem. Good writers went from DC to Marvel and turned to shit and bad writers from Marvel have gone to DC and put out good stuff.

not as shit as the last guy =/ good

It's not shit though, and Venditti is still writing Hal.

You have the movies faggot, we have a fucking shitty cinematic universe. Stop whinning.

I wish Soule stayed at DC. His Swamp Thing was fucking GREAT.

DC was really bleeding talent a few years ago.

Everyone leaving was necessary to cause change. Without that we don't get new editorial, DCYou, or Rebirth.