Latchkey Kingdom/70-Seas: Storytime and Discussion Thread 3

Board games edition

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We continue with Cluck Cluck Crisis already in progress

Crow knows his stuff


Oh now he noticed.

A man can dream.

Looks like some fowl language.

A'ight, cool, but lets just let the two older threads die, now.

Storytiming is totally fine, and I'm enjoying these threads, but I'm afraid that having three threads for the same comic alive at the same time might (rightfully) upset some people.

She have had a harsh life.

Debbie: the gal with the plan

It's not my fault people keep posting in the old ones

Always with the technicalities.

I'm scared too.

The peacemaker.



The sweet relief of death.








Quick and efficient.

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is major roverfield's translator one of those stripey blackadder kids?


Not sure


We all do Rosaline.


Time for a boss fight.



Willa sure gets sent flying a lot.






Explosions: the answer to everything.

Debra should consider a career in basketball.


The start of something adorable

One whole youghurt? Lucky girl.

Fangirl hypermode activated.

The drawbacks of fame.

That was Cluck Cluck Crisis. Sure was a long one.

Here is the first example of Patreon Backer comics.

This is Something Good Happens To Svana.

And now onto... another lengthy chapter.

This is Tourist.

And now for what we all came here for: Hardcore Nudity!



You can never have too many newt eyes.

Thank Lapak for that "underwear" or else we could never have storytimed this here.

censored booty


I have heard about paying with a gold card, but this is ridiculous.


I'm surprized that even with all the new lewds, no one did something with the magic underwear.


must be the cheek markings and ears throwing me off

well bridget did get a pic that went way beyond 'something with the magic underwear'

When you get shiny new gear the first thing you do is finding something to hit it with.

Kinda surprised too in hindsight

Don't be such a downer Willa. Who doesn't love thimbles?

I know the girl rose is tapping on the shoulder is maria merryweather and I recognize the dog but cant remember their name, but who is that woman looking smug in the left corner?



Oh. OH!

Consensus is shes either someone who never showed up officially in the comics or shes one of the bodies grim occupied at the end of 70 seas

Seems like Janus and Semira would have a very heated discussion about credit.

Damn Janus, that's cold.


fukken bigot thinkin all lags look the same
most of his single-piece art has more variety to the linework, the more 'basic' style is probably so he can keep updates on schedule


Boy did she ; )

Her name is Madison Harker she was going to be Rosaline's evil rival. The thing is Rosaline turned out more evil than I anticipated so she became redundant.

I also had plans to use her in a 70-Seas arc where Nikol would be stuck in a boarding school with Rosaline and Madison would become sort of a demi Grin (it's complicated).

Why do you even bother Bridget.

Can you spot all the video game references?


>Madison would become sort of a demi Grin
she does seem to look a lot like this body

She could be on mid/early grin-ification process, maybe?

You think Svana would realise by now that Willa is never there to rescue her.

It's totally fairy stuff and nothing else.

The Prime Directive is bullshit.


Remember kids; always have money on you so you can bribe your jailers.

Love that newspaper.

That's a similar looking but different character.

That's sort of the idea, she was someone who kinda got half way grinned and retained her own identity and would later on try to form a collective similar to Grin's.

Successful Bluff.

Kamina Rat is not impressed.

that sounds pretty dope

Geesh, how bad are you at games Svana?

the idea of willa irately incoherently squeaking like that is 2cute


Time for the ultimate game.

Mario Party ain't got shit on this.


Seems fair.




No we are not Bridget.





Uh oh!


Talk shit, get hit.

Do not fuck with Svana. She will tear your ear off

That's a lot of taters.

Epilogue 1

Epilogue 2

And that was Tourist.

I think I can fit in one more chapter before I go to bed.

rex got a thing for dog equivalent of amazonians

This chapters gimmick is that it was made using only pencil, paper, ink and whiteout. Also the chapter name is a secret.

This is SahH.

best girl soon

No one acts like they shoul at robberies any more.

She probably smells nice.

Who is this?

It's best daughteru who is here to kick ass and take names!


I need a trained battle llama.

Because llamas can see into your very being.



I don't get it...

>spar-ao-ky is her dad
>she's still humanoid

It's like someone took a photo of what happened.

Why hello totally not suspicious guy.

Yep, totally not suspicious.

What a nice totally not suspicious place.

But honestly, it looks pretty rad.

Almost as if her mother were some kind of shape-shifter.

If getting to kiss cute girls was this easy in real life.

Aah, cock blockers!

Shut up Starla!

But it was so realistic.

>Stella has stripes
>shape-shifting mom
>Bridget has been seen in doggo form
Bridget confirmed Stella's mom straight from Nick's mouth

Hey now, you don't talk like that about peoples religion.

God DAMMIT Starla!

Ink: The bane of robed cultists everywhere.

This ain't good.

Release the Kraken!

" I threw a rock."

"Puny god."

Title drop and celebratory make outs, the perfect place to end this storytime session.

I'll finish Latchkey Kingdom tomorrow, unless someone else wants to pick up were I left off.

I recognize those silhouettes
thanks for the storytime user

for all you memers who like to talk about welcoming your death at every opportunity

Bridget ain't the only Fairy on the planet.

>there are more people like Bridget on Lagend

I love how hard Stella's mind is working to justify Harold's name

And there are plenty of half-fairies around too. Though most are not as strong as Stella.

> This is sort of a silver cybernetic ant. It's based on some webcomic I forget the name of.

Mechagical Girl Lisa A.N.T

That is definitely it. But I like to think I drew it better.

nth for cute gods

I dont know about that, but i do know that if you check the patreon you can see that the reindeer lady from noel is using her christmas hat to cover her ear that has a barcode on it![/spolier]

now I see the resemblance to sparky

157th for Team Clover

>tomboy dog knight
>friendly lookin fat guy
>beat up lookin short guy
best team

>he's only read Latchkey and not 70 Seas

stay based aku

new page went up

Is this intentional or...?

>3 typos in one box
I don't think he meant to do that

Nope just a lot of mistakes.

Nick, give me your keys...

That's not by Aku, though? Shit, that's just some user's "inks" over a sketch.

aku was the one inking them
and I think that one was an 'original' pic using the character after nick pointed out her eyes werent supposed to be open in the other inking he did of that character


oh well
still fairly certain its aku since afaik only him and nick have posted OC in the thread

also where that other user askin for names for fanart purposes
these comics need it mang

I found some more detailed images of a couple characters from the sketchbook.

this is Hope


love me some smug lookin foxes
that's kinda hot

I was really bored and saw this and it made me wanna do a lineup of all the backer adventurers so here's this

Ooh, THIS is helpful...

I didn't notice this until user pointed it out but I really like how short my BBA is

Alphabetical -- nice touch.

Have another scan.

Which one is your fursona?

except for fiona
I saved that pic as eno since that's her species instead of using her name for some reason


so he's an angry manlet
is he a furry koksal baba?

How long before you break down, go full furry, and start commissioning pics of your character?

probly not for a long while t b h

some of these designs are really cute actually

also while going through the tumblr to find all the backers I found a couple pics I really liked
here's some fanart of serra

and what nikol&serra would look like if they swapped species

Abby the mute ventriloquist girl is pretty kawaii. I personally like Slosch's design the most.

and a fan pic of willa



neil serra is freakin me out a bit

I gotta say I read all these backer submissions when I was saving the pics for this and Nick did a really good job converting some of the ideas for characters into actual characters since more than a few of the people had really vague descriptions/suggestions as to what their guys would look like

>teeny bikini top

Praise the underboob

I feel like making fan art would liven up the thread, but I suck at drawing. What do?


Suggest fan art ideas?

are you the guy running these threads or some shit?
I swear I see this dog every thread

I'm open to suggestions. I'm going to bed right now, though.

is that fucking michael serra

Forgive me

say seven hail mary's

are his hands covered in cheeto dust too?

I just really like nick's comics user

cute weeb rabbits


Such beauty..

.Ellen Page as Nikol?

Oh and Jack Black as Lewk to complete the set

I don't get it.

Live action Latchkey Kingdom movie, coming 2017

Who's JH supposed to be?

Lewk. After looking at more references, I realize I should have made the ears go straight up.

At this point you've basically worked your way up to god-tier drawfriend, Aku.

I think Jonah Hill would have to be Alice Goldcutter

I kind of want to watch Superbad again, now.
I wonder if it holds up after all this time.

these are kinda terrifying

we back?




Hello Hello Hello

Storytime user here to continue with some latchkey Kingdom goodness.

We start this session off with a patreon backer strip about what Hilde and the twins have been up too since 70-Seas.

Another Backer strip which is the character select screen for a theoretical Latchkey Kingdom Fighting game.

Now onto a proper chapter with Minion.

Oh hey it's those two guys.

And the first cameo of a certain miss "I'm totally not a ninja".

Looks like Rosaline is going to be schooled.

And Zander got the subject of his future wet dreams set for the comming couple of nights.

All is fair in love and war.

Well Rosaline certainly got the mindgame aspect of fighting.

It's not that ugly.

Willa is such a great friend.

Oh hey it's that girl from Latchkey Souls.

Because every webcomic needs a lesbian.

You like romance novels don't you Rosaline?

Somebombs is a handy way to get out of awkward situations. Don't know about the snake though.

No wonder she ended up being such a female dog.

And it was supposed to be smokebomb in the last one.

Zander could be an actor.

Date blocked.

Balder got good taste in comics.

Like an old married couple.

Jane has some issues, or atleast her mom does.

It's a very nice couch.

Zander being useful twice in a chapter?!

Well so much for Zanders time to shine.

I can tell Rosaline was taught in the Guybrush Threepwood school on fencing.

How much laughs can hurt.

Save the couch!

Uh oh.

What is it with girls and hair?

That was Minion.

Remember to bump if you are reading.

Onto a patreon backer strip featuring dinosaurs and radical stunts.

Thsi is Tiki Lava Dinosaur Rampage.

See I told you.

I don't know if Badical is the best word or the worst word.

That was the TLDR adventure of Slosch.

Yet another backer strip about a cartographer and his wife trekking the dreaded Water Temple.

She is mute for those wondering.

There are actually two versions of this page. This is version A.

Version B. Same start, same punchline.


Short knight to the rescue!


Ending on a litteral and figurative cliffhanger.

Well with the previous tribute to Dark Souls I guess this was inevitable.

This is Latchkey Borne.


I'd take bloodsplatter over old man smell every day.

San loss have never been this cute.

I feel like this is lewd somehow.

That was Latchkey Borne.

Gonna take a short break before continuing.

Bump and discuss if you are reading.

Back with a proper chapter, this is Shade.

This is chapter features the most Backer Based adventurers to date. How many can you find?


Aw, but hanky panky is the best part.


Watch out!

Rebus time.

Debbie sure got quite the mouth.




What a shocker. Debbie is a scalie!

I really like the backstory of the tower, with the whole 'Automotons that won't stop building' thing.

Also I assume Rose is somehow related to it...


She is so modest.

You should always vent your feelings to those that can't talk.

Uuh, where is Willa?

Incomming feels.

She knows too much. She must go.


>Last speech bubble in panel 3

Oh no



>Pink guy and the royal couple
I think we are missing out on something here

Seems legit.


Zander is so lucky having all these cute girls to protect him.

Rosaline sure knows a lot about litterature she doesn't read.

Is there a better name for an imaginary friend than Skylar M. Danger?

I don't get all the fuzz just over some ordinary bizard.

Double fail.

She should be happy she is so stretchy or this could have been very gory.

Existential crisis engaged.


This technique, flawless.


Friendship is serious business.

Friendship, hanky panky and foreshadowing.


Zander becomes the boy toy he was meant to be.

That was Shade.

Now it's time for the board games promised in the OP.

This is Fortress 4TK.

Jane got the subject for her future wet dreams.

Only 62 expansions? What a casual game.

Debbie stop trying to force your fetish on Zander.

Well Debbie sure doesn't fuck around.

AH! Skeleton!

Debbie knows how to be dramatic. Which is fitting for something 40k inspired.


Rosaline was born to play this game.

Good night sweet shark prince.

Seems like a pretty typical argument when it comes to tabletop games.

And that is the chapter so far.

All that is left are some backer strips but I don't think I'll storytime them since we will breach the image limit. And I don't think there is enough interest here right now for another thread to post the last ten-ish in.

So unless I get some confirmation that a new thread will be worth it I think the storytime will be over for this time.

And honestly I think I'm okay with letting this thread go to greener pastures. We had a good run with these threads.

Yeah, these were pretty nice. Thanks for storytiming these last few days.

Thanks user, that was fun.

thank you based storytime user

You think a drawthread request would get nuked?

as in a latchkey drawthread?
or just asking for something in this thread?

Making a Latchkey request in the Cred Forums drawthread, I mean.

I got no idea I've never been there
there are other anthro comics that Cred Forums likes so who knows

do not go gentle into that good night /lkg/

I think you'd be fine user, the threads dont get deleted so latchkey's allowed on the board
it'd just be a matter of drawfriends wanting to do it or not

It should be okay as long as it is sfw.



who are these two cats? I never saw them in latchkey or 70 seas

They are Kate and Tanya. They were from the side comics of 70-Seas. Their stories can be found in 70-Seas Extended.

>cheeto dust turns into more stripes
Heh, neat detail. Serra's design always reminded me of ratchet for some reason.

That's because she is essentially a Lombax in design. I have no idea if NIck took inspiration from Ratchet and Clank but they are too similar for me to dismiss it as just a coincident.

Its quite possible he took inspiration on the franchise (not that this is a bad thing).

I do like how the folks from serra's race have some variety on the fur markings (As far as i remember) though.

Ratchet and Clank didn't invent stripes.

there's not that much resemblance beyond the stripes
the blackadder children (generally) have droopy ears and a long thin tail

are serra's sisters who I cant remember the name of from the same species as rosaline?

To me its less about the stripes and more about the ears/tail.

although even then the resemblance is pretty loose.

I'm not complaining, he has taken isnpiration from a lot of things and have made them his own.

They didn't but she also has the same kind of ears(though her droops more) and tail.

Maybe he used Ratchet as an inspiration for the entire Blackadder line.

I dont really see much resemblance

The guy in this kinda looks like Ratchet though

I can kinda see it

Rosaline is an eno Janet and Daisy are labbits.

oh hey Nick
how you doin?

I guess I'm doin alright.

Oh hey, Nick's Poppy update published.

Do Poppy threads still happen here?

Might as well post the second page, too -- it's not Latchkey, but there's enough of a relation.

Well Poppy have not had a story update in a while so no. Once the guest comics end they will probably start popping up again.

Also, thats a nice comic

And part two makes it even better

She looks like a ray/nu-ray

Is this comic any good?

Did he died?

I'd say so. It's a lot more shonen anime compared to Latchkey Kingdom with over the top fights and such.

This is probably my favorite update so far. Mary looks super cute on nick's style.

And regarding the poppy threads, they died down for a while after morbi's pc died and since he's moving (apparently the moving part is done and all he needs is finishing setting shit up and fix his pc).

On the upside, at this point the poppy threads had turned into a absolute mess, so a timeout will hopefully cool things down.

Its pretty good. The pacing gets really wonky on some of the less action-y chapters (its less noticeable if you read the whole chapter in a row rather than waiting for updates), but overall the comic is alright.

He is a nu-ray

He was dead all along.

I'm not sure if I ever posted this anywhere, but considering the timing, it seems appropriate.
A commission I was asked for of Semira fishing.

And a follow-up I did just because the joke popped into my head.
Thank goodness these were still in the dropbox.

I remember these being dropped last time we had a Latchkey Kingdom thread/storytime a couple of months ago.

No idea where you might have posted it, but i do remember seeing those two comics when that user storytimed 70 seas + the extra comics.

Also hi morbi, how's the moving/computer/comic stuff going?

That's pretty gosh-dang cute, my dude.

Oh my.

Look at these nerds making erotic fanfiction for each other.

They are living the life if you are asking me

Well then, that answers that question.
I look forward to the next time a big storytime happens and I probably forget that I already posted those again.

Rough. I'm "moved in" only in that I am currently occupying the space I've leased, I have an uncomfy futon and nothing else far as furnishings go.
I'm doing a new build altogether for my PC and I'm in the middle of gathering parts, so it's probably going to be a while before I'm in a position to work.
Even then, I'm focusing on clearing out all of my other obligations before I start Poppy again, so the timeframe is looking like it'll be anywhere between the start to mid of November before updates can begin again.
This is, no exaggeration, the biggest turning point of my life.

That sounds rough. Good luck with the moving/setting yourself up, man.

>morbi and Nick showed up in the thread

I really like this bit of fanart

That translator is a guy?

that is not the color I imagined Semira at all


>it wasnt a good idea to eat those mushrooms was it Inga?

Nikol 76

taking pictures with fairies


that's right, she's a big ol'strawberry.

all this time I thought he was a chick
there go my drawthread request ideas

>she's a big ol'strawberry.
that's cute

>3 scars on her arm
man grin sure is pedantic

Why aren't you saying this in the poppy thread? Fuck you.

The Poppy thread wasn't even up when that post was made, calm your tits.

He has enough to time answer asks on tumblr, but not go on a thread that's been up on an update day for an hour and a half?

Good to know where his priorities are.

Ya know it's not like Cred Forums fires up the bat signal when people on it are talking about you.

No shit, that's why there's a catalog.

>why arent the creators of the comics constantly browsing the catalog to see if their stuff gets a thread

>why doesn't a creator that has an update day that knows threads get made on that day not look in the catalog on that particular day?

>why am I getting so buttmad over senpai not noticing me? :(((((

hey bud

>Why am I so asshurt at losing an argument? :((((

go shitpost in your own thread user


I read the threads, that doesn't mean I have to interact with them. Usually I just don't have anything I feel like saying.
Especially not when it feels like I have to play the babysitter for my fanbase half the time.

You don't need to babysit anyone, the mods and janitors do that. Don't pretend like you have an awful burden on your shoulders when you do something and then complain about it.

gee I wonder why all the content creators arent constantly interacting with their Cred Forums fanbases

Don't argue for Morbi, he doesn't care about "fan entitlement" or fans complaining. Especially not his Cred Forums fans.

If he responds to me, that's his choice. If he ignores me, that's his choice. If he was a bigger man, he would ignore me, if he was really bothered by my "whining".

I am the smallest man on the planet, actually, so I take offense to that.

Maybe you're the smallest, but I'll have you beat for pettiness.

This explains a lot of your art

I take offense at that statement. I'M THE SMALLEST!

you died last year?

no wonder its been such a trying time for you to adjust to this 'new change in your life'

someone got a latchkey delivery on the drawthread

Only thing smaller than Nick is the amount of fucks I give about this non issue

We need to make morbi to go on a date with a sexy nun as soon as possible then.

What's yer idea?

was gonna be 'her' in a pinup pose/outfit

What's the problem with a guy in a pinup pose/outfit? Also R63 exists.

Nothings wrong with it, user's probably just not into it.

I mean he has a slender enough build/face to make me think he was a chick so him/r83ed him in that idea would work fine too

>user wont just make his drawthread requests and swap 'her' for 'femboy'
s m h

C'mon you guys -- he's sensitive about his appearance.

he should've started on his gains if he's so self-conscious about it then
cute pic

Qt. Drawanon always delivers.

drawanon puttin the thread on his back doe

Love it

what a tsun tsun translator

Dang, image limit.

It's been swell, Latchkey thread.

it doesn't have to die because no more images user
i-it'll live forever user

Sometimes when you love something you have to let it die user

I refuse
chancellor palpatine told me he knows of a way to create everlasting life

into the trash

so do we scratch and bite until the post limit and break out a new thread or is this where we slip under the covers for another few months

I think filling three threads over two or so days is pretty good for now. Lets give it a couple months before we go at it again.

I think it's okay to call it quits for a little while. But I'll be hangin' out in the Cred Forums drawthread, so...

Thanks for hanging out with us, papa nick.

Guys, here's three words that'll blow your mind:
Thread Watcher Filters

I don't want the dream to end.

I wish Cred Forums liked LK more but of course asshole Cred Forums always neglects good comics while they wax their hateboners over Questionable Content and Dumbing of Age

Goddamnit Cred Forums you always fellate yourselves over stupid shit while crying about how bad everything's gotten and

at least we had a better run this time
more actual discussion
a drawfriend showed up
papa Nick showed up

It was pretty cool when Morbi showed up too. It's just too bad he tracked mud.

Ahh, it was just the one guy. No biggie.

>>I don't want the dream to end.
There's nobody saying we can't make threads for new updates or whatever, but this particular run of threads has been rolling for nearly a week and if we don't take a break of some kind we're going to start drawing ire for looking like a furry webcomic general.

>4 new unique IPs as the thread dies
where were you guys when the thread needed people to discuss this comic

Yeah, This is what I'm most worried about.

I know I've been turned away from things by aggressive fans, before.

It's fine, we still ended pretty strong I think

Wasn't here and/or didn't have anything worthwhile to add

Sorry m8

At least in this comic the plot moves forward at a decent rate, unlike a certain other furry comic which shall remain nameless

but there are a ton of decent fury comics that dont move at satisfying rates

The one I'm talking about, which shall remain nameless!, has scheduled threads on Cred Forums

that's actually still quite a few webcomic that fit that descriptions

>22983x771 resolution
jesus christ couldn't you have arranged it in any way that wasn't a straight line

is it poppy
its poppy isnt it


why could it draw ire when there are 3-5 other furry comics with regular active threads on the board

Poppy's plot itself moves at a fine rate, the real problem is that it just keeps hitting update slumps.

well I'm gonna go to sleep, if by some miracle this thread is still alive in the morning I'll see you guys then

and to the three guys in that clover team if you see this I'd recommend keeping an eye on that OC drawthread since I have no idea if there'll be a latchkey thread here with you guys in it if/when that request gets a delivery

I had fun in this thread, see you guys whenever the next time is
stay based storytime, scan, and drawfriend anons
thanks for stoppin in here morbi
bless up papa Nick

>drawing ire
out of all the boards on Cred Forums Cred Forums probably has the most furfags per capita

Royalty has to have a good strategic and diplomatic mind after all