She's going to snap in her mid teens, drop out of college and end up bumming out in Timmy's basement

She's going to snap in her mid teens, drop out of college and end up bumming out in Timmy's basement.

Her parents will still be proud of her but that will just make her hate herself more.

Self projecting onto an cartoon character OP? Now that's sad.

>implying I have a friend with a whole basement

Who is she supposed to be?
I know it's fop bcuz of the art style

Timmy's new friend who's also a godkid. She's actually pretty great. The show managed to get good again.

user we both know is going to be the opposite, Tmmy is probably the one living in her basement or the best case, he's Chloe loser husband like any other cartoon

Define good

If he grows up like his dad but more competent he'd be the opposite of a loser husband desu

Hell now I almost want to watch that

I watch the episodes and enjoy them and see others do to. It actually makes me happy to see a show I like crawl out of the dark ages.

How really competent is Timmy's Dad? some episodes they say he's horrible and mediocre at his job and in other he's the world expert of his field, also i don't think Timmy would settle for dull and boring job

He does know a shit ton about pencils and how they're made.

That said I haven't watched the show in 6 years so I have no idea what his job is now

It really does depend a lot on the episode, but I think overall he's dumb, but competent when he needs to be

As late as last season he was still doing the pencil thing. They even fleshed it out and gave him a boss and everything. But in the stuff Ive seen now he hasnt been at work. Though he probably doesnt need to.

Nah man, Timmy is well adjusted. What grade are 10 year olds in? He has time to turn things around in school.

Timmy will never age. He has artificially kept himself ten years old for about 50 years. FOP takes place in a time bubble.
I'm not even making that up. It's canon.

Yeah, but I'm pretty sure the movie implied that's over now

>I'm not even making that up
but that was a great movie

I actually think it's pretty good too

If anything, they'll need each other to function when they become older

she get transformed yet?


She became a bird in the most recent episode. Is that what you mean?

Timmy's Secret Wish is super canon


I really love how clean that looks. Thick outlines look great in HD

I'd fuck her.

Ok, I just looked up, watched, and saw that yes, Timmy wished he'd never aged pass 10 years old.
But this would mean every movie was non canon, but was canon because this one movie wished for eternal time. So every movie happened, and didn't at the same time. So it's a time paradox?
Even when he happened to have a 11th birthday?

Also, shit, that was actually really good, had me chuckling a few times.

It's not the best movie, but it's definitely the funniest one. Totally underrated.

And I'd say every movie happened, since I dont think that contradicts with anything that happened before. The only thing I'd say is dubious now is the future scene in Channel Chasers, which is most likely alternate universe at this point.

Also, Timmy has had 4 birthdays in the series, and two of them were after this movie. Not sure what to make of that

For context, this was actually the last movie before the live action one, since it happened in Season 8. So all the other movies already happened

Yet still, we dont know when he made the wish. Could have even been Season 1. Though I think it's implied it was after Poof whish is Season 6.

bump not reply right?

She already one of the best girls on the show desu

Fourth and fifth.

Sad part is, Hartman may make this a reality completely forgetting the conclusion of Channel Chasers.

I think Channel Chasers is already not canon user, this show have like 3 different finals even one where Timmy becomes a fairy

The ending of Fairly Odd Summer was also a potential series finale, so he already did. If Chloe didn't come along, TimmyxTootie with both being normal would have been the canon end

Butch Hartman revealed that Nick has canceled and renewed FoP 5 times. I'm expecting it to get canned and renewed after this season too. Its doing good in the ratings (1.5 mil an episode as of the last marathon, plus the foreign ratings) but the age of the show means the voice actors are probably expensive. Its hard to tell since the only other shows I can think of to reach this age are either adult cartoons or educational cartoons.

Still, I hope it gets at least one more season because it'd suck if the show got canceled right as I started liking it again

Yeah man, that's early. Timmy can recover. But we know that child prodigies often end uo hating school. Chloe could be about to collapse soon

Its canon he is successful enough to own a house and support two children.

Also he's buff as fuck

That was the ending with Tootie we don't know how will end for him now

some of you people i think mistake Butch Hartman for Akira Toriyama

>Butch Hartman revealed that Nick has canceled and renewed FoP 5 times

Anyone else feels that sometimes we give Butch to much shit, i mean the guy probably wants this series to end too, but Nick won't let him and this is not the first time Nick screw him over remember Danny Phantom original ideas for season 3 and 4 then Nick tell "Hey we're cancelling this, so you have 1 season to end this" the 3 season was rushed and have a reall shitty finale, but is not what he wanted, i think this is the reason why he post all this artwork of Danny Phantom he really wanted to make a super hero series

What do you mean? that sometimes he forgets characters and plot points?

I think we give Butch too much shit, but I dont think he wants to end it. He is genuinely just having fun making cartoons because he loves doing it and his internet interactions really show it. I cant hate the man to be honest.

He posts all the Danny Phantom stuff because he knows people love it and likes to make his fans happy.

To be fair, I heard that Fairly Odd Summer was meant to be a canon finale from someone who works on the show

yeah in that people seem to think he has the memory of a fish and that if he makes a plot-related mistake then it was intended to make everything it effects non-canon

i think that staff member just said the live movie was another ending point, but the series was renewed again. the only people who care about whats canon or non-canon are people who are desperate to validate or invalidate the endgame shipping or character's future, which hartman has said countless times is up to the viewer.

I mean, I couldnt care less who out of Trix/Toot he ends up with, even if I always liked Tootie more. I guess he could have meant it's another end point, but tha would still mean it was implied to have happened, rather than be ignorable like say, an FoP video game.

>if he makes a plot-related mistake then it was intended to make everything it effects non-canon
Yeah, I see people bitch about all the"retcons" a lot and it's a bit silly. The one that gets me the most is the idea that the episode with the revisit to Crocker's past in Season 9 somehow retconned The Secret Origin of Denzel Crocker, despite the episode directly referencing it.

i think its mainly that the show has seen many changes of staff, with hartman and the guy who does the music the only staff members who remained over the show's entire run, its basically impossible to keep plots and callbacks consistent.

Oh, it's practically a given.

The FoP user said that every time a show's season ends, everyone leaves to find other stuff to do before it gets renewed again, and everyone gets rehired when Nick renewes it.

I assume this is for all shows but he was specifically talking FoP. And that it's possible to have people who work on the show who have never seen any episodes outside the ones they did. We probably just got a really bad mix last season and a really good mix this season, because in S10 we're getting callbacks to fucking S1 and all sorts of other continuity shit.

Also Fair Bears was GOAT

Why would the future change? They showed us his future in the movie, I don't see why it would have changed

I feel people used to think the future was still canon, even after Poof. He could easily be retconned into that future, or simply just not have been around at the moment.

But after the dog and Chloe and stuff, people are like "too much has happened for this to still be true" although they said it before Chloe came anyways.

So Chloe is related to Timmy? I'm fapping either way, I just want to figure out how guilty I have to feel about it.

No, they're neighbors.

I mean they're technically godsiblings due to the shares fairies but yeah

My guess before she was revealed was adopted sister honestly.

>With Tootie
How could you ever forget Trixie "Who I'd like to Bang" Tang

Some people just assume it's Tootie
like me

Actually, if Tootie gets her ending in the live action movies, I'd give the channel chasers end to Trixie so they both have one

It was nice to see Principal Waxeplax again in a recent episode