When will Marvel stop hating the X-Men?

When they'll get movie rights back. X-Franchise might be unsalvageable by then.

This. Perlmutter is the death sentence of the X-Franchise for the time being.

But I still hope it's not true and DoX and IvX will be at least decent and fix X-Men in some manner.

And no, I don't consider removing them from main Marvel universe fixing.

Is Katie/Kurt the purest ship?

When was the last time X-Men comics had more than 3 or 4 good ongoings at once?

I genuinely cannot recall. The whole franchise is in dire need of cleansing.

It could be, but i have my hopes down for the moment. We will see.

Disney should just convince government to force FOX to give movie rights back.

I believe that they could work together on some things, just like Marvel/SONY and Spider-Man.

I still think that the uber-epic AvX is doable.

X-Men: Dark Phoenix
Avengers: Disassembled (or House of M)
X-Men: Schism
New Avengers: House of M
Avengers vs X-Men

Add some 'solo' movies in between like Thor: Siege and done.

The Fox conspiracy still doesn't make enough sense to me. Disney owns Marvel. Disney reap the money from X-men comic book sales. Why the fuck would a company kneecap their own profit margin? What kind of long game are they playing??

So one argument is that Marvel makes the current X-men purposely bad so that Fox won't have enough source material to base their movie on. There's like 30 years worth of X-men stories that they could easily adapt. Another argument is that Marvel don't want X-men characters to be popular. This again doesn't make sense as a long game. The amount of comic fan who went to see the movies are miniscule compared to the normies. Everytime there's a new X-men movie, flop or not plotwise normies still gonna watch it because it has X-men in it, and they confuse it with the Avengers.

All this Fox conspiracy does is take away responsibility from the hand of the editor/writer. They should be called out individually, rather than being shielded by nonsensical conspiracy theory

You have no idea how spiteful and petty people in Hollywood can really be.

No please not another hero vs hero movie. We have 2 this year. Enough is enough. Haven't any Marvel villain left to give them a headache. Oh and AvX was the worst event that i' ve ever read from Marvel. Yes even worse than Civi War II.

it's all a pissing contest more than making sense. Disney will want to buy the ip back, and Fox knows it, so you want to both make it successful (so it costs more to buyback) and also to fuck with it (to pressure the purchaser to pay more to get it NOW)

likewise Disney want it, but they aren't going to pay more than they absolutely 'have' to. so for them it's about dragging their feet to make it seem they don't 'need' the ip, to pressure fox to lower price, and to devalue the brand in ways to imply it's not a 'key' brand (aka why X-men become everyone's bitch) to pressure fox to lowball the price.

Real life doesn't work that way though. The writers and artists put their name on the comic book, practically as part of their resume.

Professional writer and comic book artist wouldn't take order to kneecap their own vision, just for sake of corporate warfare. It'll reflect bad on them. "Oh you're the hack writer who wrote Extraordinary X-men back in '16? Good luck finding a job later on."

5 years ago?

except that actually is how the world works, these writers and arttists aquise tot he terms of their petty bosses in ways theyc an tolerate doing in order to preserve career stability. because for mos tof them a lot of these issues and agendas are as huge an issue as they are to fans.

aren't as huge rather.

>When will Marvel stop hating the X-Men?

Once they get the movie rights back from Fox.

When Trannyclops comes out of the closet and the X-Men's new theme becomes "Girlpower kicks Inhuman ass."
That's when.

Actually Lemire is only writing that crap because marvel promised him solos such as OML, moon knight and finally Thanos. Those fits his strengths perfectly

This is why there's such a thing as "the nom-de-plume", plausible deniability.

I miss Kurt's normal personality.

Comic books writers are corporate whores. Any delusions of being artists need to be smashed

Indeed, Extraordinary's writer really durped themselves with that one.

It opens with a bunch of minor X-Men fucking dying.

Elevating the franchise is not on the agenda.

This post needs an enema!


When they stop fucking children or when they get the movie rights back.

He was a Catholic priest for a while... and she's a girl, so no worries.

When they get the movie rights back. At least the X-men didn't get screwed as hard as the F4 did because of movie rights.

Yeah,no. Not even Ultimatum was as bad as Civil War II.

Hmm, you know I might actually believe Marvel is purposely putting out bad books just exclusively for the X-Men just for the lulz if not for the fact the entire line has been Godawful for quite awhile now.

Shit, if only movie rights somehow kept Dr. Strange, Guardians of the Galaxy, and Iron Man from being so fucking terrible right now.

There is literally nothing wrong with the X-Men comics right now, this isn't nearly as bad as things have been before.

You say that like you've never seen multiple X-men die for the sake of drama before

Do you think he's buggering some of the boys?

Go easy on him, he's probably just a casual who only know X-Men from the movies and the Evolution cartoon. He doesn't know any better, he's just repeating a meme because he's herd it so much.

I've shipped Katie and Franklin Richards since 1985.

Nah, not Kurt. I was just making the priest/choir boy joke.

Honestly, Nightcrawler has always been my favorite mutant.

>Is Katie/Kurt the purest ship?
That's a funny way to spell Meggan

Everytime Gurihiru Power Pack is posted on Cred Forums it's never a storytime, stop playing with my heart like this.

Wasn't that his sister ?

>Cap'n Cheeky Anglo's cumbucket
>Good for Kurt

I'm more curious about how RessurXtion will go. I'll be fucking baffled if it doesn't involve someone curing M-Pox.

It'll Scott coming back as the Phoenix Messiah.

Nah, Meggan is Captain Britian's wife.