Sauce? I like high-strung characters

Sauce? I like high-strung characters.

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Looks like something from Wakfu

Dofus: The Movie

>High-strung characters
I like your taste

Isn't she a Huppermage from the Dofus series?

Yep. Huppermage.

Links for the movie and tie-in comic are in the pastebin.

Post drunken Bakaras

I'm in full support of this

What does high-strung mean in this context?

She acts very snobbish and upper class. In contrast she's thirsty as fuck for Iop dick and booze.

>children movie
>teenage alcoholic female protagonist
Only in France.

She's pretty much a completely incompetent fuck-up and the movie isn't shy about letting you know it.

Thank you user.

She's probably in her twenties. She looked somewhere 10-12 in the flashback 10 years back.

I wanna fuck that

Julith a best

>Dem ears.
>Dat nose.
>De cool scar.
Would osculate, consensually.

A loving mother too.

I can understand how that happened.


dem ducks