The Tick gets full season order at Amazon

what did you think of the pilot Cred Forums?

I thought the episode could have been better but I did like the Tick himself.

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Fuck yeah

>all three picked up

That's nice. I was conflicted between this and Jean Claude Van Johnson.

This pleases me.


All three were greenlit before the 'votes' started pouring in.

They've pulled this before. It's a tactic to cultivate interest in multiple new projects.

Tick's backstory in the comics is that HE'S the escaped mental patient, right? Dollars to donuts he's literally Arthur's superego given nigh-invulnerable flesh and blue tights.

>Superego (psychology) : The superego is the ethical component of the personality and provides the moral standards by which the ego operates. The superego's criticisms, prohibitions, and inhibitions form a person's conscience, and its positive aspirations and ideals represent one's idealized self-image, or “ego ideal.”

>You know me. I'm the you you always wanted to be. You want to come over here and BE me, but you can't, because you're standing there, right in your own way.
>You make a better door than you do a window, chum

looks more like floam to me

Too bad this isn't the same with the animated voting.

Except the criminals have seen and talked about the Tick while Arthur is doing other stuff.

The twist is that everyone knows the Tick is real but Arthur, who think he's just a hallucination.


In the comics, Tick has been hit in the head so much and been through so many reboots he doesn't know or care about his origin anymore.

I never said he was in Arthur's head, I'm saying Arthur's head is actually superpowered somehow and that the show's already laying the symbolism on heavy.

Arthur is a moth. The world's been dark and cruel ever since his childhood literally came crashing down, but that hasn't stopped him from desperately seeking the Light of Justice. The Tick IS that indomitable will and inner light personified. The weird blue nightlight was probably its first manifestation.

I'm also predicting that the Tick is parasitic somehow. Both in his role of comedic ally destructive room mate and how he exists at all. He's basically a tulpa. 'Feeding' off his partner / creator's life energy to exist and become stronger, like a Digimon. Arthur finally deciding to get proactive in his pursuit of justice, and dropping his meds, is probably what finally gave Tick physical form.

I know his 'origin' is unimportant, but the closest thing he had to one was escaping a madhouse.

That's awesome news, I genuinely loved the pilot.
The scene with him raiding the bad guys and just smacking them aside was hilarious.

Great news! Now pick up Edge and adapt the rest of the 65 something books.

I hope we get to see more brutal street executions.

This has so much potential, I'd be legit sad if it got ruined.

Good, good. Now we can get Producer Pat Warburton in this show as Barry.

Really hope this means a better budget for costumes.

Fucking this. They better get the Tick some muscle padding, because he looks like a bean pole at this point.

What if the entire time since the pilot shoot, Serafinowicz has been lifting to be suitably swole?

That would be nice. As long as they get rid of that terrible fucking texture they got going. Solid blue is fine, no need to try and make it modern and realistic. The mask is an improvement at least, it's one of the few things that bothered me about the original live action show (that and the 3-D antennas, yeesh)

How does it compare to the old the tick live-action series?

Not as good but still a solid effort overall.


I legitimately thought thought they were going to pass on the pilot and that's all we would be left with. Glad to see studio execs aren't all crazy. Also going to give the other pilots they picked a watch.

>Might have to use adblock for this sight.

I love everything about this visual style. It looks these costumes would fit right in on an episode of power rangers but then the special effects happen (lazer firiing, ship crashing) and then those preconceptions are shattered. It's one of the campiest shows that plays all of the fantastic elements in earnest as well as fluctuating to some truly horrifying moments and pulling off a tone like that is an absolute feat.

Because of this show I now used the term "weaponized syphilis" any time I refer to a show going balls to the walls insane and not looking back.

Sweet, loved the pilot.

I never would have thought Philip from Sean of the Dead could be such a standout superhero. His voice was majestic.

"You fingered foul fruit friend."
"It's warm. It's like the inside of bread."
"Enough of your hot little bullets."

Well, don't forget- he WAS Supernova.

your forgetting that arthur's nite light imaginary friend has the same speech patterns and glowed the same color blue as the ticks suit in the childhood flashback

Don't forget

'Destiny's got her hand way up in their puppets.'