Post feels

post feels

>she divorced him because he bought their son some shoes

Man.the Zootopia tie-ins are really weird



The whole movie.

typical woman behavior

Looks interesting


How did it end?

Have you actually read it?

In tears.

How hot is MomFox?

Would you really want to stick it in a crazy?
She dumped him for buying shoes.



zootopia detroit?

do they ever say what he did?

>what to expect when your parents divorce
>expect your mom to get custody by default

Ripped out the throats of a bunch of guys at a medieval fair.

Story time it faggot.

I miss my dad.

I miss my video games

I I I miss my dad

Fuck, I have something kinda similar with my grandma, except we would stay up late watching Tom and Jerry. I'm going to call her right now.

this guy

its weird. As much as my grandma loved comic strips, she couldnt stand watching animated movies. She refused. It was really odd. I never noticed this until just now...

Maybe she and animated movies had some history.
You should do some digging around.

>lots of kids don't know what to say to their parent in jail or prison
They should ask who was phone.

Man that episode of the Simpsons always gives me feels

>No... you don't understand. I tried this time, I really tried.

>lots of kids don't know what to say to their parent in jail or prison

"Don't drop the soap."

>Weekends with Dad
>written by a woman

She could have had divorced parents.

Sometimes people go own separate ways peacefully and might even stay friends.

It was supposed to be a simple job, Sketch. We go in, we get the carrots, we get out. Mr. McGregor wasn't supposed to be there. Peter wasn't supposed to have that gun. They got me on a felony murder but I didn't pull the trigger, Sketch. I need you to know I'd never pull that trigger, Sketch.

This is what he used to look like before prison broke his spirit.